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A FAKE picture
Dee Blue waves
Despite sucking at technology, I bought a drawing tablet and partially figured out how to use it. Of course if a techie friend hadn't actually attached it to my computer and walked me through the set-up, it would probably still be in the box, doomed to become just another piece of hardware that never gets to express its true purpose, much like my sad and unfulfilled printer/scanner.

Anyway, I didn't mess around doodling. I launched straight into a picture. A FAKE picture. If you want to check it out, it's here


It's suggestive, but basically worksafe. Incidentally, I'm willing to draw much raunchier pictures in the future, but I'm not sure if Deviant Art would allow that, despite its name. I couldn't find an x-rated category. Yes, I know, I'm a bad girl! *Hangs head* But you've all read my lemons, so you know I can't help it.

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I hope you do many more of these! My friend mysid recced your fic and I've been reading it - I'm not a wonderful commenter, sorry. I usually do a blank one at the end for WIPs, but I have to tell you I'm enjoying your story a lot. I'm amazed that you have two great talents - you are a very good writer and now I find out you're an artist, too.


P.S.: I took the liberty of friending you. Hope you don't mind.

Thank you for your comment! I'm glad you're enjoying my story. I'll be doing many more Fake drawings too, but I'll try to stay off my drawing tablet until my next chapter of A New Day is ready to be posted. In fact, it's the chapter AFTER the next one that I should be working on, so that it's not a last-minute job for my patient betas.

Of course I don't mind being friended. I am always happy and honored when people want to friend me. Can I friend you back?

Of course you can! But I don't have any FAKE fic - I write Harry Potter slash, mostly.

I do play Dee at a great RP, though.

(Deleted comment)
Hi there, Ladyminx! Thank you for both of your comments and I'm so glad you like my first Fake picture enough to put it in your favorites.

I'm hoping to get the next chapter up next weekend, but I might be a couple of days late with it.

Brit, you are multi-talented. This is very cool for a free hand drawing. And don't feel bad about not being completely up to speed with the techno stuff. You are years ahead of me - I can't play any video games (Halo? Isn't that what angels wear?) and I have yet to settle on an MP3 player. But we WILL get there one day :D LOL!

Love, Shelley

p.s. Can you draw Ryo next? Or how about Drake and JJ? *giggles madly*

Thank you, Shelley! Ryo is next up, but only after I've done a bunch more writing. And when I eventually draw Drake and JJ, it will definitely be for you.

You know, I can't play video games either. And I'm totally terrified to start because I have a teeny little notion that it might be addictive, and I already have way too many computer-oriented addictions. I'm afraid I'd want to quit my job and lock myself in my computer room for the rest of my life!

I'd rather have a laptop than an MP3 player. But the one I want costs $2500, and by the time I bought the warranty and paid all the taxes, it would come to around $3000. Yikes! That's a big slug 'o cash. I'm slowly but surely saving up for it, though.

Oh look - you are multitalented! *hasn't drawn in ages - gasp*

Dee's grin FTW!

*goes back to wandering around LJ aimlessly*

And I cook, too! **toots her own horn*

I haven't drawn in ages either. Months often go by without even a doodle. Where DOES the time go?

Me too - I do it in spurts though. You just have all of these hidden talents!

Try years. *facepalm*

I know you like drawing because I noticed it in your profile long ago. But if you haven't done it for years, I totally understand. In order to to get the art-energy flowing, one requires a certain amount of peace, quiet, and free time that doesn't bring with it the reproachful shadows of chores and duty left undone. At least, that's how it works for me! When you feel ready, you'll sit down and do it. Hopefully that won't be when your girls are in high school!

Thanks for being so kind about my 'hidden talents.' Someday I'll figure out how to make money from them. Although I'm pretty darn sure no one will ever want to pay me to paint their bathroom...

Nice pic! Can't wait til I see a "naughty one"! I know I'm horrible! I'm such a perv lol. It's cool that you can write AND draw too. Keep up the great work!
P.S.- When's the next chapter for A New Day May coming out? Lemme know pwease! ^_^

You're not horrible -- you're just like me. We're both nice people, aren't we? It's just that we both like to imagine/read about/look at Dee and Ryo making each other's naughty parts feel good! Am I right?

Thanks for checking out my picture, BTW.

The next chapter of A New Day will either go up late tonight (around midnight) or tomorrow before lunchtime. Busy-ness, followed by exhaustion have delayed me somewhat, but I'll have it up this weekend for sure!

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