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Slave to A Gladiator, ch 3

I has originally been planning to do this tonight, but it turns out I'm going to a party tonight and I may not have time/energy when I come back.  So, here's the next chapter for all the people who are enjoying imagining Dee and Ryo in gladiator and slave outfits!

Slave to a Gladiator

Chapter Three

By Brit Columbia

Fandom:  Fake
Pairing:  Dee and Ryo
Rating:  Still on foreplay. But it's very suggestive and fun, so go for it!
Spoilers:  to Volume 7
Disclaimer:  Sanami Matoh created these characters, not me. I was not paid in any way for the creation of this story.
Summary: Gladiator and Slave boy in NYC. I think that pretty well says it all.
Author's notes:  Please read and review!  I wrote this story for mtemplar and jdr1124, who both pounced on a line in Fake First Year Together: A New Day (May), chapter 34.

Thank you to mtemplar and moontatoo for beta-ing this.

Slave to a Gladiator
Chapter Three

Dee rested one knee and one hand on the bed, and leaned over him, smiling happily, and caressing one of Ryo's thighs. "Sweetheart, I know that role plays and costumes are a big step for you, and I just want you to know that we can stop it anytime if you start hating it, okay?"

"Okay." Ryo signified willingness by opening his thighs slightly in invitation. He had noticed that Dee's erection, which had gone down in the aftermath of their struggle on the bed, was returning to its full glory. He was titillated by the idea that Dee had been fantasizing about seeing him in this costume. He felt a little nervous about the chains, but it wasn't as though they hadn't done it with handcuffs before. In fact, it had been he who had introduced handcuffs into their sexual repertoire back in June, when he had handcuffed Dee to his bed and put a finger inside him for the first time, while teasing him with a long, leisurely blow job. Dee had loved it, and since then, they had played with the handcuffs several more times, taking turns to cuff and be cuffed. These gold chains and manacles were actually slightly more comfortable and definitely more aesthetically pleasing than the handcuffs. "So, what next?"

"Well, maybe I should start by explaining my fantasy," said Dee, stroking Ryo's other thigh with his large, strong hand. "It has several variations, but the theme is always the same."

"Go on." Ryo hoped his nervousness wasn't written too clearly on his face. He couldn't believe what he had just agreed to.

Dee continued caressing Ryo's bare legs gently. He understood his lover well enough to know that underneath the aura of false calm that he was trying to project, his darling Ryo was probably all knotted up with anxiety. It was essential that they take things slowly for the next ten or fifteen minutes in order to give him a chance to get his mind around what he was shortly going to be doing. He needed to be seduced and to feel safe before he would be ready to take the next step.

My fantasy," Dee began. "Well, it goes like this. I'm a gladiator in ancient Rome, a free agent kind of fighter. I'm not a slave of the emperor, or a criminal or anything." Dee had both hands on Ryo now. His fingers were sliding under his partner's buttocks, squeezing and kneading at the firmness he found there. "I win a gorgeous slave boy in a fight against my nemesis, a bastard who looks a lot like Commissioner Rose."

This brought a chuckle from Ryo, who couldn't help imagining the bespectacled Commissioner in a gladiator costume with a necktie inexplicably hanging down his front. Dee grinned back at him, and hooking his fingers up under the waistband of Ryo's blue boxers, began tugging on them. He got them down at the back, but they were caught on Ryo's stiffening penis in front. Dee leaned down and kissed the head of the penis through the blue fabric. Ryo gasped and wriggled a little. "Wh - what happens next?"

"I take my lawfully-won prize back to my quarters in order to ravish him, but he resists me, the clueless dork. He's never been a slave before, and he doesn't understand what that means. He doesn't understand that he has to obey me and do whatever I say." Dee began working Ryo's boxers down in front.

"Let me guess. You tell him to cook you dinner and get you a beer and he tells you to go jump in the lake."

"Don't be a wiseguy. No, I tell him to take his clothes off and get on the bed, and he thinks he doesn't have to do it. He also thinks he isn't gay, so he really doesn't want to get naked with me."

"Hmmm...That sounds vaguely familiar. How long have you had this fantasy?"

Dee knew what Ryo was asking. He wanted to know whether Dee had ever fantasized this scenario about anyone else.

"Only since a certain person started working at the 27th," he replied with a grin, pulling Ryo's underwear down over his legs. "Anyhow, my sexy slave boy spurns my advances and tries to leave, so I have to either chain him or tie him to the bed. That's when I start his slave training."

"What does his slave training consist of?" Ryo asked, looking a little apprehensive. Dee had just tossed his underwear onto the floor and was smoothing down the front of Ryo's tunic to cover his still-hard cock.

"Oh I don't beat or torture him any, don't worry. Well, not much anyway. My first goal is to teach him that his body was made for male pleasure. He doesn't believe me of course, but hell, he ain't goin' anywhere on account of being chained to the bed."

"What do you mean you don't beat or torture him...much?"

"In one of the many variations of this fantasy, I spank or whip him a little, but more to show him who's boss than to punish him."

"Are you going to, um, whip me?" Ryo undulated his hips under Dee's hand, which was caressing his penis through the front of his tunic.

"Only if you're at all turned on by the idea."

Ryo looked nervous, but thoughtful. "Maybe just a little. I don't know..."

"Don't be scared, sweetheart. If we do that, I'll be gentle. It'll sting a little, but in a good kind of way, you know what I mean?"

"Yeah, I think so," Ryo breathed. Listening to Dee tell him a sex story, in which he, Ryo, was the featured player, while lying on a bed and having his erection fondled was certainly having a powerful effect on his libido. So far, he was enjoying this. But then he reminded himself that he hadn't had to do anything potentially difficult or embarrassing yet. It was possible that Dee would be expecting him to take a more active role soon. "So, uh, what does the slave boy think of the fact that he's chained to a bed by a man who intends to perform sexual acts on him? I - I mean, what kinds of things does he say?"

"Oh, you know. He insults me and tells me that he wouldn't willingly sleep with me, even if I were the last person on earth. See, he still can't believe I'm actually gonna do it to him. But then, when he finally realizes I mean business, he tries to offer me money not to defile him. He has friends, or powerful connections who would help him if they knew where he was. He says he'll get money from them and give it to me. But he doesn't understand that for me, there's no amount of money in the world that's gonna make me change my mind about making him mine. Anyway, the first part of his slave training is to make him understand that deep down, he wants me. So I start turning him on."

"Does it work?"

"Sweet Jesus, yes. He gets super turned on, but he can't accept it because we're both guys and he already told me he doesn't like guys."

"Wow. I think I know this story."

"Yeah, I bet you do. Can you maybe tell me what comes next, then?"

"I'm guessing that you... um, you tease him until he admits he's attracted to you?"

"Bingo! And then?"

"You have sex with him and he enjoys it and falls in love with you?"

"I think you know the script already." Dee smiled at Ryo and bent down to kiss the tops of his thighs under the gold-embroidered hem of the garment he was wearing. Shall we start?"

"Er - yeah - uh...wait!"


"Do I have to do a lot of, you know, talking?"

"Not if you don't want to. Just go with the flow, baby. Ready now?"

"N - um...wait!" Ryo raised his chained and manacled hands. "Are we gonna start with me already in the chains?"

"Is that what you want?"

"Dee, don't ask me questions like that! This is all new for me. I don't know what I want. Don't ask me to make decisions!"

"Okay, we'll start without the chains and add them later." Dee produced the key and unlocked Ryo's manacles." We've just come back to my rooms from the, uh, coliseum, and I'm in the mood to ravish my gorgeous new slave. That would be you. My slave is not in the mood to be ravished, and rejects me. Heh. Silly slave." He looked fondly at Ryo, as he pulled him up and off the bed. "Are you ready to start rejecting me?"

Ryo stood before him in his rumpled tunic and lace-up sandals, looking uncomfortable. "Yeah, almost. more thing. Are you... likely to, um... whip your slave?"

Dee looked at his partner for a long moment, as if trying to gauge whether Ryo wanted him to say 'yes' or 'no'. He brought a hand up to caress the back of his partner's neck, and gazed into his eyes. "Yeah," he said. "And your safe word, if you want me to stop or just not start, is 'ice cream'. Got it?"

"Ice cream, yeah. I should say 'ice cream' if I don't like something, and you'll stop, right? I hope...I hope I don't have to say it, I mean I hope this'll go well because it's -"

Dee swooped in and kissed him hard, which surprised him into stopping the anxious flow of words.

"You're babbling," Dee said. "Don't be scared, Ryo. This is me, remember? The guy who adores every little thing about you. I love you and want you, no matter what."

"Even if I make a total fool of myself?"

"Especially if you make a total fool of yourself." Dee cupped Ryo's cheek and kissed his nose. "Thank you for being willing to risk it. I know you're doing this for me." He enveloped Ryo in his arms and held him with tenderness and affection for a moment, before stroking him down his back to his buttocks, which he squeezed and then tugged slightly apart.

Ryo gasped at the sudden intimacy of that movement, and the unmistakable message in it. He felt renewed pleasure flow over him as Dee used his grip on Ryo's cheeks to grind their groins together.  When his erection rubbed against Dee's, it reminded him that the sex had always been good between them. Why shouldn't this be good too? He clung to Dee, to the comfort in his arms, wanting to stay in the last few moments of safe familiarity.

But the time came when Dee stepped back from Ryo, and looked him up and down in a very deliberate, if not arrogant, way. When he spoke, Ryo realized that his lover was getting himself into character.

"You're a rare beauty, my little slave, and I intend to enjoy you in every way possible. Now strip, and lie down on the bed. Your master desires you."

~End of chapter three~

Author's notes:  And we proceed apace. I'll post again in a week!  Hope you enjoyed it.
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