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I'm trying to get the Fake timeline straight in my head. In Book 3, Bikky was 10 ( Ryo's description of him to Diana). Therefore, in Book 3, Ryo must have been 28 and Dee 27, or thereabouts. According to Ms. Matoh's stats circa book 5, Bikky was still 10, Ryo was 28 and Dee was 27. Book 5 is two thirds of the way through the series, so would it be two whole years later that we reach the end of Book 7? Or less? How much time passed between Book 5 and Book 7 is not clear. In Book 6, Bikky was as tiny as he was in book 5. Also, in Book 6, Bikky and Carol appear to be attending the same school, which I guess must be a middle school. I don't know anything about middle school ages because I don't have kids, there weren't any middle schools in the place I was living when I was a teen, and in any case, there may be differences between U.S. and Canadian middle schools anyway. If it's a middle school, would that make Carol 13 in Book 6? Mr. Jackson's murdered daughter was described as being 13 or 14 years of age, "...about Carol's age..." according to Ryo. If she's 13, then Bikky is still 10 in Book 6. If she's 14, then Bikky's 11. I just don't know the maximum age for middle school. In fact, Bikky and Carol, despite their age difference, always seem to end up going to the same school. In Book 3, Act 10, 14-year-old Lass and Bikky attend the same school as 17-year-old Carol. In Book 4, 13-year-old Bikky and 16-year-old Carol are in the same school once again. In Book 1, there is no mention of anyone's age, but Bikky and Carol both look quite young, until they go to camp, whereupon they seem to age significantly. Pre-camp, I would hazard a guess that Bikky MIGHT be 9 and Carol MIGHT be 12. Additionally, the series saw two Christmases, one in Book 2 and one in Book 3. If Bikky was 10 from Book 3 through to at least Book 5, then he must have been 9 for that first Christmas. I also find it odd that Mother told Ryo lots of stories about Dee's childhood in Book 2, but Ryo didn't find out about Jess until Book 6. If, as Ms. Matoh has said, the entire courtship took 2 to 3 years, then this is all pointing to some kind of huge gap between the close of Book 6 and the beginning of Book 7. Then, the whole Book 7 storyline seems to have taken place over about a month. Bikky does not make a non-chibi appearance in that book, so we can't gauge anything about his age ( and therefore anyone else's) by his appearance. It's all very confusing, but I really want to KNOW. I like facts and I don't have enough of them. I'm also having trouble with the seasons in the books. If anyone out there has the patience to plow through what I've written and offer me your thoughts, I would really appreciate it.
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