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Dee Blue waves
Today I ate a Thornton's Sicilian lemon mousse chocolate bar. My sister brought me back a bag of Thornton's chocolate bars from the UK recently.

It was one of the most divine things I've ever put in my mouth. The crisp outer shell of the chocolate put up a token resistance, but then my teeth and tongue met with the surprisingly soft and yielding creamy lemon mousse centre. What can I say? It just kind of took over my tastebuds and caused me to sit in my chair, rocking slightly with my eyes closed while the citrus tang, the cream, and the chocolate intertwined their sacred essences in my mouth.

It's a good thing they're only available in England! When it comes to chocolate, I have the heart of a player, but I could easily lose it to a pliant and sultry little number like that.

Blue! If you're reading this, you know what I want.

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Whenever you write about food, I always think, "My God, why doesn't this woman have a food review column somewhere?" I swear you make me hungry for all the sensations of food, not just the taste. Damn. Now I need chocolate.

Oops! Sorry about that. Hope you've got some in the house.

(Deleted comment)
Yeah! Worrying about money is for sissies!

I checked their shipping rates to Canada --It would cost 22 pounds to ship half a kilogram of chocolates here! That's almost $50! That's...That's highway robbery, dammit.

But that website is positively pornographic. I think I'll go and ogle those beauties some more...

(Deleted comment)
1. All right, I see your Godiva page and I raise you an 'Interactive Chocolate Map'


2. Extra cash? What the heck is that?

3. I think I gained a pound just looking at those Godiva chocolates!

Oh god.

I wouldn't think I'd like citrus and chocolate mixed, but the way you describe it.. I sort of shivered.

That's a ripoff right there. God damn America for not making quality shit.

Sweet! I love making people shiver. And come on, you're forgetting the Hershey Symphony bar with almonds and toffee chips (family size of course), which is a totally amazing chocolate bar that we can't get up here in Canada, despite the relative availability of other Hershey products.

The last time I was in the States was for Yaoicon last October and I still can't believe I didn't remember to bring some Symphony bars back with me! At one point I was actually fondling several of them in a convenience store but then someone distracted me and I ended up leaving with fruit, a sandwich, some strange jello-shot thingies and NO SYMPHONY BARS!

When my sister realized that I, of all people, had forgotten to come home with 'foreign' chocolate, she made some very scathing remarks, which I must say, I totally deserved.

Well... there's a Thorntons in my town so I'll make sure I point out that particular tourist attraction to her! ^_~

Thank you! You're a pal. And if you could perhaps drag her there and nudge her towards a display of their chocolate bars, I would be eternally grateful to you. Please be sure to warn her that they're soft, tender little things and can't be squished underneath all her heavy gay sex books.

Is there any danger of your dogs rootling through her suitcase and eating my Sicilian Lemon mousse bar? *worries*

Given half a chance they probably would - after all, they eat walls so chocolate would be a luxury!

Well, you see, therein lies the source of my fear. Having seen the photos, I know that as ludicrous as it sounds, it's true. And if I were a dog who had eaten a wall, I would find a Thornton's chocolate bar a refreshing change of pace. Perhaps if you explain to Blue that once they've eaten my chocolate out of her suitcase, they'll likely proceed on to her underwear and those gay sex books, she could contrive to put the suitcase up somewhere higher than they can reach? Like on the roof maybe?

I leave the safety of my chocolate and Blue's underwear in your capable hands!

Wow, I'm not even into lemony sweets, but this sounds like something I really need to try! *is jealous*

You know, I'm not into lemony sweets either (unless they're of the written variety!) so I confess that I unwrapped that particular chocolate bar with low expectations. It ended up being a full-frontal assault with me as the victim! That Sicilian Lemon Mousse bar attacked me with willful pleasure and deliciousness, shamelessly using all of my own weaknesses against me. And I liked it!

It left me one hundred percent satisfied, yet still craving more. It's been a couple of weeks since that memorable encounter and I still can't forget...

Whoo! Lemony sweetness, indeed. Amen, sister :D lol

It's inspiring how you're able to turn even the smallest pleasures of life into a delicious shortstory-something.
And although I just ate a bunch of pizza for lunch, I start to feel hungry again. Thank God I have some Mon Cheries lying right next to me ;)

I'm jealous of your pizza, which is another of my passions.

I see :D
Well, I didn't eat it all, you'd like me to share it with you? *offers leftovers*

No, it's okay! I don't think it would survive the shipping process. You just enjoy it later when you're hungry again, and think of me as you sink your teeth into the cheesy deliciousness of it. *wipes drool off face*

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