brit_columbia (brit_columbia) wrote,

Who can know the mind of a cat?

WHY won't he sleep on his nice little fluffy white cat bed that I went out and bought him?  Why does he curl up on the dusty, rough, kitchen door mat that we wipe our feet on?  And that's not even his favorite place to sleep.  His favorite place, believe it or not, is the mat directly in front of the toilet.  I have taken to closing the bathroom door whenever he's in the house, because he also loves drinking from the toilet, for some strange reason.  He plants both of his little front feet ankle deep in the water in the toilet bowl and then splashes water on the seat and the floor when he's done.  I change the water in his water dish at least once and sometimes twice a day, so he has no good reason for drinking from the toilet.  I just can't understand his choice of sleeping places and watering holes.
Tags: cats

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