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(no subject)
Dee Blue waves
Hello to whoever's reading this. I need stats on Bikky for a story I'm working on. Did Sanami Matoh ever say when his birthday was? At the time of the 7th book, was he 12 or 13? And does he have blue or brown eyes? On the back of book 1 he has brown eyes, but on the back of book 2, he has blue eyes. I think it was Raymond Makowski, and not Ms. Matoh, who did those pictures, but I'm not completely sure.

Happy V-day!

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I think I have his stats at the time of Act 5 in the Yahoo group in the 'database section'. If not, I do recall that his birthday is in April (27th?), add on 2 years or so to the age given in Act 5, and his eyes are blue.

And...that would be me forgetting to log in - d'oh! Going to go get ready for work now.

Thank you! Going to Yahoo now. Sorry, shoulda looked there first.

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