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(no subject)
Dee Blue waves
I feel a little down because I've now gotten caught up to the latest entries on Fake Second Chances Live journal. I've been reading it / loving it for weeks. It's so well done! I wish I could contact the players and tell them what a wonderful job I think they're all doing. They all stay in character so well and exhibit maturity and self-control. Maybe I can summon the willpower not to check it for a week, and then I'll be able to enjoy a week's worth of posts! I read another similar Fake journal and it was depressingly bad.

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Hello - ***waves***

You can always try 2nd_chance_chat - many of the players do check in there from time to time, and the discussions are also fun.

Thanks for reading!

I just want to thank you for being so helpful. You are a fount of excellent suggestions! I went to 2nd chance chat, and I'll be monitoring it regularly now and looking out for the players.

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I'll try to become a member, if that's possible. If not, then I'll just reply to comments and hope that the players see what I write and thus feel motivated to post more.

You're welcome - I can remember being clueless myself. ^_~

The players post over there occasionally under the common username of a_fake_player and sign their characters' name in their post so that they can remain anonymous, they don't always post over there regularly, but are supposed to check for posts addressed to them. As far as I can tell, the way that community is set up, you have to be a member to post, but you can reply to comments even if you are not a member. youyahua is also hard at work on a website for the game, which should be unveiled very soon. Happy reading!

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