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Happy Canada Day!
Dee Blue waves
Happy Canada Day to all Canadians out there!

My father and I just got done watching the fireworks display from my deck and I have sent him downstairs with my food processor and two large onions. I'm having a big dinner party tomorrow night and there is a certain amount of prep work to be done. Luckily for me, my dad doesn't mind being given the joe jobs.

THIS year I didn't miss the free cake and coffee at the local supermarket like I did last year. THIS year I was patriotically prepared! Last year I didn't even have a Canada T-shirt and had to commandeer my husband's. Well, this year I had a T-shirt but it was seriously wrinkled, ironing being dead last on my list of favorite housework activities, so once again I commandeered my husband's new T-shirt and got him to iron my old one for his own use later.

The only thing I'm bummed about is that I was just finishing my second piece of vanilla cake when they wheeled the chocolate cake out! Sadly, I had no room left in my stomach to sample the chocolate one. Oh well, NEXT year...

Happy Birthday Canada from one of your many proud-to-be-Canadian daughters!

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I went to see the fireworks display too! I couldn't see it from my house, though, so I went out with some friends.
Happy Canada Day! :D

I hope you had fun! It's always nice to go out and feel the energy of the crowd.

Happy Canada Day to you!

Thank you! It was a quiet but happy day for me.

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