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Negotiations, Chapter two
Dee Blue waves
 I could seize this opportunity to bitch about my life and make you all at least skim through it, but I'm not going to do that.  (Hey, don't think I didn't hear that big sigh of relief)  It wouldn't make me feel any better, and I don't have time anyhow.  I'm going to be extremely busy for the next four days, so I most likely won't be able to post chapter three until Tuesday night at the earliest, but more likely Thursday.  I can't make any promises.  It all depends on how much progress I'm able to make on the business and work fronts, and for that, I also have to partially depend on other people.  Wish me luck, please!  I will be checking my email and replying to comments.  And now, without further ado:


Chapter two 

Pairing:  Dee/Ryo

Fandom: Fake

Rating:    Mature

Notes:   Kissing between two men.

Spoilers:  To Volume 7

Timing: In my vision of Fake, Dee and Ryo become a couple in May.  That's when the wonderful RPG Fake 2nd Chances had their relationship begin, so I went along with that start time, even though it looks like dead winter in the manga. (But Bikky and Carol had gone off to 'summer' camp!  Go figure) Negotiations takes place in July of that same year, so Dee and Ryo have been together for a couple of months at this point.

Summary:  Rose extracts concessions from Ryo in exchange for canceling Dee's suspension from duty.

Disclaimer:   I do not own these characters.  They are the property of Sanami Matoh.  I am not making any money from this.


This is the second chapter of three.  Keeping looking out for the final chapter!  It will most likely appear tomorrow.


Blue Simplicity beta'd this for me and for all of you.  Thank you Blue!



Chapter two  

Commissioner Rose had intimated that in exchange for certain concessions from Detective McLean, he would be willing to cancel the three-week suspension from duty that he had just given to the man's partner, that sullen, smart-mouthed jackass, Dee Laytner. 

Both men were looking at him expectantly, but both were nervous.  He noticed that they hid their anxiety in very different ways.  Dee's attitude was one of swaggering bravado, whereas Ryo was projecting an aura of mildly respectful assurance.  Rose made them wait a little bit longer as he pretended to give due consideration to his options.  Finally, he spoke. 

"First of all, I expect you to stop avoiding me, Ryo.  You'll soon find I'm not such a bad person after all if you do." 

"Sir, it's not my perception that I have been avoiding you." 

"Well, there it seems our perceptions differ.  I assure you that you have.  But that's easily remedied.  If you will consent to have dinner with me once a month for a period of six months, I'll no longer have grounds to feel that you desire to shun me.  And I will remove one week from Detective Laytner's three-week-and-holding suspension." 

Dee snorted in disgust and glared at Rose with all the dislike he could muster.  The commissioner remained unmoved. 

"Lunch," said Ryo.  "I'm a single parent.  And three months." 

Dee stared at Ryo and seemed about to speak, but Ryo increased the pressure of his hand on Dee's arm. 

"All right, lunch," agreed the Commissioner.  "But I'm afraid I must hold firm on the six months.  Three lunches would be an insufficient amount of time for you to get to know me." 

"Done," said Ryo.  "Next?" 

"I expect you to seek me out and greet me daily.  With a smile.  I know, I know--" he held up a hand because Dee and Ryo's mouths had just dropped open at exactly the same time.  "It's a strange request, and I'm aware it has all the makings of a chore, but if you make it a part of your daily routine, it will soon seem less distasteful to you.  If you will consent to do this, I will remove another week from the suspension." 

Ryo smiled at him, and it was very hard for the Commissioner to tell whether he was smiling in relief or genuine warmth.  "It IS a strange request, sir, but it isn't distasteful to me. Of course I will.  And the final week?" 

"Ah," said Rose and gazed at Ryo with affection.  He deliberately swept his eyes down over Ryo's face and body and then back up again, while the silence in the room lengthened.  The smile dropped away from Ryo's face and was replaced by the usual expression of slight apprehension that he often unconsciously wore in the Commissioner's presence. 

"No. Absolutely not."  That was Dee's voice, low and dangerous. "Don't even say the words or I swear I will kill you." 

The Commissioner gave Dee an impatient look.  "Don't kid yourself that I'm as big a fool as you are, Detective.  I believe I know your partner -- your CURRENT partner, I might add -- a little better than you give me credit for."  He turned back to Ryo and drew himself up.  "I'm sorry, Detective McLean, but I'm of the mind that the third week should stand." 

"But sir, I -- I need him. Today, I mean." 

"I can see that." 

"Isn't there some way...?"  Ryo tried again. 

"Yes," said Rose.  "But you're not going to like it." 

Dee moved to block Ryo from the commissioner's view.  "Forget it, Dick-head," he snarled.  "I'll take the fucking week." 

"Oh dear, what did I tell you?  Now we're back to two weeks." 

Dee started forward with murder in his eyes, but Ryo grabbed him and hauled him back.  The Commissioner looked at Ryo in surprise.  Because Ryo was usually so gentle, shy and soft-spoken, it was easy to forget how strong he was. 

"Dee, stop it," Ryo warned, and turned back to Rose.  "Tell me your terms and I'll give you my answer." 

"Very well.  When I walked in here, he was kissing you.  Oh yes, you were saying, 'No, stop, no', but you did seem to be enjoying it, Ryo." 

"Your point?"  Ryo ground out, keeping a firm hand on Dee. 

"Kiss him again.  For a long time.  Turn him on, right here in front of me." 

"WHAT?" hollered Dee. 

Ryo frowned.  "Sir, I'm confused.  First you suspended Dee for kissing me.  Now you offer to reverse the suspension if we commit the exact same, er, 'crime' again?" 

Rose grinned.  "Actually, I didn't suspend Detective Laytner for making advances on you.  In addition to his insubordination, I suspended him for this."  He held up the file he had entered their office with. 

"Uhhh...What's that?"  By the tone of Dee's voice, it was already clear that he might have some idea of what it was about. 

The Commissioner withdrew a paper from the file. 

"Damage report," he announced, and he looked at Dee with his eyebrows slightly raised.  "Of Car three, signed out by Dee Laytner on May 10th of this year.  $2000 worth of repairs needed." 

"Um...You sure it was me?  I don't like Car three.  I try never to take it." 

"Well, it seems that a certain amount of obfuscation and confusion went on, what with someone sneaking the damaged car back into the lot and sneaking back out with Car two, not to mention a somewhat clumsy attempt to change the forms...but yes, I'm afraid that the end result was that it was Dee Laytner." 

"Shit," muttered Dee. 

"Dee!" exclaimed Ryo. 

"Well, it wasn't my fault!" 

"It's never your fault, is it, Detective?" Rose sighed. 

"It was an accident, a hit and run.  But I knew I'd get blamed so I tried to put the car back--" 

"So someone else would get blamed?" Ryo interrupted indignantly. 

"Traffic accident report," announced Rose, sweeping another piece of paper out of the file. "Car three, an undercover vehicle with the 27th precinct of the NYPD, license plate  blah-blah-blah was involved in an accident on May 10th of this year whereby the driver of the car ran a red light---" 

"Well, the guy I was chasing ran a red light!  What was I supposed to do, let him go?  Cops run red lights on chases all the time." 

"You're supposed to put your lights on the roof and switch the siren on," suggested Commissioner Rose helpfully. 

"There wasn't time!  I---Oh forget it.  You had to be there."  He glanced up at the Commissioner.  "So that's got me a week's suspension?" 

"Yes. And another week for addressing the Commissioner of the NYPD as 'Dick-head.'" The faintest shadow of a smirk briefly appeared on his face, putting Ryo in mind of Dee.  "But, gentlemen, don't forget I can make it all go away."  Commissioner Rose gave the file a little shake and looked directly at Ryo.   

Ryo understood.  "If I French-kiss him while you watch." 

Dee protested.  "Hey, isn't that fraternization?  You're encouraging something that the department frowns on.  How hypocritical is that?" 

Rose shrugged.  "Considering my own track record, I think it would be more hypocritical of me to pretend that I actually frown upon...er... this kind of affectionate behaviour in the workplace.  Which I certainly don't," he added. 

"Well, why do you want to see him kiss ME?" 

"Well, I'd much rather have him kiss ME," Rose replied frankly.  "But I know better than to push my luck.   I know he enjoys kissing you, you no doubt enjoy kissing him, and I would enjoy watching the pair of you kiss each other, in lieu of what is forbidden to me.  And then this--", he held up the file again, "--would become a thing of the past." 

Rose looked expectantly at Ryo, Ryo glared irritably at Dee, and Dee veered between looking sullenly at Rose and sheepishly at Ryo. 

It was Dee who spoke first.  "Absolutely not.  Not in front of YOU. I'll just take the two weeks.  Right, Ryo?" 

"And leave me stuck with all this paperwork and legwork while you play videogames and watch TV?" 

"Save me half of it.  I'll work overtime to get it done when I come back." 

"Yeah, right.  And what about our interview with Henderson today, huh?  Suppose I get shot at or something?" 

"Ryo!"  Dee looked stricken. "Don't go.  We'll reschedule." 

The Commissioner chimed in.  "I already volunteered to accompany Ryo to that meeting," he said.  "And I'll be happy to help him in any way that I can during your extended absence." 

Dee gritted his teeth and narrowed his eyes at Rose.  He was starting to feel cornered. 

~end of chapter two~

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You know I couldn't tell you the last FAKE fic I read (I make a habit of not reading the fandoms I write for), but doing the usual rounds of reading everyone's LJs I saw this and just started reading.

It's a great start and I'm really looking forward to reading more. I'm also hoping Rose will get hit by a bus really soon!

~Swordy xx

Swordy! How nice to hear from you! You know, I was thinking about you this morning, because last night I finally read your first two chapters of Young Dogs on Mediaminer, but more on that in a minute.

I know exactly what you mean about not reading the Fake fandom, or in my case, TRYING not to read, because sometimes when I'm writing, I get confused about the events of the timeline if someone else's timeline is in my head. It's hard enough for me to keep all my own details straight, let alone everyone else's. However, there are certain people I make exceptions for (like you for example!) because the quality of their output is so consistently high, but sometimes I'm a little late in getting to their stories.

Ever since I saw that you had posted the first chapter of Young Dogs, I've been meaning to go and read it. It's in the canon timeline, but I'm not writing about Dee as a teen, so I don't have to worry about opening up a separate file in my head entitled "Swordy's Timeline vs. My Timeline". I'm loving the story so far! I really think you've captured teenaged Dee perfectly and I thought the kissing scene with Maigret was tres sexy! And Dee's sudden realization of what he was doing and what that meant was very realistic. I can't wait to see what happens next!

I love this part; it's truly enjoyable. Esp. Dee's suspension being bartered about like on horse market. It's a treat not to read Ryo as timid and uptight as he is most often portrayed in fanfic. I'm definitely looking forward to the next part! :)

Thoughts at specific lines:

"Lunch," said Ryo. "I'm a single parent. And three months."
*snicker* To the point (in smoothly avoiding the night issue), justifying the argument (by bringing in a safe element), and attempting to reduce the costs. Did Ryo ever job in his parents' business? ;)

it [a smile] will soon seem less distasteful to you
Rose should read up his psychology. An imposed action usually increases the resentment.

Dee started forward with murder in his eyes, but Ryo grabbed him and hauled him back. The Commissioner looked at Ryo in surprise.
The reminder that his (Rose's) picture might not be as exact as he believes it to be. *cool*

"Traffic accident report," & Ryo understood. "If I French-kiss him while you watch."
Rose better stays clear of internal affairs; that sums up to power abuse (not sure how it's correctly called in English, sorry) and sexual harassment. If he isn't careful, he might himself end up "doing home time" for this constellation. Interesting!

Oh Berkely has connections, so he's not seriously worried. Yet. Rules and laws are just for poor people, and he's not one of those. However, it would be embarrassing, so he's been careful so far not to actually lay a hand on anyone who is unwilling.

Thanks for reviewing and for going into so much detail! I really appreciate your interest.

:) You're welcome. I always try to give the feedback I'd like to receive for my own fics (I don't mean this as a request to read). However, I tend to point out things that irk or seem off to me in an equally detailed manner.

About Rose: oh yes, he has connections. After all, he also pulled them to get assigned to the 27th in the first place. However, connections tend to become exhausted when they are used too often.

Somehow, I can see him at a comfortable men's club with one or two of his senior connections, red wine, a cigar (or two) for the connections and one of them just quietly warns him to "tone it down a bit, Berkeley. We can't cover everything if you continue like this. Sooner or later, there will be questions we just have to answer."

I don't mind at all if you find any discrepancies to point out because I'm not particularly thin-skinned. I'll be happy to explain why I did the things I did with the characters. As I've said in earlier posts, I'm very canon-oriented, so anything I do with Ms. Matoh's characters will be based as solidly in canon as they can be. However there is still a certain amount of room for individual innovation. My beta pointed out that I was taking Berkely a little OOC in this one, because he did indicate to Diana that he was giving up on Ryo in Volume 5. However, there's often a difference between what people say and what they feel (Ryo was a case in point), and it suits my arc to have Berkely still interested in Ryo.

:) I'm cautious, because many people don't react well if a review isn't all "oooh, shiny!" and I try not to hurt feelings when I point things out that doesn't make sense to me.
I meant "irk" more generally, since I didn't write Fake (yet) and therefore don't feel that firm in its canon. But aren't the canonical details that allow various explanations / interpretations the bread-and-butter of a canonically sound fanfic?
Your example that words and deeds may differ in complex personalities is exactly that. Even if Berkeley tries honestly to stay true to his words (sometime), he might well relapse into his previously established behavior scheme.

I 'm with you that caution is an absolute necessity when reviewing fanfics because this activity is full of pitfalls. People pour their time, energy and souls into their writing and they feel wounded and unappreciated if someone says anything critical. There's always a danger that a less than glowing comment will be perceived as an attack rather than the constructive criticism it was meant to be, and that perception could easily set off a counter-attack from the author and her friends. I'm sure that many people who would like to offer advice and constructive comments are put off by that possibility. Additionally, even if an author is open to receiving constructive criticism, communicating with her about her various bad writing habits is likely to be a time-consuming activity that could go sour at any time if not handled with kid gloves. Not everyone has that kind of time or patience. I would say that about 99.8% of the reviews I've read for fanfiction in general have been overwhelmingly positive but I'm always amazed when I read one that says "A bit sappy" or a "too repetitive" or something like that, and I think, "Wow, that person is really taking a chance there." Sometimes an author actually states in her notes at the beginning of the story that she welcomes constructive criticism, or conversely, that she doesn't feel up to handling any negative comments, and I think that's a great idea because it makes it clear to those inclined to review whether their suggestions will be welcomed or not.

And to address your second point, I absolutely agree that canonical details that allow for a wide range of interpretations are what make it interesting. It may be canon, but it's still subjective. That's what I meant by "individual innovation". I just won't deviate totally from canon, is the point I was trying to make. For example, I wouldn't have Bikky turn out to be gay or bring Arnon back to life. Not without labelling it AU, anyway. There are also aspects of canon that I'm prepared to ignore for the time being, like all the supernatural stuff such as the ghost of Maria Henry, as well as the special powers exercised by Lai and Lass. It's canon, but other people can play with it. We all pick and choose which parts we want to play up and play down.

Yes, constructive feedback (CF)- even if it is wholly positive - is always taking a risk, because the author might see something different as the strong (or important) points of his/her fanfic.
And you're right, if somebody only wants praise, it would be good to state it in the header. Personally, I consider CF as a way to improve my writing, my style, and - esp. in a fandom to which I'm new - my grasp on the characterization. The overall "squeeee, cute" doesn't help much there (though it pampers the ego ;) ).

Taking canonical interpretation to the edge... *g* I'm guilty to have written a TBX fanfic epos based (almost) solely on the graphical / plot inconsistencies throughout the 18.5 + 5 manga tankobons of that fandom while keeping everything else as much in canon as I understood it. The result was...
...interesting to say the least. (I'm currently writing the even longer sequel to it.) Discussions arose about almost every point, including whether or not it's AU despite all the canon being met and so on.

I think the best option -if one wants to stay on the safe side- is to list the sources which the fic is based on. Like excluding the supernatural stuff or the Lai/Lass sections. If people then become argumentative, you can always say: "Look at the init statements. I warned you about it."

[I just noticed this talk has become almost philosophical. Nice. :) ]

Hi Brit,
I see you have kept ole Berkeley as nasty/sneaky as always. I can just see him doling out the favors with Dee hanging in the balance. I wonder what happens in Chapter 3? Anyway, I hope things smooth out for you soon. Thank you for more FAKE.


Hi Shelley6441,

Yes, I like a Bad Berkely, but I don't think he's quite beyond redemption yet. Thanks for wishing me a smooth path. It's really gotten quite rocky recently, but I guess you're not a stranger to feeling that way either! It's just our turn for a little stress. As for me, nothing has been resolved, but at least this evening I feel myself to be in the eye of the storm, meaning I've managed to get a couple of hours to myself to shut out the world.

Thank you, as always, for coming here to review my work.

Yup, Berkely still fits the bill. Sneaky, yet suave; and gotta love Ryo's smooth avoidance of issues that may result in pouncings. Veeeery slick, yet so like Ryo.

I hope your problems are doing a little bit better now. And that things continue to go smoothly if they are, if not, I hope they do smooth out for you soon.

Ryo's had a lot of practice, I'd imagine. But somehow I don't think he tried as hard to avoid Dee's pounces.

Thanks for commenting, and also for your kind words! After Wednesday night, my life will hopefully go back to normal-crazy for awhile, instead of high gear-crazy, and I can't wait.

-chuckle- Probably not but then again, would you?

That's great! I knowe I hate it when life goes from reasonable Chaos to the "WTF who realeased the little annoying gremlins into my life?!" type of Chaos.

Avoid Dee's pounces? Avoid what would no doubt be a series of life-defining moments? Do I look insane to you??? But...dang. I think I'd have to send him home to Ryo before he got too far along.

Just Wanted To Let You Know

Hey BC,

Regarding your email this morning, no worries if you accidentally sent it to Sw0rdy as well. She knows ALL of my little life dramas. (Poor thing.) Actually, the three of you do. (You know who I mean by our missing third. *wink*) So no worries there.

But I would appreciate if we could keep the emails about how we plan to kidnap our other two, tie them to chairs and force them to do nothing but write intelligent, steamy yaoi fic to ourselves. KK?

Oh, I don't think I was supposed to write that out loud, was I?

Good luck tonight, BTW. I forgot to mention that in last night's email.


Re: Just Wanted To Let You Know

Thanks for letting me know! You're a sweetheart.

And don't worry, if they say they can't write under those conditions, I'm prepared to keep making them look through my stack of family photo albums until they realize that OF COURSE they can write under those conditions and would I PLEASE take the albums away.

We could just tell them that if they don't, they will have to go shopping with my mom. *insert evil evil laughter here*

Hey, don't forget about me! I want to go shopping with your mom too. But I'm more of a grocery shopper. I can just see her looking speculatively at the zucchinis...

Stopitstopitstopit!!! You're breaking my brain!!!

I'm telling you - I'm going to FedEx her to Canada. And then you'll be sorry.

Although, for some reason, I think my mom and your dad would get along famously.

(And if you haven't guessed - yes, work is somewhat slow today.)

Oh, I'm sure they'd get on like a house on fire--- until she showed him her bag of toys and traumatized him for life!

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