brit_columbia (brit_columbia) wrote,

I have several things to say, but I might have to spread them over several posts, since they're not really related to each other.

I gave up Alcohol, Bread, and Chocolate for Lent. I haven't had any of that stuff since Feb. 20th. At approximately ten minutes to midnight on Tuesday night, I was polishing off the remaining Almondillos from the box that I used to keep stashed in my computer room. I won't be able to have any more ABC until Easter Sunday, which is rather a long way in the future. In fact, I've got 42 days to go. I figure that just by dropping those three beloved items from my diet my daily caloric intake will plunge by at least 1000 calories per day!

And in the interests of further complicating things, I decided to quit eating sugar and dairy products as well as refined and processed foods for the first 12 days of Lent. I already feel better and it has been surprisingly easy so far. I forgot how much I like almond butter on organic brown rice cakes! Could this really be me?

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