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Why oh why oh WHY didn't I back up my chapter???
Dee Blue waves
I am so bummed! I have lost about 65 percent of Chapter 18 of A New Day. It would have been a greater loss, except that I had it partially backed up and I was able to recover that part. I've been trying to come to terms with this ever since I realized what had happened. I always knew this would happen to me someday, and now it finally has! I'm just grateful that it wasn't worse. It was only 65 percent of one chapter, not a whole story, like I believe once happened to Grumpy Demon with one of her amazing Fake In Love fics. My deepest retroactive sympathy to you, Ms. Demon!

I was bitching about my loss to my father this morning as we walked to Starbucks for our customary Saturday morning coffee and he said I should be glad I had lost something that it was in my power to replace. It's when you lose something irreplaceable that it is truly sad. He's absolutely right. I can rewrite it. The story is still in my head. But oh, it was done! It only needed a tiny bit of tweaking and it would've been off to Blue for beta-ing tonight. Pardon me while I wallow in self pity. My wallowing has already involved a Mr. Big bar and part of a Lindt "Vanille Flammeri" bar from Germany. And my husband felt so sorry for me, he cleaned up the whole house and didn't once complain. Sigh. Okay, off to the gym and then back to my computer to continue the painstaking reconstruction process.

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Ouch. Yeah, I've had my share of deleting problems. My hard drive died at one point and I lost EVERYTHING. It's a hassle, but you can do it! We put our faith in you! Huzzah!

Bolstered by your faith, I will soldier on!

Ouch. I know how you feel, i have to throw out my old computer sometime soon, but problem, some of my stories are on that computer, and I have to figure out how to recover them...And i lost some of my good original stories in the past, much to my utter frustration. I have yet to find them. I know I wrote them down on paper, but my old notebooks were thrown out sometime in the past...So back to the writing board for me...So how did you lose 65% of a chapter?

By being stupid, that's how! I was working until 4 a.m. on my father's computer instead of my own, so I wasn't backing up into my own files. I got stupid with lack of sleep and I think I accidentally deleted most of it without noticing. At least, that's my theory because I have no idea how it happened.

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I have a co-worker whose husband might be able to help me, but it would take several days to coordiate a visit, and even though there was no smut in the missing pages, I'm nervous about what ELSE he might see! I would probably take the chance if I had lost several chapters like you did, but in my case it was only one chapter. I'm almost finished rewriting it anyway, so I think I'll just bite the bullet this time. Thanks for the faith.

lost chapter

now we know why JK Rowling's been writing Harry Potter on loose leaf all these years!

sorry about the lost chapter, what a bummer to lose not only all that just right phrasing , but all that time too.

ah , but your dad is right . at least it's still in your head .

I used to type my stories , then print it. once our printer messed up and kept spitting out extra copies ,like when my thirteen year old was printing his homework...I'm almost positive he read part of Passing the Time. Talk about wanting to crawl in to a hole and die !

now I just hand write, then transfer to the webpage when I want to submit the story . No one can read my handwriting ,even if they found my diaries...


Moon, you nailed it. It was the loss of the 'just-right phrasing' that bugs me the most, followed by the loss of time.

Oh my God, you really have my sympathy about the printer mishap! As I recall there was a lot of magnificently raunchy sex in Passing the Time. I hope your son only read the first page.

A similar thing happened to me once when the printer (my father's old printer) died mid-sex scene as I was printing a Dee/Ryo story. It refused to continue until I had replaced the cyan cartridge but it was 7pm and the stores were closed! Ack! I dashed out first thing the next morning and bought the damn cartridge. But first I had to forbid my father to touch his own computer.

Oh I'm so sorry. I have this lost on my computer that I could not recover, so I know how you feel. But I have faith that you will overcome this tragedy and we look forward to your next chapter.

Thank you! This has really been a wake-up call, lemme tellya.

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