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(no subject)
I'm so excited! I would be dancing around my little computer room if there wasn't a very real chance that I'd trip over a snarl of computer wires from Mac Mini and Old Dinosaur. I believe I've finally got a picture up. At least I can see it. I hope other people are able to see it too. I have three friends who are more internet and computer literate than me. They tried to help me do this, but they couldn't figure it out either. Mtemplar, thank you so much! Your instructions were very clear. It was surprisingly easy, and I didn't feel like a doofus! I've loved this picture of Ryo ever since I first saw it. He looks so confident and competent -- a cop no one would want to mess with. Well, I'm off to start uploading other icons now.

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Oh good - I'm glad you finally got your icons uploaded!

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