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Negotiations Chapter 3!
Dee Blue waves


Chapter three 

Pairing:  Dee/Ryo

Fandom: Fake

Rating:    Mature

Notes:   Kissing between two men.

Spoilers:  To Volume 7

Timing: In my vision of Fake, Dee and Ryo become a couple in May.  That's when the wonderful RPG Fake 2nd Chances had their relationship begin, so I went along with that start time, even though it looks like dead winter in the manga. (But Bikky and Carol had gone off to 'summer' camp!  Go figure) Negotiations takes place in July of that same year, so Dee and Ryo have been together for a couple of months at this point.

Summary:  Rose extracts concessions from Ryo in exchange for canceling Dee's suspension from duty.

Disclaimer:   I do not own these characters.  They are the property of Sanami Matoh.  I am not making any money from this. 

This is the final chapter.  If you liked it, let me know. 

In a few days, I'll post a sexy 'postscript' to this story –what happens between Dee and Ryo after Rose leaves their office.  However, it will only be available on my livejournal page, so you'll have to come back here to find it. Be watching out for it!       


You know, I wrote Negotiations a while back for the express purpose of having something to post when I inevitably fell behind on FAKE First Year Together: A New Day, and boy I'm glad I did.  The hard part about writing a long story that's part of a larger arc is that I have to keep a thousand details from my own timeline in chronological order and not reveal anything too soon or forget to reveal something important.  Of course it helps that I have a per-chapter outline, but I don't include every single detail in it or the outline would become too unwieldy.  I'm so busy nowadays that I'm having a hard time finding a good chunk of time within which I can sit down and write.  It's five minutes here, ten minutes there with constant interruptions.  I haven't been able to properly sink into that steady state of concentration where I can recall everything I've done and everything I'm going to do with the story.  Hopefully this weekend, I'll get a few hours to myself.  I just want to thank those of you who are following A New Day.  I haven't forgotten about you, I know you're waiting, and I appreciate your patience.  Here's the last chapter of Negotiations.


Chapter three 

(Blue Simplicity beta'd this for me and for all of you.  Thank you Blue!)

Commissioner Rose smiled his special superior smile, the one he reserved for Dee Laytner and others of his loutish breed.  Then he turned to Ryo with raised brows. 

This time, it was Ryo who took hold of Dee's tie.  "Come on you idiot, let's get it over with.  How long?" he asked Rose. 

"One minute.  That's sixty seconds of non-platonic kissing.  I expect this to look as real as possible, considering the circumstances. Anything over one minute and any extra touching or fondling is up to you."  The Commissioner tapped his watch and looked at them pointedly. 

Ryo gave Dee's tie a yank, which brought his partner's lips down closer in line with his.  Dee was quite surprised that Ryo was willing to do this.  Ryo was normally so shy and so private.  But this time, although the other detective's face was flushed with embarrassment, Dee thought he saw something else lurking behind Ryo's eyes.  He suddenly realized that his partner was looking at him with a 'Let's show HIM' expression on his face.  He looked stubborn and annoyed and... Yes, aroused. 

Yeah, let's show the bastard, Dee thought.  Aloud, he breathed, "Kiss me, baby." 

And Ryo did.  Holy fuck, was that a hot kiss.  If they'd been on the top floor of the building, Dee believed it would have blown the roof off. 

It started slow and sensual, their lips coming together, clinging slightly, and then moving apart.  Before too long, their tongues came into play and the kiss began in earnest.  To the Commissioner, who was observing intently, it wasn't just one kiss.  It was a whole series of intimate mouth to mouth caresses that mounted in suspense and tension as the two lovers built gradually to a crescendo that he knew was coming. 

What a beautiful pair they were.  Even Laytner, who while not quite his type, would be considered drop dead gorgeous by anyone's standards.  But Ryo.  Ryo was his ideal.  And, the fact that both of them were fully clothed notwithstanding, Ryo was actually making love to Dee Laytner right there in front of him.  

As he watched, he came to a reluctant understanding that although the act of kissing highlighted a blazing sexual attraction between them, there was an energy there that transcended the physical. It was clear that an emotional and deeply spiritual bond existed between the two men.

Long seconds since, they had forgotten his presence and had surrendered to their hunger for each other. The skin of Laytner's face darkened to a blush as deep as Ryo's as his blood pressure went up.  He was moaning into Ryo's mouth. His arms were wrapped around the slender waist of the man before him. He was actively running his hands over the muscles of Ryo's taut back, holding that perfect body tightly wedged against his own.  Ryo's hands were entangled in raven hair and to the amazement of the raptly watching Commissioner, he heard Ryo murmur Dee's name urgently several times between kisses, and the way he spoke it-- with such love and reverence in his voice-- affected the Commissioner deeply. 

He reflected rather plaintively that he had never in his life been kissed like that.  It was as if the raw power of love in its purest and best form had exploded inside the room and he, a mere bystander, had been caught in the crossfire.  Whereas it rained abundantly on the two detectives, it drained away from him, leaving an inexplicably poignant sense of loss in its wake.  He wondered why he felt loss, when Ryo had never been his to lose.  Oh, but there had been a time, back when they first met in England, and again in his first weeks at the 27th, when he had felt that Ryo might have been somewhat drawn to him.  But Laytner had been on it right away.  If only I'd separated them...transferred Laytner to another precinct...Ryo would have been mine, he thought. 

Suddenly, he couldn't stand it anymore.  He had to make them stop, but without letting them see how hollowed out and bereft he suddenly felt.   

"Gentlemen, you passed your 60 second limit some time ago. Don't keep going on my account."  He had been going for light sarcasm, but the tone came out wrong.  His voice emerged oddly flat. 

Laytner eyed him with more than a suggestion of triumph.  "We'll stop when we're ready, SIR," he purred.  "Since this is a fully-sanctioned kiss. It might go on for a while.  But feel free to leave if you've got things to do, huh?" 

To his fury, Rose realized that he was not only blushing, but also at a loss for words.  He turned on his heel and strode toward the door. 

Just as he reached it, he heard Ryo's voice, sounding a little lower and throatier than usual. 

"Sir!  About the suspension..."   

"Rescinded," he replied shortly, and left the room without a backward look. 

"Bastard left the door open," muttered Dee, reluctantly disengaging from Ryo.  "Don't move baby.  Daddy just has to lock the door..." 

"Dee, I can't believe we just—" 

"Shh, love.  Don't start thinking."  Dee shot the bolt and and quickly caught Ryo in his arms again. "Let's just go back to feeling.  I'm not quite done with you." 

Back in his office, Rose sat at his elegant mahogany desk and fumed.  He opened a drawer and withdrew a bottle of aged whiskey, from which he poured himself a measure.  He tossed it down in the hopes that it would calm his jangled nerves.  He had never hated Laytner more than he did right then.  Or anyone, actually.

He regretted having goaded his two detectives into doing his bidding.  He had initially enjoyed making them nervous, extracting an apology from Ryo, and forcing him and his partner to perform for him like that to escape his wrath. Now however, he felt simultaneously tense, aggrieved and sexually aroused, and that was one hell of an emotional cocktail.  He knew he needed to process his feelings before the phone rang or someone came looking for him.  It wouldn't do for anyone on the staff to see him in this agitated state. 

Commissioner Berkely Rose was a man who took pleasure in the trappings of his position and his privileged life. Tall, handsome and successful, with a corner office, and a house in a fashionable upper west side neighbourhood, he had reached the top of his profession at the relatively young age of thirty-six.  He had serious money in the bank, as well as the ear of the mayor and all his influential cronies. To answer the demands of his ego and powerful sex drive, he had countless admirers of both sexes.  But suddenly, all his accomplishments seemed much smaller and emptier than they had an hour ago. There was something that he now needed, a hitherto unrealized yearning of the body and spirit that had been shown to him today.  A bitter taste in his mouth confirmed that no amount of money or power under heaven could obtain for him what he had seen blossom and then blaze between Detectives McLean and Laytner. 

Laytner, that bastard, that nobody.  Always guarding 'his' partner like he was some precious virgin prince.  At least no one could accuse him of not understanding and appreciating what he had.  Rose too, had he been in possession of anything as intoxicating and magnificent as the love of Ryo Mclean, would have done his best not to let anyone take it away from him.  Laytner was one lucky S.O.B.  He actually couldn't fault the man. 

Ryo however, was a different story. Rose felt Ryo to be just like him: calm, professional and ambitious, with a measured way of speaking and interacting with people. They were both steady in a crisis, and had analytical minds.  He had always suspected that underneath Detective McLean's coolly polite exterior lurked sexual urges strong enough to match his own.  They belonged together.  But the young detective had been determined to keep him at arm's length, politely declining all his friendly attempts to further their acquaintance.  He wondered if Detective McLean realized he probably could have been promoted twice over by now, if he had just been willing to take the hand that had been offered to him in friendship and more.  He believed Ryo most likely did.  The man was intelligent enough.  He still couldn't believe that Ryo had chosen that asinine bastard over him.  And today he had flaunted his choice quite shamelessly.  Rose had been rather surprised that Ryo had not only agreed to his outrageous proposition but had gone on to writhe in unconcealed pleasure in Laytner's obviously far from unwelcome embrace. He knew he ought to forgive Ryo, but what he really wanted to do was somehow exact retribution from him. 

He poured himself another shot of whiskey and sipped it slowly and reflectively this time.  Someday Ryo would need his help.  Someday he would come to him in trouble and in supplication.  When that day came, he would make Ryo pay.  He would answer for every slight, every rejection, and every minute of frustration, sexual and otherwise that Rose had ever gone through on his account. 

The Commissioner leaned back in his chair.  He was in the habit of thinking of himself as a kind and just man, so he would have been surprised to learn that his eyes held a merciless expression that rendered his tight, satisfied smile cruel.  Patience was one of his hard-won qualities.  He would not take any actions that would result in bringing Ryo to a state of crisis.  No.  He was not a bad person.  He would just bide his time and trust that his chance would come. 

I'll rescue you, Ryo McLean, he thought.  I'll give you everything you ever wanted.  But before I do that, I'm going to punish you for today.



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Interesting conclusion of a captivating story.

I especially like how you follow the path Berkeley's shaken emotions take from realization over denial to his wish for revenge (wrapped in delusion).

Will you take that setting of Berkeley's mind into a sequel of sorts? It could be interesting to see what happens when he gets the chance to enact that punishment.

Someday I will. "Negotiations" was but a seed I planted for that! Part of my Berkely's creepy appeal is that he doesn't have a lot of awareness of his true feelings and motivations. Like many people do, he hides from his own selfishness and persists in seeing himself in a much nobler light. He will eventually acquire insight, but not until he has served his purpose of being thoroughly, entertainingly wicked for as long as I need him to!

I'm definitely looking forward to that. :)

negotiations 3

all I can say is....wow....

this was some intense shit!

I hope , just hope , Ryo is never in the position Berkeley thinks he can get him in .

of course, I hope just as strongly that he will be , and you will write it.


I will write it but it's much later in the arc, and you've seen how slow I am, so don't hold your breath. I truly wish I were faster and less busy. ( But there's always an AU short-story possibility...)

Oh, a threat from the mind of Berkely. That indeed is a scary thought since he has a one-way mind and colective focus that is rather creepy on these type of issues...

A sequel to his 'punishment' thought real or dreamed by Rose would be kinda cool.

Yeah, a dream sequence isn't a bad idea! Or a rather detailed fantasy. I do love it when Berk's evil. But I don't want him to be irredeemably evil since he must someday end up as Diana's husband, and I quite like Diana.

I already told you I loved this, BC but I don't mind saying it again!

Well done for writing such an absorbing story.

As for Berkley - he'll get what's coming to him soon enough. Just ask Blue! ^_~

Oooh! Does that mean she's maybe beta-ing something Berkley-ish by you? I hope so!

More like he'll be meeting with an unfortunate accident in Ireland. ;)

All right, but just don't kill or maim him, okay? I kinda like him. I do agree that he needs to go through a fair bit of character-building suffering, though. And it's always good when that overblown arrogance of his gets punctured. What COULD Berks be up to in Ireland?

I love it. You flesh out Ryo and Dee's relationship so well, but you dip right into the fairytale-like emotions love creates. And I love how it's spoken from Berkeley's point of view, they're all quite in character in my opinion, even with Ryo accepting Berkeley's bargain. Beautiful. I wish I could develop stories, or even write, as well as you.

It's so kind of you to say that! (Now I'm blushing) I'm trying to walk a fine line between keeping their relationship as realistic as possible, but also bringing in that magical quality that love engenders in us, because I'm in love with that myself. But I can't buy it unless it has a 'real' feeling. Thank you for noticing.

No problem! Yeah, me too, and I've read quite a few FAKE fanfics where the relationship is completely unbelievable, either far too dramatic or they practically avoid one another. Writing's just another art form to perfect, you know? I also have a problem with those that make Dee too overbearing and with that 'I'm dominant' personality, and Ryo too.. well, dependent or subordinate. In my personal opinion, Ryo's a little bit stronger, emotionally, than Dee is.. Dee just hides it. I love fics that show Dee's weaker side.. I swear I'm in love with the guy. Oh god, I'm blabbing. x) I'll stop here with a, 'I still love your writing!' and stay at your side for more.

I'm in love with him too! But sometimes I'm not sure whether I want to love him or BE him.

haha, wow, i don't even have any coherent thoughts on this besides "holy crap- that was hot"
I actually kind of feel bad for Rose.. I love him and his evil plans <3. But I shouldn't feel bad, because I mean, he got to see Dee and Ryo kiss, which tragically, is more than I can say for myself. Lucky bastard, hehe.
Anyway, I REALLY enjoyed this little piece of yours, and I hope all is going well for you :). I will be looking forward to the 'postscript' too ;)

Thanks for letting me know you enjoyed it! I was initially unsure whether to make the postcript a lemon or a lime, but as I wrote it, it more or less turned into a full-blown lemon! Definitely something that that would get me kicked off fanfiction.net, so it will never see the light of day there, although someday in the distant future I might post it on another site. But for now, it's going to stay on my LJ. You'll see it soon. It just has to be tweaked and beta'd. I'm a strong believer in getting things beta'd.

"As he watched, he came to a reluctant understanding that although the act of kissing highlighted a blazing sexual attraction between them, there was an energy there that transcended the physical. It was clear that an emotional and deeply spiritual bond existed between the two men."

And here is the big difference between Berkeley and Dee: Dee may be uninhibited, brash and obnoxious, but he's not conniving, manipulative or calculating like ole Berks. He's real, passionate, and honest which is why Ryo was so attracted to Dee.

"Ryo's hands were entangled in raven hair and to the amazement of the raptly watching Commissioner, he heard Ryo murmur Dee's name urgently several times between kisses, and the way he spoke it-- with such love and reverence in his voice-- affected the Commissioner deeply."


"Laytner, that bastard, that nobody. Always guarding 'his' partner like he was some precious virgin prince. At least no one could accuse him of not understanding and appreciating what he had."

Poor Berkeley - he just doesn't get it. In England I believe Ryo was intrigued by the mysterious person at the hotel, until they were introduced. But I believe it was because Ryo saw something in Berkeley that reminded him of Dee. I don't think Ryo and Berkeley are alike, do you? Dee just seems like the perfect complement to Ryo.

"Someday Ryo would need his help. Someday he would come to him in trouble and in supplication. When that day came, he would make Ryo pay."

I like how you have Berkeley ruminating about his professional success, but personal failure, particularly in the love department. Sitting around brooding about how perfect he is for Ryo, and how Dee is nothing but scum. But at the same time, plotting to make Ryo suffer for not returning his feelings. Pretty scary!

Brit you are so awesome. I apologize for this lengthy comment, but I'm trying to be more specific when I leave feedback for my favorite writers. Thanks again!

Please don't apologize! Your comment has really made my day. Thank you so much. And no, Berkely and Ryo are not alike. Of course they share a few surface characteristics, but you're right, in his heart, Ryo's values are the same as Dee's. He has a deep and instinctive mistrust of Berkely, but he feels safe with Dee.

(Deleted comment)
Thanks for commenting! Yes, I like complex villains. They have so much to teach us.

Lovely and intriguing description of the comissioner's character! It's rare to think of oneself as evil, I guess - one will justify one's own pettiness, jealosy and selfishness. Abernathy does that, too, but he is even worse I suppose.

Thank you for writing!


Thank you! Yes, Abernathy is much worse than Berkeley because he brings morality and religion into it. Whenever someone is in his way, he deems them forsaken by God and bound for hell anyway, which therefore means that he can do whatever he likes to them because they don't count. At worst, it doesn't matter if he gets them killed, and at best, he is acting as the left hand of God-- doing God's will, in a way.

Berk has more respect for law than Abernathy does, because he doesn't see it as something that can be superseded by an individual's personal interpretation of God's laws. But to a large extent, he still believes that laws are more for poor people than rich people.

Edited at 2011-04-05 11:55 pm (UTC)

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