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(no subject)
Dee Blue waves
To quote my good friend bluesimplicity, "I'm so not a bug person!" In my opinion they totally RUIN the great outdoors. I would spend more time in parks, walking by the ocean or just plain sitting on my deck if I didn't have to become an instant object of interest and /or dinner for an assortment of bugs. The other night, I surprised a huge, bulbous, striped beetle that was trying its darnedest to come and live inside my kitchen garbage can. It had crawled in through the open deck door and had laboriously scaled the heights of the trash can, only to find the portal to heaven closed tight. So there it waited for the window of golden opportunity that would be provided when I next needed to toss something in the garbage. I believe I did that several times without noticing it, and each time it tried to haul its unwieldy body up over the lip. The thing that made me finally notice it was the repeated hisses of pain it produced when I invariably let the lid slam down on its two front legs. "Why is the garbage hissing?" thought I, knowing that it can never be a good thing if one's garbage is hissing, and went to investigate. What ensued was a power struggle between the beetle and me, which the beetle lost because I am not the sort of person who gives way to panic in the presence of a bug, even large ambitious ones that are waving their legs at me in a vaguely threatening manner. Once the beetle had been restored to its rightful home in the dirt outside my house, I went back and double checked the garbage just to make sure that the wife and kids hadn't sneaked in while daddy-beetle had been creating his little diversion. All I can say is that that beetle was lucky it was me who discovered him and not Fluffy, who would have tortured him in an icky trail of bug-guts all over the kitchen.

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(Deleted comment)
Hmm...Not unless you think it might work if I used a spatula to pry their vehicle off your lot. (That's what I used on the beetle, who did NOT want to admit the utter failure of his clever plan and fought back with vigor) I can think of lots of ways to discourage your neighbors, but all of them would probably lead to trouble! The trouble with neighbors is that you can't just get in your car and go home. They're right there, next to your home, and have the power to make your home life very stressful indeed.

OMG Brit, you are so BRAVE!!! I would have died, then got up and fetched my "bug killing broom," and then dispatched the intruder down the toilet - shrieking all the while. Just one more reason to support my need for a husband....

Husbands are not necessarily helpful in this regard. Mine just ignores bugs or notifies ME that there is a bug to be dealt with. It's possible that he would get up and do something if I were freaking however, but we'll never know since bugs don't make me freak. Unlike snakes. If there were snakes slithering in and out of my house, I'd be a basket case!

Yeah, I'm OK. No worries. Things have just been hectic around here witht he usual. I'll tell you more about it tonight.

Sorry for making you worry. *hugs*

The Blue Woo Hoo

I'm relieved! My imagination was trying run away with itself and I was trying not to let it. *hugs you back*

And I know all about hectic! I'll give you a report on how my potluck party at the beach went.

" "Why is the garbage hissing?" thought I, knowing that it can never be a good thing if one's garbage is hissing, and went to investigate. "
Simply awesome! That made my day! xD Although I feel a little sorry for the poor beetle...

I felt sorry for him, too! But not sorry enough to share my abode with him. I hope he wasn't forced to live out the rest of his life crippled by having the garbage lid come down heavily on his front legs (hands?) several times.

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