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Inappropriate gym behaviour
Dee Blue waves
I complain about having a boring life, but actually when I think about it, odd things happen to me quite regularly.  The other day I was at the gym, and having finished my workout, I headed to the change room.  I was approached by a dripping wet woman in a towel who asked me to do her a favor.  "Sure," I said, expecting that she needed me to go and get her locker key off someone.  She explained that there were two women in the shower who were doing things to each other that should definitely not be done in a public place with kids walking in and out.  The women's shower room at my gym has a communal shower area with 4 shower heads coming out of the wall, and two stalls with curtains.  I have no idea whether they were doing what they were doing behind a curtain or not, because I didn't go and look.  (Now if it had been two GUYS... Zoom!)

Anyway, I went out and told the staff, who were extremely interested, as you might imagine, but I got the impression that nobody wanted the job of going in there and telling those women to stop.  I returned to the change room and spent the next ten minutes getting changed.  The staff member who drew the short straw would have had to walk right past me to get to the showers.  Nobody did.  I guess they thought that if they just waited a while, the situation would resolve itself eventually.  Since the two women got away with it, they might try doing that again in the future, whereupon some Mom is going to yell at them and ruin their mood.

Maybe it's the new machines with the TVs on them, but my gym has definitely gotten more interesting lately!

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(Deleted comment)
It's the MEN'S change room I'd like to be a fly on the wall in! But if there are any more shower incidents, or if any impromptu orgies start up in the women's, I will duly report it here.


I'll agree with drippy wet lady here - esp. if your gym has a pool. That's when you'll see the kidlings in the women's dressing room - if they're going to be/have used the pool. That would be a Bad Thing for a young child to see.

The gym does have a pool, and what's worse, the only entrance to it is through the showers! That's why I was surprised that the staff didn't get on it right away. Those two women are just lucky my sister wasn't there because she would have stomped in there and given them a good tongue-lash--er, telling-off! Then she would have scolded the staff on her way out. But as it is, nobody really did anything, so there's a potential for this to happen again.

And to think I used to find my gym rather a dull place. I should have had more faith in the human capacity for inappropriate behavior!

Well, damn. Next time make sure you take a peak and then exlaim in mock consternation "Wait! Neither of you have a penis!?" That'll throw cold water on their steamy shower right quick. And if it does happen again, you can always cite to the management that complaints have been lodged before and they need to take responsibility. We get flashers in the bookstore sometimes, but it's actually a fight on our staff to see who GETS to kick them out. But we're weird, so we've got that going for us.

You just gave me a great idea! Instead of making remarks about penises to throw figurative cold water on them, perhaps I should just lean over and turn on the REAL cold water. I can almost hear the shrieks and squawks if I imagine hard enough.

(Now if it had been two GUYS... Zoom!) Oh mercy, wouldn't that have been a treat?!!!!

Hmmm, I don't know about communal showers in the gym, or a gym that allows children, but I would not have bothered either if I was a staff member. Thank goodness my gym is at work (yay!) and we have five stalls, all with curtains. I really wouldn't want my co-workers to see me unclothed, and vice versa.

I usually come straight home after my workout, so I rarely take a shower there. I agree that the whole concept of washing my body in a semi public room with a constant stream of women and children walking past as they go to and from the pool is a bit unnerving. I've done it a few times, and needless to say, those were the quickest showers I ever took in my life.

And two men soaping each other up and washing each other's naughty bits very thoroughly? Here comes my recurring fantasy of being invisible!

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