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Slave to a Gladiator, chapter 5

This has been a incredibly busy week for me with lots of overtime at work and extracurricular work activities in what are supposed to be my non-working hours.  I have another work deadline next week, a huge dinner party at my house on Sunday for my husband, and an unexpected (but very welcome) house guest who arrived on short notice late last night and will be staying for the next 6 days.  I'm not looking for pity because I can certainly handle all this stuff (all the better, since I'm no longer sick), but I just want to warn you that there's a possibility that I won't be able to post the next chapter of this story by next Friday.  I was planning to write it this weekend, but I may not end up having time.  I'll do my best, however, and I'll at least get the chapter started tonight.  If I AM able to post next Friday, I'll announce it here on Monday or Tuesday.  But anyhow, here is chapter 5 for your pervy reading pleasure!

Slave to a Gladiator

By Brit Columbia

Chapter Five

Fandom:  Fake
Pairing:  Dee and Ryo
Rating:  NC-17, I guess. Please correct me if I'm wrong. I took pity on the pleadings of my readers. Two kinds of lashings commence.  NOT WORK SAFE, Lordy, no.
Spoilers:  to Volume 7
Disclaimer:  Sanami Matoh created these characters, not me. I was not paid in any way for the creation of this story.
Summary: A stern gladiator with a whip and a slave boy with much to learn in NYC.   Read on for details!
Author's notes:  Please read and review!  
Thank you to mtemplar and moontatoo for beta-ing this.

Slave to a Gladiator

Chapter Five

Looking surprised, Ryo said, "Are you really going to whip me when I haven't even done anything?"
"Yeah," said Dee, shaking out the coils of the whip. "You've never learned the proper slave attitude, and that's why you're such a piss-poor slave. It's obviously my responsibility to teach you how to submit to your master." He leaned over Ryo and raised the skirt of his tunic so that it was no longer covering his buttocks. He tucked the tunic up under itself on Ryo's back, leaving his ass and legs bare. Ryo's face was bright red, but his perfectly shaped male buttocks were milky pale, even paler than his legs, which still held remnants of a summer tan. Dee grinned to himself, thinking that he would soon be turning those buttocks the same color as Ryo's face, that is, as long as his lover held off from uttering the safe word for a little while.  He would have to be careful not to actually hurt him, though. A little sexy bum-warming preparatory to a good hard screwing was one thing, but pain, welts and resentment could kill an otherwise promising sex fantasy. It wouldn't hurt to spend a few minutes teasing his darling into a state of arousal, either.
He crawled onto the bed behind Ryo and pushed his thighs apart. The action caused Ryo's tightly clenched buttocks to separate as well. Dee paused to admire the view. He couldn't see Ryo's dick because it was under him, but he could see his testicles hanging down at the junction between his legs, underneath the puckered, dusky-pink entrance to heaven that had admitted him so many times before. However, that was in real life. In the game they were playing, he supposed his slave to be a virgin.
Ryo was uncomfortable with the scrutiny of his rear entrance. He really didn't like that part of himself to be examined. He didn't mind being touched there, but when Dee just looked without doing anything, he began to worry whether his last shower had been thorough enough (it had) and whether Dee was having second thoughts about whatever he had been thinking about doing. He also felt that people shouldn't just stare at other people's orifices. It was impolite, to say the very least.
"Stop looking at me there!" He squirmed his hips from side to side and tried to close his thighs. Dee didn't allow him to, however.
"A slave should be pleased when his master wants to look at him," Dee said. "Have you ever had a man's prick inside you before, Slave?"
Ryo felt a jolt of shocked excitement go through him at those words. "Of - of course not! I'm that," he exclaimed and, trying for a disapproving tone, added, "Do all gladiators talk in that rude and coarse way?"
"Yep, we all do. Especially to slaves. And guess what? After I whip you, I'm gonna fuck you. Right here." He ran a finger down the crack of Ryo's ass and stopped directly on his anus. Ryo flinched and Dee watched his sweet little rosebud tighten up reflexively. He stroked it up and down, running his fingers in lazy circles all around it. His touch was light at first, but then got a little firmer. Dee noted that Ryo's breathing became heavier as he felt those insistent fingers pressing into the sensitive flesh of his inner buttocks and perineum. He could tell by the way Ryo was moving that his dick was hard underneath him and that he was rubbing it against the bedclothes.
"So you say no man has ever screwed your virgin ass before. Has anyone ever done this?" At that moment, Dee parted those beautiful, creamy buttocks with his spread fingertips and bent his head forward to that tantalizing, tiny hole that was waiting for him. He stretched it open a little, exposing a fraction of it sensitive, pink inner membranes, and ran his tongue over it wetly.
When Ryo felt the soft wet liquid touch of Dee's tongue, he shuddered and cried out, "No!  Quit doing that! Don't put your mouth in - in that place!"
"Quiet, slave," Dee murmured and began to lick in earnest. He had quite a strong and motivated tongue, and he put it to work on Ryo, inside and out. Ryo always got embarrassed and would protest at the start of this particular activity, but it never took long before he turned into a writhing puddle of lust who pushed back at Dee's face and rubbed himself shamelessly against his mouth.
"No! Stop...ungh...Get your tongue out of there! Mmmhh!" Ryo struggled and squirmed, but his arms were chained to the headboard, and Dee had his lower body in a firm grip. There was no escape.
Dee kept it up and, in fact, added a finger, pushing it in a short way. He knew that would freak Ryo out, and he chuckled when his lover's body convulsed and his protestations renewed.
"What are you doing, for pete's sake? Don't use your finger and tongue at the same time! Stop that, stop it, stop it..." Suddenly he lost the power of speech and emitted a low moan that went on for some time. Dee's finger had found his magic spot, and was stimulating it rhythmically.

Ryo moaned again and Dee could feel his nether passage tightening and flexing against his intruding finger. Ryo's back was arched, and his buttocks were slightly raised as he writhed against Dee's face. Dee took the opportunity to caress Ryo's balls with his other hand and pull them out from under his body so that he could lick them too. He could tell by the state of Ryo's breathing and the intensity of his movements, that he was very, very turned on. He bit the flesh of Ryo's left buttock, and sucked on it gently, knowing it would leave a little mark. "I'm marking you as mine, Slave. You are my property."

Dee decided it was time for the spanking. In his prior experience as both spanker and spankee, the process was generally more successful if the spankee was in a state of arousal at the start of the chastisement. And Ryo was definitely aroused. Dee suddenly withdrew his finger, and let go of Ryo's balls, which brought a small cry of protest from the prone man.

"I can give you pleasure or get on with the whipping," he said. "Which will it be?" 
"Dee!" Although Ryo's voice was muffled by the blankets, the plaintive note in it was unmistakable.

"Er, that would be 'Master'," Dee corrected.
"I...I..." Ryo didn't know what to say. Bereft and frustrated, he ground his erect penis into the comforter, his body still throbbing with desire. He wanted Dee to resume what he had been doing, but he couldn't bring himself to say it. Maybe it was part of Dee's plan to hear the slave say it. A sudden feeling of dread struck him. He hoped Dee wouldn't expect him to talk dirty at any point in this game. He liked it when Dee did that, but he just couldn't imagine himself doing the same.
"Well? What do you want?"
"Um...I don't want a whipping, obviously," said Ryo, whose head was starting to clear a little. He hoped Dee wouldn't notice that he had sidestepped the issue of addressing him as 'Master'.
"Slave, I think you misunderstand me. I'm not offering you a choice between pleasure and a whipping. You're going to get the whipping anyway for being disobedient. I'm offering you a choice between pleasure first, followed by a whipping, followed by more pleasure, OR just a whipping, followed by a good hard fucking where the pleasure is mostly mine."
"What kind of choice is that?"
"You're a slave. You're lucky to have any kind of choice. Now, did you enjoy what I was doing to you just now, or not?"
Ryo was silent a moment. Then he thought he should say something, so he said, "How could I enjoy it? You're a man and I'm...I'm not gay."
"I'm a man all right, baby, a man in his prime, and you're going to be thanking God for that little detail before we're done here today." Dee caressed the little bite mark he had left on his lover's left ass cheek, and smiled at the way Ryo's flesh seemed to leap at his touch. "Let me make things simple for you. If you can bring yourself to admit that deep inside your secret self, you love it when I grope you with my lecherous male hands and you're dying to take my cock up your ass, then I'll go easy on you with the whipping. Oh, and you also have to address me as 'Master'."

"You think I'm afraid of a whipping?" scoffed Ryo, who in reality was quite terrified. "Ha."

" 'Ha'? That's your answer: 'Ha'?"

Ryo couldn't trust his voice to respond, so he just kept silent and looked straight ahead at the wall. Oh God, I hope it doesn't hurt too much, he thought to himself. I hope I don't embarrass myself.

"Very well then. It's time you learned to be afraid of the whip." Dee came forward and once more adjusted Ryo's tunic so that it was tucked up away from his buttocks. He picked up the whip from where he had laid it on the bed in Ryo's line of sight, and let it slither lewdly over the body of its intended victim a couple of times, even nudging at the cleft between his buttocks with the handle. Ryo felt himself starting to tremble, but whether it was from fear or excitement, he couldn't honestly say.

Dee looped up the whip so that it wasn't quite so long, and stood for a moment, looking at the pale, quivering buttocks before him. How pink would he be able to make them go before Ryo wanted him to stop? He was looking forward to finding out.

He swung his arm back and said, "Here it comes," noting with satisfaction that Ryo tensed up and buried his face in his shoulder. He obviously didn't want to look.

Dee brought the shortened whip down across Ryo's ass in a flogging motion, not too hard. Ryo's body recoiled and he exhaled as though he had been holding his breath. Dee waited a moment, and then struck him again, just as lightly, but slightly lower. Again he waited, before giving Ryo two more blows in rapid succession, the last one significantly harder than the first three. Ryo flinched and sucked in his breath, but otherwise made no sound. Dee paused and admired his handiwork as a light pink flush began to form on the ivory paleness of his cheeks. Not stripes; he wasn't hitting hard enough for stripes. Stripes tended to leave bruises and he was pretty sure Ryo wouldn't like that. He might leave him with one or two good welts later, if he seemed amenable. He fell into a rhythm of whipping Ryo lightly and quickly from close range with the shortened whip. He kept it moving all over Ryo's buttocks, keeping an eye on their deepening color and his lover's breathing.

For his part, Ryo was skating on a fine line between pleasure and pain. The light strokes Dee was using on him were not in themselves difficult to take. The problem was in the way that the heat and sensitivity was building up in the flesh of his buttocks. Each blow increased that heat and the level of discomfort. Certain places where Dee had criss-crossed several strokes were really starting to burn. He found himself beginning to squirm a little, twisting his hips from side to side in an effort to control where the whip landed.

"Slave, stop moving! It is up to your master to choose the location of each stroke, not you." Dee hoped Ryo would disobey him, though. He was really getting off on seeing that pink ass tossing and twitching in front of him.

"But it hurts," Ryo complained accommodatingly. He was acting for Dee's benefit, but he felt that it didn't hurt so much that he couldn't take it a little while longer. Just a little longer.

Dee jerked the whip back behind him and then snapped it forward hard so that it cracked loudly in the air about two inches above Ryo's back. Ryo actually cried out in alarm, and then slumped in relief, his heart pounding, when he realized he had not really been struck. He suddenly felt very thankful that Dee didn't seem to want to hit him that hard.  From the sound of it, the whip might do some damage if it was used full force.

"Slave, you will obey," Dee ordered. "You will keep your naughty, disobedient ass completely still and try to take your beating with a certain amount of dignity." He grinned as he said it. He had doubts about Ryo's ability to keep still, especially if he amped things up, as he was shortly going to do.

"I'll try," came Ryo's muffled voice.

"I'll try, Master." Dee cracked the whip violently above Ryo's thighs this time.

Ryo started and quickly said, "I'll try...Master." The last word was uttered so softly that it was barely audible.

Dee smiled and shortened the whip again, ready to resume Ryo's punishment. His slave was learning.

end of chapter 5

Author's notes: Thank you for reading! The next chapter will be hotter still. By the way, if anyone is feeling motivated to go out and buy a whip for any reason, please be aware that they are dangerous and can cause bleeding and scarring. Dee is being really careful NOT to cause Ryo any serious pain in this story, and he certainly doesn't want to wait miserably in the hospital emergency room while Ryo gets stitches.

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