brit_columbia (brit_columbia) wrote,

FAKE First year Together: A New Day, ch 24

Hello friends and lurkers!  I will be posting the latest chapter of FAKE First year Together: A New Day in about 15 minutes or so, in the post immediately following this one. So if you're home alone like me on a Saturday night and there's nothing good on TV, then please give it a read.  Actually, I'm not totally alone in that I have chocolate.  One is never alone when one has chocolate! 

In other news, I've been reading the most amazing book for the last couple of days.   bluesimplicity  recommended it because she knows I like historical novels.  It's called Bretheren by W.A. Hoffman, and it's just amazing.  It's a gay romance about pirates in 1667 and it's very well written.  The characters and the world they live in really come alive.  I'm so impressed with this book.  I stayed up late reading it last night and got up earlier than I should have so that I could continue reading it.  In between my usual weekend chores, I've been reading it in snatches all day.  I just finished it half an hour ago, hence the lateness of my two posts tonight.

Anyway, if you want to check it out, here's the link.

 I'm SO GLAD I ordered the sequel at the same time!  As soon as I've posted my chapter, I'm running upstairs to read it.

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