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posting schedule and perogies
Dee Blue waves
I just want to let people know that I'll be posting chapter 21 of FAKE First Year Together: A New Day (May) on Saturday night, probably quite late. It still needs a fair bit of tweaking, however, and I have no time to do that until Saturday evening. So that's my little announcement for the day, if anyone is interested.

In other news, I was at a multicultural potluck party earlier, to which I had taken a dish of fried perogies. They were a hit, and one Russian girl asked me for the recipe. For a moment I was tempted to say, "Well, you get some flour, some salt and some sour cream..." but then I decided to just go for the truth. I think she was slightly disappointed when I said, "Well, first you buy a bag of frozen perogies, then you defrost them and then you fry them and finally you drizzle melted butter over them! Ta-da!"

The trick is to buy really good quality perogies, not those crappy no-name ones, and don't EVER waste your money on Safeway brand perogies! I am partial to "Three cheese" perogies by Cheemo. My sister's kids won't eat them because they're not bland enough. From now on I'm going to use those kids as a sort of reverse barometer of what's truly tasty. If they don't like something, then that means I should definitely try it.

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Perogies... mm..

Haven't had one in a good while. Now you're making me hungry!

I've been thinking about you a lot. How are you doing?

If you haven't had any perogies in a long time, take my advice and do NOT remind your taste buds how delicious they are. I didn't eat them for about five years and then one day I found a two-for-one sale...and now I have three different flavors in my freezer. I can eat a day's worth of calories in the form of perogies in about 5 minutes flat! Those little suckers can be addictive, even BEFORE you slather them with melted butter, bacon bits, melted cheese and sour cream! Uh oh, I'm doing it again, aren't I? I'll shut up now.

MMM! I'm a sucker for anything drenched in butter and cheese! You're right, I'd better stop thinking about it. I wouldn't want to end up in a likewise situation - my freezer is jam packed enough as it is!

I'm dealing well enough. Her service is tomorrow, just a little 30 minute thing at our church, and I'm offering up my house for some wind-down time afterward. It really heartens me that you'd show so much concern. Thank you.

I've been through it. Had 'em all over to my house too. Rope in neighbors to keep the sandwich and cookie plates filled, and rent a hot water urn for tea. If you're using teapots and a kettle, you can't boil water fast enough, trust me. Oh, and you need vases. Lots and lots of vases. Ask all your friends to lend you a vase or two for all the cellophane-wrapped flowers that people hand you. You can't be dealing with those details anyway, because you're a Family Member, and lots of people will want to talk to you and share memories, which won't be possible if you're standing over the kettle (holding four vase-less bunches of flowers), snarling, "BOIL, damn you!"

Don't be nervous when tomorrow comes. It'll all go better than you think and you'll be so grateful to all the people who show up not only to pay their respects to your grandma, but to press your hand and support you, too. And don't be surprised if you sense her standing there, a little to the right, just out of your peripheral vision! Wherever she is at any time, she still loves you, and in fact her release from pain and the cares of an aged physical existence have freed up her spirit to devote even more energy to your welfare.

If we didn't live on opposite sides of the continent, I'd rush over and vacuum your house or something, and drag in some extra chairs. But I know you're going to be fine. *Hugs you*

Eh, no one in my area's very partial to tea. I had a catery of bagels and assorted danishes, donuts, a few litres of soda and a healthy coffee brewer to keep them happy. And, yes... so many flowers. I've got at least 6 bouquets, and numerous singles and spurts. My house is now more colorful than it ever really needed to be in it's entire existance, but that's okay.

And hey, if that's the way spirits go when they break from that body barrier... then bring it on. :)

Haha, yeah that would be a problem. Also the fact they we're in two different countries! But the thought is appreciated (although having my house vaccumed would be nice... ah well!).

*grins* That's good to know! Exactly what is fried perogies? I've never heard of them before? *puzzled* Oh by the way, where did you get your Fake icons from? I'm looking for some icons to add to my collection. But I've been having problems finding the ones i really want, plus I'm looking for some animated icons...I like stills and all, but it's more fun when they move!

Check out these great icons by caitirin at http://caitirin-icons.livejournal.com/3963.html and if you're looking for more of a chibi selection, try here: http://nivia-icons.livejournal.com/4099.html?mode=reply. And here's another one: http://community.livejournal.com/fakeicons/2617.html#cutid1 Lastly, http://the-pill-box.livejournal.com/16713.html

But sorry, none of them move. I've never had a moving one.

As for perogies, go here for a couple of lovely pictures and a description. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pierogi

I often take them to work for my lunch. I get out four or six from the freezer and put them in a tupperware-type container. By lunchtime, they're defrosted. I love them so much, I'll even eat them plain without butter. And the best thing about eating them at work is that after I've eaten the ones I brought, I can't just go back to the freezer and get out another 6! It forces me to control myself. I try not to eat them at home for that reason. They're kind of like potato chips. Once you start, it's difficult to stop!

*grins* Thanks for the info! I picked up some Fake icons! Any idea where I can find some Drake and JJ icons?

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