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Camping sucks!
Dee Blue waves
When I expressed my list of fears that bugs, squirrels, wasps, cougars etc. would invade my campsite and my peace of mind, I appear to have left something out. None of the aforementioned critters came anywhere near me. Nope. That's because they were all wisely holed up in their nests/burrows/lairs because of the friggin' TORRENTIAL RAIN that turned our campsite into a quagmire and leaked through my crappy Wal-Mart tent and proceeded to soak my bedding and other stuff! Oh yeah, go ahead and laugh! Someday this may happen to YOU! Aaaaaand, I think I'm done with camping for this particular lifetime. From now on, it's hotels with chocolates on the pillows and click-on fireplaces.

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Hey think about it this way. My family went camping this weekend and it rained on them the whole time too. The difference; they had a two year old and a baby trapped inside with them. So all I'm saying, is it could have been worse. Of course, that still sounds like a crappy way to spend the weekend. Yeah, I think you're right in the end. Stick with the hotels.

A two year old and a baby? Yup, that definitely would have made it harder. Hope you had a nice family-free weekend.

Been there, Done that!!!! Only my husband and I were camping for a whole week of nothing but rain and high winds. It sucks!! WE finally gave up and rented a cabin!!! so much nicer when you have a fireplace to warm up to.

A cabin sounds nice! That's what we should have done. Or perhaps I should have just refused to get out of the car. Except we had to leave our car in the parking lot at this particular campsite and then hike in with our stuff, and of course the rain didn't start until after we had done that. Yeah, a fireplace would have changed everything!

Have been there with two children and one on the way myself. Just remember the mantra: It can always get worse.

So it seems. I can't for the life of me understand why so many people like camping. I did a survey before I left and 18 of 20 people said they liked/loved it, whereas the other two were merely 'so-so' about it. So despite my apprehensions, I went with a tiny little cautious flame of optimism kindling in my breast...

It seems like the news is full of water these days; hurricanes, typhoons and floods. At least I had a car to throw my sopping wet gear into and a nice dry domicile to come home to!

Okay, maybe we're all fighting a little to keep that flicker of hope alive.

This has been one shitty summer for everyone, let me tell you.

Yes, I agree it's been uncommonly bad. Have you been working outside in it?

Actually, yes. The entire basis of my job is working outside.

That, and this summer has been a rollercoaster for my grandmother. She's been in cancer treatment for 2 years now, and.. for all that work, she's now too weak to be treated, and is just on a morphine drip while we wait for her to pass on.

It's just... the kind of life that's hard to work around, that's all.

I'm so sorry to hear about your grandmother's cancer and especially sorry that she's in enough pain to require a morphine drip. It's a special kind of agony to have to watch the suffering of someone you love and know that there's NOTHING you can do. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Thank you very much. We are very grateful for your support.

She passed away two days ago, and for the most part we're both relieved and miserable. Just hoping she's somewhere that's rewarding in lieu of the shit she had to deal with while she was alive.

Again, thank you. Thank you so much.

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