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Slave To A Gladiator, chapter 1

Slave to a Gladiator
Chapter One

By Brit Columbia

Fandom:  Fake

Pairing:  Dee and Ryo

Rating:  This chapter is more limey than lemony.  However, graphic hotness will eventually ensue.

Spoilers:  to Volume 7

Disclaimer:  Sanami Matoh created these characters, not me.  I was not paid in any way for the creation of this story.

Summary: Horny gladiator and flustered slave boy in NYC.  I think that pretty well says it all.

Timing:  October of Dee and Ryo's first year together.  Set after Keep It Down

Author's notes:  Please read and review!  I wrote this story for  mtemplar  and  jdr1184, who both pounced on a line in Fake First Year Together: A New Day (May), chapter 34.

Thank you to mtemplar for beta-ing this.

Slave to a Gladiator
Chapter One

"What the hell is this?" Ryo demanded, taking the costume Dee handed to him. "And why are you dressed like a gladiator? I thought we agreed we were going to go to this party as Butch and Sundance."

"Sorry babe. It looks like a lot of other gay couples had that idea ahead of us. This was all they had left."

Ryo looked dubiously at the costume. "What am I supposed to be, if you're already the gladiator?"

"'re some kind of Roman citizen."

"Well, this doesn't exactly look like a toga. It looks like half of it is missing. Where's the rest?"

"That's all they gave me. Come on, just try it on. The party's in less than an hour, and we don't have time to find another costume."

Grumbling under his breath, Ryo quickly stripped out of his slacks and shirt, and put the costume on. It consisted of a short, cream-colored tunic, embroidered  around the shoulders and hem with gold thread in a pattern of leaves. There was a pair of brown leather sandals that laced up his calves. Ryo stood up and faced Dee. "I think it's a little big around the waist," he said.
Dee handed him a box, saying, "It needs a belt. There's probably one in here. These are the accessories for that costume."

Ryo opened up the box and his mouth dropped open in shock. "Are these manacles and chains part of the costume?" he demanded. "And what the hell is this - a whip?" His eyes met Dee's with indignation. "Wait a minute - I'm not a Roman citizen, I'm a friggin' SLAVE boy!"

Dee nodded admiringly. "And a very sexy slave boy you are, too."

"Why do I have to be the slave boy, while you get to be the gladiator?" Ryo complained, tugging at the hem of his tunic in mortification. "I can't go out in this!  It's short! And it still needs a belt."

"That whip is actually the belt," Dee informed him helpfully. "The idea is that if the slave displeases his master in public, he removes the slave's belt and disciplines him with it."

Ryo grimly wrapped the whip-belt around his waist and knotted it. "If anyone in this room so much as thinks about doing that, he's gonna find himself eating the carpet."

"Dude, you are one fine-looking slave boy." Dee looked him over appraisingly. "Turn around and show me the back."

"Why not?" said Ryo, rolling his eyes and turning around. "You might as well get a good look because I'm taking it off in about fifteen seconds."

The minute he had turned around, he felt Dee pressing up against his back. There it was: the familiar and unmistakable sensation of a hard-on pressing against his buttocks.

"Dee, what the hell are you doing? I'm in no mood for this." Ryo sounded pissed off. "Couldn't you have gotten a better costume for me? This one is positively indecent, not to mention demeaning."

"Baby, you have no idea how fucking hot you look in that outfit. Come on over to the mirror."

Ryo had no choice about going over to the mirror, because Dee dragged him there.

"Look at us," Dee said, and Ryo raised mutinous eyes to their reflection. Dee stood there in a studded leather breastplate and short kilt with leather strips hanging in front of his groin. The effect was somewhat disrupted by the raging erection that had recently sprung up in that location and was only barely being contained by whatever it was that gladiators wore as underwear. A wide leather sword belt encircled his waist, and he wore matching leather wrist cuffs. Ryo's eyes went from Dee to himself and he saw that he had indeed been right when he pronounced the tunic short. Hell, it was almost as short as the micro-mini Diana had worn to conduct her consequently very well-attended workshop on serial-killer profiling.

"Don't we look Roman?" Dee asked. "These costumes are great, especially yours."

"If you like it so much, YOU wear it, and I'll be the gladiator."

"No can do, babe. I already tried it on. You think it's short on you? Well, my balls were on display. Literally. Plus I almost popped a seam in the shoulder when I was trying to get it off. It's just right on you, but on me, it's definitely too small."

"So you say." Ryo looked from himself to Dee and considered that it just might be possible that Dee was telling the truth. There was a three inch difference in their heights and Dee was a tad heavier through the shoulders. "I'm still not going to the party in this outfit, no matter how many compliments you give me."

"Okay, baby, I'm not gonna force you." Dee snorted. "Like I could! Hey, since you're probably gonna take it off anyway, why don't you try on the rest of the costume?"

"What, there's more?"

"You're forgetting the chains and manacles. Look! They're pretty! The gold-tone matches the leaves on your tunic." He held them up hopefully, making very effective puppy dog eyes.

Ryo couldn't resist the puppy dog eyes. "Oh all right, put them on me. But just for a minute."

Dee locked one manacle around Ryo's right wrist, then the other to his left. There was a longish three-foot chain between them that afforded the wearer some freedom of movement, and Ryo moved his hands out from his body experimentally, and looked at himself in the mirror. The chains were rather beautiful, like a sort of exaggerated barbaric adornment. Dee was right; they did match his tunic perfectly.

"Huh. Interesting," he said. "Okay, you've seen the whole costume. Unlock me now."

"Oops," said Dee, looking down at the carpet in puzzlement.

"What do you mean, 'Oops'?" Ryo whirled around and stared at Dee in alarm.


End of chapter one

Additional author's notes:  I'll post the next chapter in a few days.
Tags: fake, slave to a gladiator

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