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Dee Blue waves
I have no more visitors, my father and my husband are out, the cat is asleep, and the rest of the day belongs to me! I have just finished cooking a delicious spicy and not-too-sweet mango and nectarine chutney for my husband. Naturally I had to give it a taste-test with some feta cheese, and that's how I know it's delicious.

Later I plan on riding my bike to the gym and then having my dinner in front of the computer while putting the finishing touches on chapter 18 of A New Day.  Hopefully sometime tonight I'll be able to send it off to my beta and resume work on chapters 19, 20 and 21.  I like working on many chapters simultaneously because the story is whole and complete in my head.  So far, I have not suffered from writer's block, so I don't really understand what it is when other people complain about it.  I have a head full of stories that are begging to be written and I know I won't live long enough to write them all.  My problem is time.  I have an extremely busy life.  Most days I'm on the go from 8 am to 10 pm, sometimes after midnight.  My house is frequently full of people.  My husband likes to have dinner parties, so I regularly entertain up to thirteen people at a time.  And these are not potluck parties!  I usually cook two or three main dishes, plus I bake cakes for dessert, and prepare cheese/fruit plates and salads.  When we're not giving dinner parties, we're going to them.  I work full time and my job involves interacting with people all day long, so I don't have the opportunity to write at work.  Well, once in a while I do, but even when I get some time alone in my office, I have emails to write and admin stuff for my program to attend to.  So it's very hard for me to find time to write.  However, I don't mean to sound like I'm complaining because I actually have a lot to be grateful for.  I'm a creative person and although I'm extremely busy, I'm able to use my imagination in most areas of my life.  My job requires me to be creative, and all the cooking I do is also an expression of creativity.

I don't often get an afternoon and evening all to myself, however, and that's why I'm so excited about today!  Hours of me-time-- watch me dive in!  And there will be chocolate later.  Oh yes.

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Again, I say DAMN.

All I do for a living is cut down trees. o_o

Now come on! That's hard work, cutting down trees. And I know if I ever tried to cut down a tree, I'd probably accidentally cut my foot off, but not before getting attacked by a family of irate squirrels.

Damn those squirrels.

But out here, you'd more likely get chased down by falcons, and thank God I've never seen it happen.

Damn those falcons.

Falcons? Didn't know they were to be feared. Well, there's another thing to add to the long list of reasons to approach the Great Outdoors with caution. Cougars, bears, rabid squirrels and now the noble falcon. And how about crows? I've witnessed them doing dive-bomb attacks on people! It's much better to be the witness that the attackee, lemme tellya.

Actually, I've seen crows, at least a dozen of them, crouding around astray goslings while hawks were in the area and eying them. Believe it or not, when the pair of hawks were doing their own dive-bombing, the crows swarmed and attacked the hawks! I don't know why they did that, or if it was of any benefit to the crows, but once the mother goose made her way back to her babies, all of the crows fled. The hawks were nowhere in sight at the end.

Crows are very intelligent birds that always have an eye to their own interests. I'm sure they had a reason.

I've always wondered about the enmity between seagulls and crows. They just hate each other. If a group of one kind finds a lone representative of the other kind flying around without his buddies, they gang up and attack. The victim cries piteously until others of his species come rushing to lend aid. It's like the Sharks and the Jets all over again! But noisier than you could ever imagine.

I've never actually seen that, but I can believe it.

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