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(no subject)
Dee Blue waves
I have just fixed all the typos in chapter 13 of A New Day, which I'm embarrassed to say I had posted on LJ without double checking first. I thought I had done it already, but I had merely started it and had then been called away. Sorry Blue! You did a good beta-ing job and then I went and put your name on the unedited copy. I wonder if anyone noticed?
I am recovering nicely from injuries to pride and foot, which I incurred when I took a spill yesterday right in front of the elevator at my place of work. No it wasn't sexy boots that got me--it was ceramic floor tiles. And mules worn with slippery socks. The shoes, not the beasts of burden.  Despite having been sent sprawling onto the floor with my personal effects clattering and bouncing around me, followed by two days of limping gracelessly about, I feel cheerful.  At least it wasn't my teeth!

As I type this, the cat is running about like a mad thing with big black feral eyes. He's dying to attack me and is just waiting for me to give him some provocation. I'm so glad he's small and spookable, because if he were the size of a sofa or something, he would probably want to bat me around the living room until I died of blood loss or stress. I'd still love him, though!  I'd just have to sleep with a cattle prod under my pillow.

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Oh dear - I'm glad you didn't break anything!

Me too! How's your husband doing, by the way?

Meh. I still have four children instead of the usual three. He still isn't sleeping well at night, but he's doing better. Three more weeks in the sling.

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