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Who can know the mind of a cat?
Dee Blue waves
WHY won't he sleep on his nice little fluffy white cat bed that I went out and bought him?  Why does he curl up on the dusty, rough, kitchen door mat that we wipe our feet on?  And that's not even his favorite place to sleep.  His favorite place, believe it or not, is the mat directly in front of the toilet.  I have taken to closing the bathroom door whenever he's in the house, because he also loves drinking from the toilet, for some strange reason.  He plants both of his little front feet ankle deep in the water in the toilet bowl and then splashes water on the seat and the floor when he's done.  I change the water in his water dish at least once and sometimes twice a day, so he has no good reason for drinking from the toilet.  I just can't understand his choice of sleeping places and watering holes.

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First off, sorry I haven't reviewed lately. I will soon! I promise! Just...life's catchin' up with me, ya know? Heh...

My cat does the SAME thing. It drives me THROUGH the freaking ROOF. We share the heavy burden/gift of cat owner-ship. Lol.


So, yeah. Sorry. It's late, I'm sick, I've had sugar, therefore I ramble. D: Lol. I WILL review soon! Promise! (Again...)

Hey, don't apologize. Just get well and keep your strength up during the busy times. I know ALL about that. And sometimes I have a story in the back of my mind that I want to go and review, but too many other things are demanding my attention, and I can't call the right words to mind. I'd love to get a review from you, naturally, but I can wait!

Does your cat do the sleeping-on-the-toilet mat thing? That's a new one on me. I'm familiar with pets drinking from the toilet (ew! Surely they must know what we use that big, white, raised bowl of water for!) but I've never known a cat to want to sleep on that particular mat.

Aw, thanks. X) I will get to it, though! I'll try today but...I've got this church meeting. :twitch: (Oh, the irony... I'll probably end up reading a male/male story right before I go to a Catholic church meeting... Shoot me, now...)

Interestingly enough, we don't...HAVE a bathroom mat. o.O We put this itty bitty rug down by the foot of the bathtub and pretend that's enough. XD My family is quite...insane. Heh. BUT, my cat DOES like to leap onto our kitchen counters...when she can reach them... Lol. And she gets on EVERY pillow that I DON'T want her on. You know how everyone has a pillow or two (most likely) that they set out JUST for their cat? Well, we have a couple set out for her...but no, she has to get on every. Single. Other pillow. ToT She's the devil incarnate, I tell you.

Why are you questioning the mind of a cat? Foolish mortal - Questioning them is not your place. You are simply there to serve.


Dog looks at man and thinks "You provide me with food, water and take care of all of my needs - You must be a god!"

Cat looks at man and thinks "You provide me with food, shelter and take care of all of my needs - I must be a god."

Seriously, I think the only reason why cats tolerate us is because we have opposable thumbs and can open the cans of cat food.

I am a foolish but ever-hopeful mortal

Ah, but you know, someday...SOMEDAY, I just might figure him out!

They tolerate us for the food of course, but also because we stroke them. And buy them cat toys.

Yesterday my husband was complaining about how often the cat convinces him to give him food. I told him that Fluffy is in the process of training him. He was the last conquest, as my father and I were trained long ago.

Brit, is your cat a Persian? I think it's kinda cute (and gross) how he drinks from the toilet, but somehow I just don't think that's very healthy for your baby. My cat used to jump into the tub to lick up left over water after anyone had taken a shower. Very annoying when she had cat litter stuck to her feet. Perhaps your cat just has a thing for bathrooms (the mat & the potty)? LOL - you gotta luv em :D

My cat is semi-Persian. He has the super long, soft fur of one, but he doesn't have the funny flat face that Persians have. Everyone always refers to him as 'she' because he's so pretty. In the cat world, he's probably a bishie cat! He's been fixed, so he's not interested in the ladies. He likes hanging out with the guys and fighting for his territory, though.

He stays out of the tub because it's one of those big deep ones with feet and a narrow, curved rim that's not really wide enough for cats to stand on. He fell in once and got a good dousing, which you'd THINK would have traumatized him for life, but no!

Bishie cat? LOL!!!!!!!!!!

I had a cat that used to jump into the bath tub and lick up water whenever someone showered. Also she would sleep in the tub. I thought it was odd because she had two huge overstuffed couches in our livingroom that she could freely sleep on, but she still insisted on sleeping in the bathtub, go fig. I loved her too much to care. She was the light in my life for 10 years and then her time came and ironically she chose the bathroom as her final place to move on to the next life. Drinking from the toilet, not good. Keeping the door closed is a good start, that is certainly not healthy. Hopefully the habit will break. When is the next update for "FAKE FIRST" coming.....I'm salivating over here.

the next chapter is coming tomorrow

You know, I think I'm slowly weaning him off the bathroom. I've been trying to remember to keep the door closed for the past week or so, and it seems to be working.

The next update is coming tomorrow as a matter of fact! I'm giving myself until 10 pm Pacific time just in case, but I should have it up way before then.

Thanks for asking me, BTW! If I think even one person is waiting impatiently for the next chapter, it makes me feel all tingly-happy.

Re: the next chapter is coming tomorrow

Well feel all tingly away because I check AdultFanfiction, Mediaminer and Live Journal to see when you update. Trust me, now that you know that you'll probably be practically vibrating.....I will now and always be a loyal fan of your fanfic...You can really write your ass off, and you give me something to look forward to, I actually have faith that you won't leave me hanging, even though there is a bit of wait time between updates there pretty regular. Thanks for taking the time to reply.

Later Brit

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