brit_columbia (brit_columbia) wrote,

A FAKE picture

Despite sucking at technology, I bought a drawing tablet and partially figured out how to use it. Of course if a techie friend hadn't actually attached it to my computer and walked me through the set-up, it would probably still be in the box, doomed to become just another piece of hardware that never gets to express its true purpose, much like my sad and unfulfilled printer/scanner.

Anyway, I didn't mess around doodling. I launched straight into a picture. A FAKE picture. If you want to check it out, it's here

It's suggestive, but basically worksafe. Incidentally, I'm willing to draw much raunchier pictures in the future, but I'm not sure if Deviant Art would allow that, despite its name. I couldn't find an x-rated category. Yes, I know, I'm a bad girl! *Hangs head* But you've all read my lemons, so you know I can't help it.

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