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 I'm going to be posting the next chapter of FAKE First Year Together: A New Day  tomorrow night, so I'm just mentioning it now in case people want to cancel hot dates, restaurant dinners or party plans to stay home and read it.  No?  Didn't think so!  Oh well, there's always Sunday.  Or Monday. Or next week. Or whenever you have time.

</b></a>daxemon , thanks for having faith that I won't leave you hanging.  That's actually something I wanted to talk about tonight. 

It drives me crazy when an author just abandons her fic midway through, or only updates once every six to eight months or even longer.  I have been TRAUMATIZED by such things!  There was one fic I was reading about a year ago that I can only think of now with a sense of wistful sorrow because it was so compelling and really had me by the heart...until one day the author announced that she was getting bored with that fandom and wanted to focus on other fandoms for a while, so she was putting that story on hold indefinitely!   Talk about heartbreak!  I'm still sad about it.  If I had known she was going to do that,  I never would have read the first chapter.

I believe that even though  fanfiction authors are generously donating  their time and energy to create something for the enjoyment of others,  they should still behave responsibly toward their fans.  It's only fair.  The reader devotes his or her valuable time to reading fanfics, and sometimes gets emotionally invested in the story and the way the author portrays the characters.  The writer should at least try to keep that in mind. 

I'm wary about getting drawn into serially published fanfics now.  I ask you, how do I know I can trust the author not to leave me dangling?  And by now, you're probably asking yourself, 'What is the point of this whole rambling discourse anyway?' The point is that I'm glad that some people have enough confidence in me to keep reading my story, chapter after chapter.  Your trust is not misplaced.  I promise that I'll post regularly --every two to three weeks-- until the end of this story.  (I wish I could post more often than that, but I just can't!)  I will not suddenly lose interest in FAKE, or announce that I'm stuck and I have no idea which direction to take the story in.  I know where A New Day is going right down to the last detail, and even if I think everyone has lost interest and has stopped reading, I'll still see it through to the end.  The only thing that could stop me would be a serious technical or health problem like a major server crash, or getting knocked off my bicycle by a tour bus or something!   And hey, let's all think positive here... I bought myself a cool reflective cycling vest with blinky lights all over it today!  I look like a flippin' Christmas tree on a bicycle, dammit! 

So to all you nice people who read my fics when you could be doing other things with your time: thank you!  I won't let you down.


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