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Dee Blue waves
I really ought to be in bed, as I'm doing an 8K run for charity tomorrow. I went out for a training run this afternoon, and twenty minutes later found myself standing outside a bakery scarfing down not one but TWO utterly delicious danishes. And I don't feel guilty, either. I know my teammates probably ate sensible low fat pasta dishes for dinner, but hey. They can carb-load their way and I'll carb-load mine.

But perhaps for the future, I shouldn't go running in the vicinity of bakeries with money jingling in my pockets!

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LOL, that gave me the best mental image ever.

I really should start doing that shit before I go into the police academy *sigh* I'm just soooo lazy though. I'd rather sit and read porn than workout. D=

You're going into the police academy? That's so cool. Have you studied any criminal justice? I ask because I'm always doing police research for my long Dee and Ryo story and sometimes it's hard to get the answers I need on the internet.

You know, after I gobbled my two danishes, I thought about going back inside to buy one for my husband, but decided against it on the grounds that I knew I would probably eat it on the way home. I absolutely cannot be trusted around baked goods!

Okay, going to bed now for real...

I'm currently getting my associates degree in criminal justice 8D I can TRY to answer any questions you might have but I may end up just as stumped as you XD It helps when I write CSI stuff though so I dunno XD

Thank you for being willing to try! Here's my question: If the police want to investigate someone's tax records to find out if he has huge financial irregularities in his life, then do they need a warrant? Or can they just make the IRS release that info without a warrant? And would the person being investigated have to be informed that the police wanted to look at his records?

Okay, so that was actually 3 questions. If you don't know the answer, don't worry about it. I haven't had much success trying to find out via the internet, but maybe it's in one of your textbooks.

I would say they most definitely need a warrant considering that is personal information. Now, the ease on getting the warrant depends on what evidence has been collected so far to connect the suspect to whatever crime he is being investigated for. If it's just to see his financial situation then that might be a problem. If they can give the judge a good reason why they need to see the records then they'll get it a little easier (say they have poof that he's being blackmailed or he's taking money from someone for a hit or whatever).

Generally the person getting served is told all the information either by their lawyer or the police themselves if they're at the scene of investigation (house, apartment, business). In this case I would think that the judge/police/whomever would inform the person's lawyer (if he has one).

I'm not all that into the court thing yet so don't quote me on anything and I hope that made sense XD

Also, if you have any other questions you can message me on MSN (akumaalucard@hotmail.com) instead of going through LJ.

Thank you! That was VERY helpful. And I appreciate the email address, too. I don't want to be revealing plot twists on LJ!


Also, I forgot to mention, warrants are VERY specific. In your case it would be for some type of financial records from the IRS and therefore can't look into ANY other personal documents even if they crop up during the investigation. They'd have to get a separate warrant. The same goes for any physical items for a warrant (say a gun). They can only look in places where a gun could be (let's say a shotgun or a rifle). If they happen to look in a kitchen drawer (a place much to small for a rifle) and they find another kind of weapon or drugs or something equally illegal/something to aid the investigation it will be inadmissible in court since lawfully they weren't supposed to look there. They would once again have to get a separate warrant.

How frustrating. It's a wonder any bad guys ever get caught.

8K? Honey, I don't care if it's for charity, I hurt just thinking about that. I hope everything went well and you're not broken anywhere.

No, I'm not broken, and my legs don't even hurt that much, but thank you for caring! It was actually bloody hard. I was on a writing jag last night until three a.m., so I did this run on 4 hours of sleep in the pouring rain. I was so wet and cold afterwards, I couldn't believe it. It took me hours to get warm again! I must have been insane to think that a big run in December was a good idea! At least it wasn't snowing.

You did an 8K run in the cold and wet in the middle of December? *looks at you strangely*


And if you're THAT masochistic, would you care to do my income taxes for me next year, and have my mom come stay at YOUR house for Xmas this year?

I'll have you know that my masochism extends only to the physical and not the mental or emotional!

And trust me, you do NOT want me to do your income taxes for you. The IRS would put you on a list and take a special interest in you for the next decade, at least.

Sure, your mom is welcome to come and stay for Xmas as long as she realizes that I'm opting out of the whole shebang. It's Grinchville around here! (I might even drag her out running, too)

Ha ha Brit, this made me laugh so hard! I commend you for the running and being into fitness and all. But the delicious scents wafting from the bakery would have been too much for me to resist, too! Here's hoping the run was enjoyable.


I'm always glad if I can make you laugh, Shelley! This annoying world needs more laughter, in my opinion. And you know what? AFTER the race I drove to the same bakery for my reward, but this time I scarfed one in the car, and the other pretty well as soon as I got home. And this time I really did buy one for my husband.

The run wasn't particularly enjoyable, much to my surprise. I enjoyed the 5K one I did a couple of months back, and I've enjoyed all my training runs, but this one was just a bit too cold, wet and hilly. I also shouldn't have stayed up so late the night before. I kept waiting for the endorphins to hit, but they never did. Wish me luck for next time though, because I'm not going to give up!

Oh, it's so hard to resist the scent of a bakery! And I have to pass one every day on my way to school.
But sometimes it brings some benefits to have a wheat intolerance; because otherwise, I think I would end up buying some buns every afternoon I return from school (I don't have the time in the morning) and I'm quite sure that would affect my weight remarkably.
However, I find it very commendable of you to go in for such a run. I love running, but regrettably, I'm a bit out of training in the moment.

Sometimes I wish I had a wheat intolerance because that's perhaps the only thing that would stop me from gobbling white bread and butter, as well as pastries. I think I have a wheat addiction!

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