brit_columbia (brit_columbia) wrote,

Why oh why oh WHY didn't I back up my chapter???

I am so bummed! I have lost about 65 percent of Chapter 18 of A New Day. It would have been a greater loss, except that I had it partially backed up and I was able to recover that part. I've been trying to come to terms with this ever since I realized what had happened. I always knew this would happen to me someday, and now it finally has! I'm just grateful that it wasn't worse. It was only 65 percent of one chapter, not a whole story, like I believe once happened to Grumpy Demon with one of her amazing Fake In Love fics. My deepest retroactive sympathy to you, Ms. Demon!

I was bitching about my loss to my father this morning as we walked to Starbucks for our customary Saturday morning coffee and he said I should be glad I had lost something that it was in my power to replace. It's when you lose something irreplaceable that it is truly sad. He's absolutely right. I can rewrite it. The story is still in my head. But oh, it was done! It only needed a tiny bit of tweaking and it would've been off to Blue for beta-ing tonight. Pardon me while I wallow in self pity. My wallowing has already involved a Mr. Big bar and part of a Lindt "Vanille Flammeri" bar from Germany. And my husband felt so sorry for me, he cleaned up the whole house and didn't once complain. Sigh. Okay, off to the gym and then back to my computer to continue the painstaking reconstruction process.

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