brit_columbia (brit_columbia) wrote,

In a moment of utter madness, I consented to go camping with a couple of girlfriends after work today. The weather looks kind of cold and cloudy and I'm already repenting my haste in agreeing to this scheme. What was I thinking? There will be bugs. Maybe cougars, too. Rabid squirrels, territorial crows and bloodthirsty mosquitoes. And I fully expect to be bullied mercilessly by wasps! I haven't done any camping for many years and I'm worried about the lack of comforts because yes, years of soft living have blunted my survival instincts. But I'm told that one of the girls is bringing an espresso machine and that there will be electricity so we can plug it in! (Hey, there are limits to my willingness to 'rough it') And if the other one brings her laptop, we won't be entirely cut off from civilization. I have a novel, three magazines, two manga books, and a big bottle of red wine. Am I prepared? We'll see! At the very least, I should get a couple of fanfic ideas out of this.

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