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Whine and cheese
Dee with wine and suspicious look
Well, I just deleted FAKE First Year Together: A New Day (May) from Mediaminer because I lack the ability to navigate that site. I tried to post chapter 16, but it put chapter 16 at the beginning and called it chapter one and then all the other chapters were out of whack.  Then I SWEAR I just clicked 'delete' once on chapter 16 because I thought I would try again, and both chapter 16 and chapter one disappeared.  Then I tried to repost chapter one, but this time, it went on after the last chapter posted and MM labeled it chapter 15.  I realized that MM would never let me replace one chapter with another or put the chapters back in order, or even make changes to the title/blurb of the story. Finally, I realized that the only thing I could do was to delete the whole thing because I couldn't just leave it there missing chapter one.

Why is MM so hard to deal with?  Maybe it's me. (Hope not)  Except I haven't had any problems posting at AFF, FFdotnet, my LJ and Destiny's Gateway.  Every chapter of every story I have ever tried to post at MM has been stressful and difficult.  For example, over there, the title of Negotiations is "Negotiations chapter 1" and the only way I will ever be able to change that title, is by deleting the whole story.  I even contacted them about that one, but of course no one got back to me. Plus, MM has never allowed me to leave a review for any other writer there, or I would have been all over Grumpy Demon's Fake In Love series.  I suspect that MM and my two browsers don't like each other.  And then there's the fact that I still lack internet savvy.

I haven't totally given up on MM forever, but I just don't think it's worth the hassle.  I'll never post there again unless I can get someone to coach me through the process. *Sulk*

On to happier news.  Today I'm having a dinner party and all my cooking and food prep is done!  And fifty percent of my laundry. That means I'll have time to go out for coffee and return the horribly stinky, disgusting cheese I bought by accident.  I'm not allowed to eat any cheese because it's one of the things I gave up for Lent, but I bought it for my party. When I unwrapped it, the smell practically knocked me flat!  I was surprised because I thought I had bought Havarti, a mild creamy yellow cheese that everyone likes.  I checked the wrapper and it said "Havarti Tilsit".  I can't serve that to my guests.  It'll stink up the whole room!  I called the store and they said I can exchange it.  *Note to self: Memorize that word 'Tilsit' so you never buy it by mistake again.

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Stinky cheese D=

I've never uploaded anything onto MM. I tend to stay away from sites like those and just post stuff to my LJ.

Yeah, posting on LJ is my favorite because it's so easy and editing is a breeze.

You know, I walked to the store carrying my stinky cheese in a shopping bag, and even despite the fresh air and the breeziness of the day, I could still smell that cheese as its nasty aroma wafted out of the bag. Thank God it was a short walk because I was enveloped in a cloud of foot-like cheesy stink the whole way! I exchanged it first before I went for my much-anticipated coffee, because I didn't want to take that reek into Starbucks with me. Everyone would have thought it was ME.

(Deleted comment)
Oh good, I'm glad I'm not the only one who has problems with that site. I just thought of a new complaint: their search feature is absolutely useless.

Thanks! The dinner party was fun even though I didn't drink, didn't eat the nice replacement cheese, and didn't have cheese sauce on my veggies.

No apartment and no kitchen? Are you in some kind of dorm?

Don't feel bad. I couldn't cook well for years and years. My specialty was buying frozen things at Costco and then heating them up in the microwave. Oh, and I could cook Lipton's Sidekick noodles and dump a can of tuna in with them. And then there were all those times I had Pringles and white wine for dinner. My family still teases me about the time when I was a teenager and my father wanted me to help him cook dinner. He asked me to put on some cabbage to boil, so I got out a lettuce, chopped it up and put it in a pan over high heat. The subsequent burning smell alerted us to the fact that I had totally forgotten to add water! And in those days, it was my job to cook dinner for the family once a week. I always cooked the same thing: mac and cheese, and I remember it being enormously stressful, week after week. I had to follow the recipe step by step every single time for, like, a YEAR. My mom couldn't believe how hard it was for me. Now that I'm married and have a large kitchen, the situation is quite different. I routinely cook multi-course meals without anything going wrong. If my teenage self could see me now, she wouldn't be able to believe we were the same person!

My husband and in-laws adore stinky cheese. Help me. Pls!

Oh you poor thing. At least your in-laws live in another house. Perhaps you should make your hubby eat his stinky cheese outside! No, that's too mean. Okay, he has to do it while you're at work, and then wash his hands thoroughly afterward.

If they don't know about Tilsit, don't ever tell them.

I excommunicated myself from mm.org years ago when I tried to edit an already-present fic and the whole thing just started spinning around and vomiting green stuff on the walls. Scary! Haven't touched it, to write or read, since.

It would appear that editing is not allowed. Only posting and deleting, and even that is iffy.

*Whew!* ANOTHER person who has experienced frustration with MM. Now that there are at least three of us, I feel better.

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