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Was it really that long?
Dee Blue waves
Everything I read about Dee and Ryo says that their entire courtship took two years. It seems to be unanimous on the web. Where did that come from? Did Sanami Matoh say it? Is it really true? I have scoured all of the manga looking for clues. There are no dates except for Christmas and Dee's visit to Jess' grave. It's really hard to tell the difference between spring and winter if one is just going by clothes. When I finished the 7th book, I was under the impression it had taken less than two years. Maybe a year and a half, or even less. Can anyone enlighten me? Any info or thoughts would be appreciated.

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Matoh confirmed the 2 - 3 year timeline of the FAKE series in an interview - see my journal, September 2005 sometime or see below.

9) How much time did pass in the Fake story line during the 7 volumes?
M-S.: 2-3 years, without the side stories, they have a different time line.

Thanks. I'll go poking through the back entries of your journal later after I get home from work. So it really was that long, huh? When I was reading your journal before, I was very interested in that interview with Dee that you were posting in installments. I notice the same thing on the Yahoo site you recommended to me --same wording. Is that you providing them with that info? Can you read Japanese Kanji?

According to Matoh herself, yes. Man, I totally forgot about that interview - guess I'll have to finish posting it at some point here. The reason the info is the same in my journal as in the links archive is that...it's my group (I go by 'sealweal' on Yahoo - don't ask)! I hope you're finding the links useful - I'm a big fan of one-stop shopping. Yes, I can read Kanji, but I'm painfully slow. I usually get my translations double or triple-checked before I post them.

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