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update on A New Day and other postings
Dee Blue waves
Hello everyone,

First of all, I would like to apologize for not updating FAKE First Year Together: A New Day for so long. I've been extra busy at work, and with my health it's been one thing after another. April was not a fun month and May is so far not shaping up to be any easier. However, it's not all bad news! Chapter 16 is done and back from the beta. All I need to do is find time to clean it up and then I'll be able to post it. I'll most likely be able to do that before Friday.

Just to tide you over until then, I'll be posting a DRAKE AND JJ ONE-SHOT tomorrow. If I wake up early enough, I'll do it in the morning before work. If not, then we'll have to wait until after 10 pm Pacific time.

And on a totally new subject, as I was neck-deep in chores this weekend, I invented what I thought was a new word: choredom. I was feeling pleased with myself until I googled it and realized I am not the first person that new word ever occurred to. Choredom. It's a miserable state. I wish I were the kind of person who could derive deep satisfaction from reorganizing closets and cleaning my whole domicile, but I'm just not. I cook, I keep the kitchen more or less under control, I food-shop and I do laundry without complaint, but I hate all the other stuff. My husband is actually pretty good about cleaning bathrooms and mopping floors, except he feels compelled to lecture me throughout. Grrr! Just shut up and clean, dammit.


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Thank you! It's going to be a day of eating at work...

Is today your birthday or is it July 5th? If today is it, Happy Birthday!

*slinks away to her sock drawer, arranged by length and color...*

Nope, it's today. I'm a Taurus girl! (Bring on the chocolate)

Your sock drawer sounds like Ryo's!

*hands over a slice of chocolate torte*

It's an illness, I tell you!

*seizes the chocolate torte and scuttles off to a corner to eat it*

Is it JUST your sock drawer or all your drawers?

*throws confetti*

That would be pretty much the entire house. Except for the girls' room - I totally can't go in there and start poking around. Drives me crazy to see so much mess. When they are away for a week in the summer at grandparents' houses, I will go in and CLEAN. They won't know what hit them, heh. Illness, yes.

(Deleted comment)
Lovely! But, uh-oh, here's Ryo to drag him away by the ear...

Once again, Happy birthday!! :)

Thank you! So far, it's been a very happy birthday.

Birthday? Yay, birthday! Yay, excuse to party! Huzzah.

And choredom...suck. This is why I live in a pile of books and buy 'new' clothes when it's time to do laundry. Yay, own filth.

God, you're lucky. But once you get married, all that 'own filth' freedom goes out the window!

Happy Belated Birthday

I hope you indulged yourself on your special day!

Re: Happy Belated Birthday

Thank you! I certainly did indulge myself, and I had lots of help from people who wanted to indulge right along with me.

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