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FAKE First Year Together: A New Day (May) ch 30 PART ONE
Dee Blue waves
This is so weird! As soon as I posted my cry for help, I tried one more time to get a posting window, and suddenly I have the rich text option again! I'd love to know what the hell is happening. Anyway, I'm going to seize the moment here and post the damn chapter before the gods change their mind!  But thanks to jdr1184 and superslothic for your suggestions!  I might try downloading a client when I find out what the permission-password for this computer is.

So I'm going to give you the chapter, but I'm hoping you'll let me bitch about my recent chocolate misfortune first. To do so, I am even going to attempt, for the first time in this journal, a DOUBLE LJ cut. I don't know if I mentioned it here, but I recently came up with a brilliant plan to use my natural laziness as a weapon to combat my excessive consumption of chocolate, particularly late at night.

I gathered up all my chocolate from its various too-accessible locations around my apartment and stashed it in the trunk of the car. For those of you who are suddenly sporting little frowns of confusion, allow me to explain the logic behind this decision. Every night at approximately 11 pm, I get hit with a chocolate craving. The invisible little devil who sits on my right shoulder says, "Hey get a piece of chocolate. Just one won't hurt you." The little devil knows very well that I can't stop at just one. The little angel who counterbalances him on my left shoulder immediately pops into corporeality and scolds me for the very thought. "At eleven o'clock?" she rants. "What are you thinking of? Just go to bed and have chocolate in the daytime."

She makes sense, I know she does. But I invariably listen to the little devil and eat way more chocolate than is conducive to a good night's sleep. That stuff's full of caffeine, y'all! Why does nobody TELL me these things???

Anyway, my clever idea was to stash my considerable supply of chocolate in the trunk of the car, the rationale being that if I really wanted some, it wasn't far away, and all I would have to do would be to change out of my pajama pants and into some REAL pants, (neighbors, you know...) put on my shoes, fetch house and car keys and an umbrella if necessary, and then go downstairs and outside to liberate some chocolate from the trunk of the car.

You guys can just quit laughing, right now! It was working, goddammit! Half the time I was just too lazy to change my clothes, get my keys and walk down the stairs and out into the weather. So I was actually listening to the angel and going to bed without eating lots of caffeine-laden sweets.

But then tragedy struck.

The car was robbed, and only the trunk, not the main part.  This is probably because we have an alarm on the doors that does not extend its protection to the trunk.  ALL my chocolate was stolen. They didn't leave me any.  

The following is a list of the casualties:

-4 boxes of very good quality German chocolate Kirsch cherries.

-1 box of almondillos, which are so incredibly delicious that I have had extremely lifelike dreams about them.   (Incidentally, they are no longer available in the stores.  They only ever come out at Christmas.)

-1 box of chocolate nut clusters.  I don't remember their name, but they looked and smelled expensive.

My husband also lost a few of his belongings as well, but at least HE wasn't stupid enough to keep all his snacks in the trunk.

I can't help feeling that this is God's idea of a joke.  You see, Lent begins next Wednesday, and starting on that day, I can have no more chocolate (among other things) for a reeeeeally long time.  So, I'll admit that I have been kind of eating way more chocolate than usual in an effort to finish it all before D-day.  Now that 'responsibility' has been taken away from me, so to speak.

I just hope that the new owner of my beautiful chocolates is a connoisseur like me and doesn't just gobble them down mindlessly without any foreplay.  What a terrible thought! 

Okay, I'll admit that I HAVE been consoling myself with those chocolate caramel dipped pretzel sticks they sell at Starbucks.  Have you ever dipped one of those suckers into a cup of coffee and sucked and licked all the molten chocolate and caramel off?  Believe me, it's a sensual experience that is not to be missed.  But be careful about doing it in front of men.  They can't help staring with their mouths hanging slightly open.  ( I turn away and face the wall.  This is a private experience between my chocolate and me.)

Yeah, yeah, yeah, you say.  Enough of your little fetishes and their soap-opera dramas.  Where's the damn chapter?

It's here.  Thank you for patiently listening to my sad and cautionary tale.  By the way, it's currently almost worksafe. 

FAKE First Year Together: A New Day (May)

Chapter 30

Pairing:  Dee/Ryo

Fandom: FAKE

Rating:  REALLY NOT WORKSAFE anymore!

Spoilers:   To Volume 7

Timing:  Set in May directly after Book 7 ended

Summary:  Ryo is coming to terms with the changes in his relationship with Dee, as well as his new sexual identity. Meanwhile, Dee and Ryo are trying to find enough evidence to expose a crooked cop. This story explores homophobic attitudes but is primarily a love story between two men.

Disclaimer:  I do not own FAKE or any of the characters created by Sanami Matoh (Tina Greenspan, Mike Abernathy, Ned Shaver and Essien Ibo are mine, however). No one gives me money or even chocolate to write this story. *Sigh.*

Author's notes:  No cliffy this time.  The fever has left me.  But it'll be back!  Please read and review.

Thank you  mtemplar     

A New Day  

Chapter 30

Both hands wrapped around his gun, Dee stood poised for action, every muscle in his body taut and ready. To hell with regulations -- he was damn well going to shoot first and ask questions later. Assuming, of course, that anyone was still alive and able to speak after the dust cleared, including himself.  And if Shaver had any sense, he would have puked his way over to his spare gun as unobtrusively as possible and gotten himself ready to provide backup. If he and Shaver between them managed to get off the first couple of rounds, they might be able to even the odds a little. 

"Hey man, don't go in there -- my kid's in there!" Shaver's voice pleaded. 

"Your kid?" To Dee's amazement, Ibo's voice actually sounded concerned. "Hold up, Jimmy. What the hell's your kid doing here? It's fucking Monday. He should be in school." 

"Yeah, that's what I"--Shaver made another retching sound. "That's what I told him too... Oh... Urghllhh!" It sounded to Dee as though he were puking up half of his internal organs. 

"Aw, fuck that's gross." It was Jimmy's voice, and he was obviously still right outside the bathroom door. 

Figuring he had nothing to lose at this point by playing along, Dee called out in his best imitation of Bikky's voice, "Dad? I'm scared!"   

"Holy fuck!" came another voice. "There IS a fucking kid in there." 

Dee suddenly realized he should drop down a little in case they were able to discern that the 'kid's' voice they heard was issuing from the wrong height. Sitting down on the edge of the bathtub, he waited, semi-automatic pistol cocked and ready to fire, in case the bastards came in anyway. He had locked the door, naturally, but one good kick would fix that. 

"Stand down, boys," he heard Ibo mutter. "We're done here anyway." Then the man called through the door, "It's okay, sunshine. We were just having a little fun with your dad. Everything's fine out here." 

"Go away!" Dee called out once more in Bikky's voice. 

Detective Shaver had risen to his knees from an all-fours position, vomit dripping from his chin. He couldn't believe Ibo was actually buying this, although he had to admit that Laytner was doing a pretty good acting job in there. He didn't sound like Kev, of course, but he sounded passably like a kid. 

"We're goin', kiddo, don't you worry." Ibo chuckled, and turned back to Ned, his eyes hard again. "Wednesday night," he said in a soft but chilling voice. "Eleven o'clock. I was able to reschedule Rizzo.  If you miss this one, your kid in there's gonna grow up without a daddy." He brought his leering face close to Shaver's. "But I'm sure his mama will find him a new daddy, eh?" 

Detective Shaver could feel his eyes narrowing and his lips twisting back from his teeth in a snarl, but despite the fact that there was nothing he could do to stop his features from forming an expression of naked hatred, he managed to keep his mouth shut. He knew when he was outnumbered, outgunned, and outclassed in the muscle department.  It also didn't help that he was on his knees in front of a puddle of his own vomit. Although he badly wanted to drive his fist into Ibo's scarred but still handsome face for the threat and the trash talk, he knew it would end up being the last thing he would ever do. And if it was revenge he wanted, a simple punch in the nose wasn't going to cut it. Not after everything he had been through with these bastards.  So he swallowed what was left of his pride, and nodded. "Okay, Wednesday," he growled, and then ruined the effect by gagging as the bile rose in his throat again. 

"What about the fruit, boss?" 

"Get it." 

One of the goons disappeared out into the hallway and returned with a large, beribboned basket of fruit, which he dumped on the floor in front of Shaver. 

"Compliments of the Stone Bloods. Get well soon, you useless sonofabitch." 

And they were gone, the heavy tread of their boots drowning out all other sounds on the third floor. 

The door had barely closed behind them before the phone started ringing. Dee yanked the bathroom door open and looked about warily, his eyes alighting on the basket of fruit with a keen look. He and Shaver glanced at each other, and Dee thought they were probably both thinking the same thing, which was that they'd been damn lucky. Neither of them was really in any condition for a fight. Shaver staggered to his feet, wincing, and drew his sleeve across his vomit-smeared mouth. On his way to the phone, he managed to stumble over the fruit basket, which brought on a fit of cursing. A quick look at the call display appeared to make him even angrier.   

"Shit. It's my fucking bitch of an ex-wife. Jesus, can this day get any worse?" He picked up the phone, however and growled, "Yeah." 

Dee waited impatiently, hoping this call wouldn't take too long. Not only had they just had an incredibly narrow escape, but a couple of things were also not adding up. He needed some answers from Detective Shaver, who appeared to be getting quite steamed up over his phone conversation. 

"Sheila, I TOLD you I'd go to the fuc-- to the garden shop when I was feeling better. I'm injured; don't you understand that?' 

Dee could hear a strident female voice reciting what sounded like a litany of complaints, and whatever she was saying was making Shaver's face and neck turn beet red and his teeth grind together. He interrupted her to holler, "No you don't have to tell me again! Potting soil and fertilizer, right? And a stupid planter that weighs a ton and apparently has your name on it! Do you realize I can barely lift a mug right now? I can hardly fucking walk! I've been puking my guts up!" 

Sheila's voice rose again, quite operatically this time, and Shaver interrupted her to yell about what a heartless bitch she was and how he hoped she didn't treat Kevin as badly as she treated him. The decibels in the room reached such an acute level that the neighbor began pounding on the wall again, and Dee was forced to wave his arms in front of Shaver to bring his attention to this fact. 

"I gotta go, Sheila. I'll call you when I'm physically able to be your little errand boy again," he snarled sarcastically into the phone, and hung up swearing.   

"Come on, man, take it easy," Dee said. "You're gonna burst a blood vessel." 

"Women! That fucking cow acts like I gotta be her slave for life just because I didn't turn out to be the kind of wallet-on-legs husband she wanted. You got a wife, Detective?" 

Dee held up a hand in mock horror. "Nope, and I don't intend to have one, either." 

"You're a wiser man than I am." Shaver's voice was as bitter as three-day-old coffee. 

"Look, Detective... Can we not talk about women right now?  I mean, we both almost got done in back there and I wanna know what the hell just happened." Dee lit two cigarettes and handed one to Shaver. He suddenly realized that he had a throbbing headache that he had had no awareness of while the Stone Bloods had been on the other side of the wall.  

"Yeah, right. Sorry. I had to take that call. It could've been about my son." 

"Yeah, whatever," Dee said. "I thought you said your pals there knew you were too hot to touch. But it seems like they want you at their little party on Wednesday night real bad." 

Shaver was silent, so Dee continued.  And what the hell did you mean when you said if they found me here we were both dead?  I mean, what the fuck is that about? They know you're a cop and that you work in a building full of cops.  What's so wrong about you having a fellow cop come over to visit you?" 

Shaver looked uncomfortable. "Ibo's got a major job he wants me to do, but he recently found out that Mike owns me. Since Mike's doing some business with the Devils, this is a problem for Ibo. He trusts me a whole lot less than he used to. I was supposed to go to a meeting on Sunday night. I was off work for the weekend and Ibo had told me not to go near any other cops until after the meeting. He promised that if I did, he'd blow my fucking head off. Fuck. Like I couldn't just pick up a phone. But I got his point." He took a drag of his cigarette, inhaling deeply. "But neither of us knew that the Devils were gonna do a number on me on Saturday night. After they got through with me, there was no way I could make that meeting. Ibo freaked and demanded I be there anyway, beating be damned.  I got mad and said that if he and his people had been looking out for me the way they should have, it never would have happened in the first place." 

"Bet he loved that." 

"Well, I hung up and then pissed him off even more by not going to the meeting and not answering his goddamn calls. I had a feeling he'd come round today, but I didn't know whether it would be to kill me or get me for another meeting. And if he'd found me with another cop, he definitely woulda killed me. And you too, just in case I'd told you the details about what he's trying to set up." 

"Sounds big." 

"It is. And he can’t afford to have it screwed up by a flunky like me." 

"You gonna tell me about it?" 

"Get me a fucking deal first. You got until Wednesday afternoon." 

"As you mentioned earlier, I could put a tail on you." 

"Don't. Your guys'll get popped. I guarantee it, and I already got enough on my conscience. Your best bet is if I go in wired. It's a huge risk for me, and I ain't willing to take it if all you got waiting for me is jail. Got it?" 

Dee nodded. 

"Wednesday afternoon," Shaver repeated. "Now, I hate to be rude to a guest, Detective, but I think you'd best get the hell outta here before I get any more fucking visitors. The way my luck is going today, it's likely to be Mike next." 

Almost as soon as those words had left his mouth, there was a sharp rap on the door, which caused both men to jump and eye each other cautiously. 

"Who the hell is it?" Shaver yelled. 


Shaver strode to the door and opened it, only to have a piece of paper thrust into his hands. "What the---?" 

"You're evicted, sir," the manager said. "I don't care if you're a cop. You've been nothing but trouble and this is a respectable building. I want you out by the end of the month." 

"The end of the month? That's fucking Wednesday!"  


End of Part One!   Major edit, huh? The post got too big with all the extra pages.  Go back and scroll up for part two.  And help me pray that my father's temperamental computer will give me a rich text window!

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Oh, what a tragedy. Of course, now I want chocolate so much I could scream. Except there isn’t any in my car so I’d not only have to get dressed and brush off about 4 inches of snow off my car, but been seen by actual people buying a horde of chocolate. [sighs] I so love chocolate. :)

I love how frantic Ryo is about almost losing Dee. So very sweet. I like the build up and the wait for Dee to officially pounce Ryo. I think the chapters works with the cut away, but I’m never going to say no to more tasty lemons. My dirty mind had already gone that route as to why Ryo was full.

There's no chocolate in MY car either, dammit and there never will be again!

"Ryo was full" LOL! You're just as bad as me! (And that's good!) Hmmm. Blowjob #3 or slow build-up to full-on buttsex? I joke about it, but I'm truly torn. I suppose it wouldn't be a big deal to put one in, especially since it will only be here on LJ. People can just scroll through it if they don't like it, right?

Nothing wrong with taking a break from the sex--it just makes us appreciate it more when we get it again. But I do have to object to idea that oral sex and anal sex are the complete menu when it comes to m/m sex. What about frottage? What about intercrural sex? Mutual masturbation? After all, variety is the spice of life.

And may I say again, I LOVE THIS STORY!

Mysid, you are so right! There is a much wider menu for m/m sex, which the fangirls (including me) tend to forget about. Recently I read Ransom and Winds of Change by Lee Rowan, and was reminded about frottage. I'll admit that I totally forgot about intercrural sex, though and had to go look it up. *hangs head again* It sounded vaguely familiar. Both of those activities would be good for shy Ryo to learn in his early stages of proficiency with gay sex, but they'll both have to wait until Dee is in better shape and can withstand rhythmic movement in his hip area. Mutual masturbation is coming (sorry)! I've got it slated for the sequel. Ryo is still too shy to imagine doing that to himself in front of Dee, although he enjoyed it when Dee did it in front of him back in chapter 7.

I'm so glad you're still loving the story! I hope you'll want to read the sequel too, when this one finally wraps up. Thank you for coming by to comment.

(Deleted comment)
Hee hee! Dee is so cute. Actually, they're all cute. I just want to hug and kiss every single one of them! I'm delighted to hear that you loved the chapter and I promise I'll get busy channeling the great Citrus Gods tomorrow. Right now, I'm just falling asleep. I'm too tired to even go and post on AFF, so I'll do that tomorrow too. "Lemony Whatever' coming right up!

Hello! :D I just caught up with this entire fic today (yay for a quiet day!) and I love it! ♥ Keep up the excellent work.

And more lemon scenes, definitely. ^.~

Hello back! I noticed that you friended me, so I reciprocated. I love hearing from new people who are reading the story because... it gives me a chance to interrogate them! (Mwa-ha-ha...)

Dee: (shining the light from a naked 100 watt light bulb in your eyes) Okay, onempty! Me and Ryo are busy, see, so we'd appreciate a quick answer. HOW did you find out about this fic?"

Ryo: Dee, stop doing that with the light! Honestly, that is so nineties. Give me that. Onempty, what my, er...perhaps 'overenthusiastic ' partner here is trying to say is that we'd really like to know how you found out about this story. You can probably understand that it's a little unnerving for us, having our lives posted online like that, and Commissioner Rose is very worried about security. Would you be able to tell us where you discovered it?

Dee: Yeah. What he said, only minus this here RUBBER HOSE, which I'm just dying to use on someone. So give it up, onempty, if that's your real name. How did you find this fic? AFF? FF.net? We've already eliminated Mediaminer, so it's gotta be one of those two. Unless you have an accomplice who keeps you informed about chapters. Grrrr...
* * *
All silliness aside, thank you for commenting, and I hope you didn't get a sore back from spending so many hours in front of your computer, getting caught up on this story.

And as for a lemon, it seems people want it, so look for it sometime this weekend!

Where's your icon from, BTW? it looks like Ms. Matoh's art, but I don't think I've seen it before,

Dang - those little boxes are still there - now they have question marks in them! *puts away her 3-D glasses* Nope, still there - ack!

I'm hoping that whomever stole your chocolate eats it all at once and gets seriously ill. Yes, I iz evil, but that's what they deserve for stealing it!

*passes you some spearmint tea with a hint of basil in consolation*

Really? They're still there? I was hoping they'd go away when I posted on LJ. It sucks that I can't see them, because obviously they originate with me.

Can anyone else see little question marks in boxes in random places in my post?

Yes, you iz evil, and in many ways! I hope that whoever stole it endures night after sleepless night, buzzed on choco-caffeine and racked with guilt.

*Takes tea gratefully* What's the name brand of this special tea? Maybe I can get my local supermarket to order it in for me.

Oh no, not the chocolate! I feel an inexplicable bit of loss for your stolen chocolate. May their delicious little souls rest in peace.

Also, second best quote ever:

"Sure, Ryo. Anything for you. Can Bikky be my slave-assistant?"

"Absolutely!" Ryo said as he left the kitchen. "Bikky, do whatever Carol tells you."


I hope I did the italics right. Anyway! I think the oral sex would be absolutely fine. Especially if it's one of the 'I almost lost you today, please ravish me until I scream' ones. Or maybe Ryo taking care of Dee. Actually, I like that one best. But don't kill your time while doing it! The chapter's beautiful as it is, and I'm entirely grateful that you write these fanfics in the first place.

Bring on the Lemon!

Thank you. I still can't believe that happened to me! Oh the irony.

And yes, you did a very good job on the italics. Obviously you have unfettered access to rich text! * feels wistful*

Okay, that's another vote for a lemon. It'll just be a short one, not a six-pager. Maybe three extra paragraphs.

Thank you for enjoying the story and commenting, and also for caring about the souls of the chocolates!

(Deleted comment)
Oh, I'm so glad someone loved that part! I was thinking about the manga, volume 5, when Dee said, "Now, let's make this a real thank-you," and he started going 'rummage, rummage' in Ryo's pants. (SO funny!) At that point in time, it freaked Ryo out, but now that his body is getting used to how good Dee can make him feel, he gets excited quicker, even though he still feels he should protest.

It was so sweet of you to be worried about Dee in part one. Not many fakefic writers kill him (although some do - sob!) but he seems to get seriously hurt a lot, so I understand how you feel. As a person who loves Dee and Ryo, I hurt when they hurt. I think we all do.

Can you imagine how annoying Ted must have been, in order for Ryo to interrupt himself to tell him to stop sniffing him? Ryo was nice. Dee would have just punched him.

Hey, no rush for the answers to my questions. Like I said, I won't be publishing for a couple of weeks, and most of the questions I asked you are part of my much larger arc. I have a plan to write a whole series of stories all set in Dee and Ryo's 'first year together', with a couple set before their first year as a couple officially began, and a couple set several years later. So I'd love to use some of the info I asked you for in my next chapter, but I don't have to --I can sidestep it like I have been doing all this time. I can bring that info in anytime. I see it as part of the supporting structure of my particular take on the FAKE world. I should know all of that stuff, even if I don't refer to it right away. I can wait, so please take as long as you need to. You've already given me a lot!

And finally, I'm so glad you like Bikky! I'll admit I pretty much hated him in the manga -- he was this self-centered little brat that was always ruining romantic moments. But I started to like him more when I began encountering him in fanfics, believe it or not! That's when I went back to the manga and really studied him and found that he has all kinds of really great qualities. He often acts like the bratty teen he is in my fanfics, but underneath it all, he has the makings of a fine human being.

Yay! I made your day! Check back later or tomorrow for extra lemony goodness. I'm writing it now.

Another great chapt ... nice to see how the characters are being furhter fleshed out .. as well as your insights into Dee's faith. Waiting eagerly for the next chapt.
Meanwhile, a pity about your chocolate stash being stolen. May the thieves put on pounds that will never be lost, break out in horrific pimples, lose their voice etc. On the plus side, at least you won't have to battle your late night snack craving.

I'm glad you like the chapter. If you like lemons, you're going to like it even more in about 30 minutes, because I've completed the extra lemon. It's way longer than I expected, though, so I know I'll have to break up the story into two posts again.

Thanks for the sympathy about my chocolate. You're right -- last night when the craving struck, I had no chocolate with which to feed it. I wonder if the thieves have gained any weight yet? May they gain all the pounds that I lose! (Once I stop eating my daily chocolate caramel pretzel stick from Starbucks, that is.)

(Deleted comment)
The car is fine, honestly. We don't know how they got the trunk open because they didn't do any damage getting in. We have an alarm system on the car, but it only affects the front and rear driver and passenger doors, not the trunk. My husband thinks they either picked the lock, or he managed to accidentally activate the trunk release as he was hurriedly getting out of the car.

So it could have been a lot worse. I'm really glad we aren't paying big bucks to fix damage!

Thank you for your support, lemon, or no lemon! But I've just finished writing one, so I'm going to go downstairs now and try to get it into the story somehow.

Edited at 2008-02-03 08:07 pm (UTC)

(Deleted comment)
Well, lemon or no lemon? The chapter works very well without the lemon, but we, pervs fangirls, would never say no to any kind of lemon.

Sorry about your chocolate stash. It looks like you lost quite a few gems there. Never mind, we shall curse the thieves and they'll have the worst stomachache in the world.

You're absolutely right. The fangirls haven't been saying no. And to think it was only going to be a little quickie lemon, too! It's all Dee's fault.

Hear that, thieves? You have been cursed! Better stock up on Pepto Bismol!

I just hope they've been treating the chocolates kindly and aren't slapping them around before they eat them.

Firstly, I must reply to your chocolate misfortune:

HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sorry Brit, but you make me LAUGH! ALL my chocolate was stolen. Those bold bastards! How dare they take your stash after you had devised a cunning plan to nix your nocturnal nibbling?????

I just hope that the new owner of my beautiful chocolates is a connoisseur like me and doesn't just gobble them down mindlessly without any foreplay. I'll remember this the next time I'm inhaling my dark chocolate Lindt truffles!

Well, Lent starts today so I wish you lots of willpower to resist the deliciousness that is a fine piece of chocolate...especially since you are holding out until Ascension Day, which is May 1st if I'm not mistaken.

Good luck my dear Brit!!! I'll be thinking of you next Thursday (laughs)

It's okay, Shelly. You can laugh. It IS pretty funny, when I think about it. I whine about the loss of my chocolates, but I really can get more. It's not like they were the last chocolates available on the planet. I actually feel worse for my husband, because he lost a couple of things of sentimental value, as well as tapes of two of his Karate fights from years ago. Those things can't be replaced. But he's pragmatic, like me. If it's gone, it's gone, so we get over it. I just had to share my story on LJ because it's so absurd and I knew that all my fellow chocolate lovers would probably get a kick out of it.

Thanks for wishing me willpower! Today is Ash Wednesday, so my ordeal of denial begins today. I expect the next three days to be hard, and then after that the cravings should settle down to a bearable level. I feel strong and positive this morning, but we'll see how I feel at 11 pm tonight when the little Devil and Angel start up again!

*hugs you*

*sighs with relief* Thabk goodness Dee's good at thinking on his feet.

Never rains but it pours. Shaver has the worst luck imaginable right now. Still, with some kind of big deal in the offing, maybe there'll be a slightly better chance of getting Shaver the deal he wants... Then again, Rose seems to like making things difficult.

Even I'm very relieved they didn't have to have a shoot-out, because Dee was a sitting dick in the bathroom. I don't think a shower curtain would have provided any kind of cover.

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