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Slave to A Gladiator, chapter 4

I had meant to post this last night or even earlier today, but I've been quite sick this past week, and I wasn't able to take any time off until today because I'm so busy at work nowadays.  I slept for much of the day today, although I did have to turn out for an important meeting in the afternoon.  I had a really crazy headache all day yesterday and nothing I took made a dent in it.  I woke up with it still there this morning, and despaired about how I was going to get through the day.  I mean, even Tylenol Threes didn't work on this sucker.  However, my friends came through, like they always do.  One came over and gave me a Reiki treatment, and I swear to God it reduced the pain by at least 50 percent. No fewer than three people cooked for me and delivered the food to my house!  I'm well stocked with tomato-basil soup, a vegetarian pasta dish, and a Japanese nimono dish with vegetables, tofu and fish.  Feeling loved made a huge difference, and although I'm still not myself, I felt a lot better by the late afternoon.

I've never been affluent in terms of money, but I have great wealth in the form of my friends.  And now, on to Chapter four...

Slave to a Gladiator

Chapter Four

Fandom:  Fake
Pairing:  Dee and Ryo
Rating:  Mature, still. No point in rushing the foreplay when there's a whip involved.
Spoilers:  to Volume 7
Disclaimer:  Sanami Matoh created these characters, not me.  I was not paid in any way for the creation of this story.
Summary: A stern gladiator with a whip and a semi-penitent slave boy in NYC.   Read on for details!
Author's notes:  Please read and review!  
Thank you to mtemplar and moontatoo for beta-ing this.

Slave to a Gladiator

by Brit Columbia

Chapter Four

Dee stepped back from Ryo, and looked him up and down in a very deliberate, if not arrogant way. When he spoke, Ryo realized that his lover was getting himself into character.

"You're a rare beauty, my little slave, and I intend to enjoy you in every way possible. Now strip, and lie down on the bed. Your master desires you."

Ryo's very first line came naturally to him. "Who are you calling 'little', you patronizing son of a bitch? I'm almost the same size as you are." He glared at Dee with genuine indignation.

Dee mock-frowned at him. "That's no way to address your master, Slave. You forget your training."

"I don't know what the hell you're talking about," said Ryo, starting to settle into his role. "I'm not anybody's slave and I'm leaving now." He made for the door, but Dee moved to block him.

"Oh no you don't. Don't even try."

Ryo drew himself up. "Step aside."

Dee abruptly tackled him and bore him backwards onto the bed for the second time that evening. He pressed the other man down with the weight of his body, leaning on his upper arms to prevent his slave from striking him.

The slave was struggling. "Get off me, you - you rapist!"

"I won't have to rape you," Dee informed him, "because you'll be begging me to fuck you before I'm done with you."

"Um...confident, aren't you?" panted Ryo. "Well, I'll have you know that I'm not a...homosexual, like you. I'm only interested in women.  You don't excite me at all." Jeez, what a pack of lies I used to tell myself, he thought.

"Oh no? What's this then?" Dee rubbed his crotch against Ryo's hard penis.

"It's nothing!" He used his strong legs to advantage, and knocked Dee off balance, before putting him in a wrestling hold. "Some gladiator YOU are." Dee struggled and Ryo laughed. He liked pinning Dee down like this, getting the better of him.

"Are you going to hold me like that for the rest of the night, my troublesome slave? Because sooner or later you're gonna have to loosen your hold, and then I'm going to punish you. You can bet your ass on that one, baby."

Those words sent a little thrill of delicious fear through Ryo. Would Dee actually punish him? He didn't know how he felt about that. For a moment he was tempted not to let go at all, but he reluctantly abandoned that thought because it wasn't feasible. Time to face the music. He tentatively let go of Dee, then immediately changed his mind about the music and scrambled for the edge of the bed. He almost made it, but at the last second, Dee caught his arm and pulled him back. Once more he found himself trapped under Dee, but this time he was face down and being held much more tightly than before, with Dee's breastplate pressing uncomfortably against his back. Both of them were panting with the exertion of struggling with each other, and both felt a certain excitement from the novelty of their activity. Ryo's short tunic had twisted up around his waist, and he was acutely aware of his naked, unprotected buttocks underneath the grinding heat of Dee's groin.
"Slave, there's nowhere for you to go. Your clothing identifies you as a pleasure slave. I fought for and won you in front of an audience of thousands. Wherever you run, you'll be recognized as a slave. If you're lucky, you'll be returned to me. If not, someone might catch you and sell you to a brothel. I advise you to stop struggling and give up any idea of escape."
While he had been speaking, Dee had been casting about on the bed for the discarded chains, but his questing fingers couldn't find them. Damn. They must have fallen on the floor. But he had to secure that bothersome, struggling slave as quickly as possible. That was when he thought of the whip that was wound around the other man's slender waist, where it doubled as a belt. He could use it as a restraint before he used it in the time-honored way.
He raised himself up off Ryo, so that he was kneeling astride his hips. Ryo tried to twist back and dislodge him, but Dee kept his seat. Because he was face down, Ryo couldn't use his arms or hands to good effect. He tried though, and Dee immediately grabbed one of his arms and twisted it up his back, not hard enough to hurt him, but hard enough to let him know he meant business.
"Get your filthy hands off me, you bastard. Let me go!"

Dee briefly closed his eyes in pleasure at the sensation produced by Ryo's buttocks wriggling frantically under him.
"You're my property, Slave. I own you. I'll never let you go." With his free hand, Dee started tugging the whip-belt around so that the knot was at the back where he could reach it. He was pleased to see that it had already become loosened during their brief wrestling match.
Ryo felt the length of the whip slowly sliding up past his stomach and side as Dee removed it from around his waist.
"What...what are you gonna do?" he asked.
"I think you can guess that, disobedient slave. But first there's the matter of your chains."
"Stop calling me a slave!"
Dee chuckled to himself. He was enjoying this. Ryo certainly seemed to be getting into it. He wondered if it was because his partner was trying to please him, or if it was on his own account. It wasn't always easy to tell with Ryo. If he made a promise or made up his mind to do something, he did his best with it whether he enjoyed it or not. He was like that in every area of his life. That was just the kind of person he was. Take cocksucking for example. Dee knew he hadn't really enjoyed it the first few times. But he had been determined to get good at it, and had basically forced himself to do it with that end in mind. It was only after Ryo believed he had attained some mastery over it that Dee felt he began enjoying it for its own sake.

He looped the whip a couple of times around the wrist of the arm he was holding, and then drew Ryo's other arm toward it and did the same.  When both Ryo's wrists were secured together behind his back, Dee got off him and looked on the floor for the manacles. It didn't take long for him to find them. He returned to Ryo, who now had one foot on the floor and was looking uncertainly at the door.

"Still thinking about escaping?"

Ryo's second foot found the floor and he began edging away.

"Just in case you've forgotten, Slave," said Dee, moving slowly toward him, "your hands are tied behind your back, you're wearing a very short skirt, and you've been relieved of your underwear.  Do you really wanna run outside looking like that?"

His slave looked at him resentfully, and his resentment became exacerbated by embarrassment when Dee's gaze traveled down his body to where his semi-erect cock pushed out the front of his tunic.

Dee advanced on him with the chains and Ryo backed away until he was brought up short by the dresser. He still felt a little awkward, but he couldn't deny that this game was rather exciting. He was torn between wanting to fight to preserve his character's alleged virginity and wanting to surrender to the coming pleasure. The war within him seemed to be between the old and the new Ryo. The old Ryo had held out against Dee for a long time, and his fight had been fueled by fear. He had dreaded the narrowing of his options, the prospect of being forced to live as part of a reviled and often victimized sector of society. But his fears had been so much bigger than the reality had turned out to be. Of course, it was uncomfortable at times, and he did occasionally encounter discrimination. But for the most part it wasn't hard for a gay couple to live in New York City. The new Ryo was very happy that he had surrendered. He was deeply in love, and sexually fulfilled for the first time ever. Yes, there had been some loss. But in exchange, he had gained everything. Everything.
Dee turned him around and untied the whip-belt from his wrists, saying, "Don't fight me, or it'll go harder for you."
Before Ryo knew what was happening, he felt the cold metal of the first manacle closing around his wrist. He shivered. It was different this time. Last time, he had merely been trying on a costume. This time he was consenting to be a slave. When the second manacle snapped into place, he knew there would be no more fighting back. For a moment, he felt the first faint tendrils of panic unfurling in the pit of his stomach, and he struggled to suppress them before the feeling built any further. It's just a game, his sense of reason whispered. Nothing to be scared of... He distracted himself from his alarm by trying to remember what he should do next in his role.  What was it? Bargaining? No, insulting. Wait, hadn't he done that already? Okay, bargaining. He could do that.
He turned slowly around and met Dee's eyes. "Um, you don't have to do this, you know," he said. "I have friends. Friends with power and money. They would pay you for my release."
"Not interested."
"You could use the money to buy another slave, if you absolutely MUST be someone's master."
"Not someone's. Yours." Dee nudged him towards the bed. "Lie down, Slave."
 Ryo looked at the bed. "I don't want to."
Dee laughed. "It doesn't matter what you want. You're a slave. A slave who's about to be punished."
"Punished for what? I haven't done anything wrong."
"Oh no? What do you call insulting your master, putting him in a wrestling hold, trying to escape, and disobeying every single order he has given you so far?"
"Um, defending myself?"
Dee gave him a hard look. "Slave. This is the last time I'm telling you. On the bed. Now."
Ryo regarded him mutinously for a moment, then lay down on the bed. He refused to look at Dee, instead directing his burning face at the wall.
"Turn over." Dee's voice was stern but Ryo acted like he hadn't heard him.
Dee took hold of one of Ryo's ankles and twisted it slowly and gently, but with strength, so that Ryo was forced to roll onto his belly. The loop of gold chain lay over his buttocks. Taking hold of it in the center, Dee drew it up toward the headboard, pulling Ryo's arms with it, so that his wrists were above his head.
Ryo noticed that Dee had a piece of blue silk in his hand. "Hey, is that the sash to my robe?"
"Silence, Slave." Dee used the sash to bind the gold chain to the brass curlicues of Ryo's headboard. Ryo obligingly struggled in response, and Dee stood back to admire his handiwork.  His slave lay face down on the bed, gleaming manacles around his wrists and gold chains leading from them to the headboard. His blushing face was buried against his shoulder and the comforter, but after a moment, one bright dark eye peeped up at Dee apprehensively.
Ryo noticed that Dee was holding the whip-belt. It suddenly looked far more like a whip than it did like a belt. It was made of braided cords of brown leather, and gleamed a little with polish or wax. It was maybe four feet long, and tapered. A brown leather tassel hung from the tip of the whip, and a brass loop was affixed to the end of the handle. Ryo watched Dee's hands as they played with it. His partner had a little smirk on his face that was probably calculated to make him uncomfortable. Seeing Ryo's nervous gaze on the whip, Dee snapped it gently a couple of times.
"That's gonna sting, eh?" He raised his hand and whipped the air just above Ryo's buttocks. The loud crack made the slave flinch. Bastard, Ryo thought.
Hoping to delay the next part, he said, "Are you really going to whip me when I haven't even done anything?"
"Yeah," said Dee, shaking out the coils of the whip. "You've never learned the proper slave attitude, and that's why you're such a piss-poor slave. It's obviously my responsibility to teach you how to submit to your master."  

~end of chapter four~

Author's notes:  I'm a dreadful tease, I know. (And I probably deserve to be punished) More in a week! The next chapter really heats up.

Tags: fake, slave to a gladiator

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