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Captain Jack Harkness
Dee Blue waves
I have never watched Torchwood because I don't watch TV, except for when I'm on the new treadmills at my gym that have TVs on them, and then I just watch watch sitcoms.  Anyway, I know nothing about Torchwood.  But thanks to a fabulous Fake crossover fic I read by </a></b></a>lil_1337  at http://community.livejournal.com/gundam_echoes/118377.html   I became intrigued by the Captain Jack character so I went to youtube and found this

and boom!  Just like that, an obsession was born.  Who can tell me more about Torchwood and Captain Jack?  Does he have his own show or is he a guest character?  Oh, the hotness!

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Torchwood! From Saigh on FF.net

Torchwood is a fantastic Doctor Who spin-off based in Wales. Captin Jack is the main character in that series, which deals with alien invasion and supernatural stuff. Tis very good.

Re: Torchwood! From Saigh on FF.net

Thank you! I want to watch everything this actor has ever done, especially if he's kissing men. What's the character like? Is he a bastard? Is he a sweetheart? I've already picked up on the fact that he seems to be interested in both sexes.

Captain Jack originated on Doctor Who as a companion of the Doctor and at the end of season 1 he was so popular he got his own spinoff-Torchwood where he's "fighting for the future and arming the human race against the future" It's freaking fantastic and if you join the community ysi_leftovers you should be able to find working download links. It also airs on BBCA in the US and the CBC in Canada but I don't think season two is out there yet. The season 1 boxset is available now.

I AM SUCH A HUGE FAN OF BOTH. I'm glad my flist has awakened to the love of this fandom

I'm so joining that community! I can't believe there was such hotness in the world and I didn't know about it. So was he in every episode of Season 1 of Doctor Who, or did he just make occasional appearances?

He's in 'The Empty Child' on to the last episode. He also drops in on Series 3 of DW in the last three eps.

Man, all this prodding I do to get you to watch DW and all I should have done was send you a picture of Cap'n Jack! *grins*

He was in episodes 8-13 in season 1 not at all in season 2 because of Torchwood and he's in 11-13 of season 3.

Oh, BTW -

He sings too and does the occasional musical theater. *grins*

I have some of his stuff - remind me later to send to you.

*jumps up and down!* I'll remind you, all right!

I actually haven't watched Torchwood yet but I've seen him in Doctor Who and I love him ^^.

You should watch DW, it's great. I'm sure Torchwood is too.

I've been watching Youtube videos of him for HOURS.(Somebody stop me) I'm insane. I'll watch him in anything!

I will not burst your bubble, but I cannot STAND 'Torchwood.' I tried to watch it once (because there was some m/m action) and I was incredibly disappointed....and bored.

But please enjoy your obsession. I can't even imagine a crossover with my beloved Fake and that program and/or its characters.

Sorry Brit :(

So far I haven't watched Torchwood because I don't know how to download TV shows. A friend of mine is coming to my house on the weekend to set me up with Bit Torrent. I hope Torchwood is not as bad as you say. I'm afraid you might be right. I've watched a number of Torchwood clips,( but nothing longer that about 7 minutes) and it does seem to be a little bit boring. I don't like shows with dark lighting, as a general rule. Buffy and Angel both went downhill when the lighting got all dark and the sets changed to mostly indoors.

The Doctor Who clips featuring Captain Jack present him as a much more dynamic character than the plain blue shirt and suspenders guy I've seen so far in Torchwood. He seemed more fun and outrageous in those scenes I've seen, and he seems much less fun in Torchwood.

But I still think he's utterly gorgeous!

Torchwood = gift from GOD.

"Jack Harkness" (alias unknown) is a former Time Agent turned con man from the 51st century who runs into the Ninth Doctor and his Companion Rose in London during WWII (in the New Season 1). Because of the HOTNESS that is John Barrowman, he was given his own television show, which is set in Cardiff, Wales, UK during the 21st century (exactly 'when' is an issue, but it's at least a year ahead of us).

You have your standard 'alien of the week' set up. The plot's got its holes, but it's sci-fi so they can get away with it. There are episodes that are downright SCARY (after 1x6 and 2x4, I couldn't eat red meat for three weeks), most are thought-provoking and they like to tackle the 'big' questions: Life, death, the universe and everything.

And there is gay sex. Oh, the gay sex. There's also straight sex and alien sex, but the bisexual fangirl in me LOVES teh gay (and by 'gay' I mean guy/guy AND girl/girl).

They've got cute accents. They're all gorgeous, even Gwen with her self-righteousness and gapped tooth. They're all so gloriously screwed up that you just want to hug them... And did I mention that Jack Harkness is currently -- canonly! -- screwing a guy? A hot one at that.

More adorable Barrowman to feed your obsession: Never Mind The Buzzcocks!

Basically IAWTC (I Agree With This Comment). :D Well, minus the meat bit -- I never eat meat anyway.

Captain Jack, how shall I compare thee to a summer's day put it, reminds me of this quote from "Strangers with Candy"... he likes the pole AND the hole. It is also fair to speculate that he suffers from a very sexy learning disability (sexlexia).

I don't like Owen overmuch, I must confess, but that's because I'm fiercely protective of (and uh, more than half in love with) Tosh. *blush*

Owen IS an asshole, but I can't hate him as much as I used to, as his back story is proving to be suitably tragic.

And as much as I WANT to hate Gwen, I can't, simply because she just kicks so much ass that she earns my respect, even if she's a total whiny, self-important Mary Sue most of the time.

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