brit_columbia (brit_columbia) wrote,

Don't go getting excited, people. This is just a normal, boring post that doesn't have a chapter hiding in it. But I just wanted to let you know that chapter 14 of A New Day is imminent. It's been beta'd and I'm cleaning it up. I had to interrupt that enjoyable task to run off to the gym where I pumped iron and burned off the licorice allsorts and french fries with mayo that I had eaten earlier. (That's what happens when you forget to eat lunch) Now I just have to throw on a load of laundry and tidy up the kitchen, and I'm back to fixing the chapter. I can see that not one of you envies me my exciting life! Sometimes I feel like Masami Shibata in Kusatta Kyounshi no Houteishiki, but he's a way more efficient and dedicated housekeeper than I am.

I'll most likely be posting chapter 14 after midnight, but I expect no one will notice until tomorrow because you guys are probably all out having fun on your Saturday night. At least I hope you are! And if you're staying in, I hope it's what you want.

Check this space when you're ready to.

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