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update on Fake stories in progress and other stuff
Dee Blue waves
I haven't posted for a while, so here's an update.  I just finished chapter 36 of Fake First Year Together: A New Day (May), and it's come back from both of my hardworking betas.  All I have to do is fix the mistakes and apply their suggestions, and I'll be ready to post, most likely Saturday, because I need to work some overtime this week.  My social life is temporarily spiraling out of control at the same time as my long, busy days at work.  I went to a dear friend's birthday party straight from work last night and didn't get home until midnight.  Tonight, I have three people coming to my house for dinner, who apparently cannot come at any other time because one of them is leaving this city for good.  And no, I did not have the day off work!  I need a nap, dammit.

I have no idea what I'm going to cook. I think I'll make a quiche and maybe some baked fish.  Dessert is taken care of though, because my fridge is full of chocolate mousse.  I recently remembered how much I love it, so I made it twice, once on Saturday and once on Sunday.  I'm going to force my guests to help me eat it.  House rule - no one is leaving until this chocolate mousse is gone!  I can't be left alone with it.

For those who are waiting for an update to Slave to a Gladiator, I'm sorry to report that it's going to be a bit longer.  The next chapter is basically written, but I'm not happy with it and I need to find some time where I can give it my undivided attention.  That probably won't be until the weekend, and then after that it'll need time to be betaed.  We're looking at probably Thursday the 15th.  Thanks for your patience!


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Happy birthday in passing, almost running to work. :)

I'll salute you in passing because I know that running people simply do NOT want to be hugged. Have a good day at work, and thank you for the birthday wishes!

Thanks for the update. Take your time, we all know how RL can be. Happy Birthday, enjoy yourself and your chocolate mousse!!! You deserve it!!!

Thank you! When I made the chocolate mousse, I spooned it into individual little dessert cups. Most of them are gone, thank God. Just one left. My guests refused to eat it because I had also baked a cream/jam cake and they wanted to sample both desserts, so no one was able to manage seconds on the mousse. Also, just to amp up the calories further yesterday, one of my clients brought me a really delicious cheesecake covered in whipped cream and toasted almonds! Gaah! I shared it at work because (a) there were the two desserts I had already made waiting for me at home, and (b) I doubt I could have easily gotten that cheesecake home on my bike. All that yesterday, and it wasn't even my birthday yet. I know there will be cake today. This is really shaping up to be a high calorie week! Oh well, I surrender.

Hiya. Just wanted to say Happy Birthday! :)

Thanks for the birthday wishes. You want some chocolate mousse? Come on, help me out here!

Whew, Brit you are busy. But I can say it now: HOORAY for the return to eating chocolate!!!!! And homemade mousse sounds so delicious.

They say that patience is a virtue, so I will continue to wait for the updates. Thank you, and try to get some rest :)

HOORAY for chocolate, yes! Actually, I didn't make it to my target of 100 days without chocolate, wine, bread, etc. I got to about 80 days and then the cravings got the better of me. But I still think 80 days was a lot, so I'm satisfied with that. It was an experiment anyway, because I've never gone that long in my adult life without chocolate before. Fifty days was my previous record. So from fifty to a hundred was a bit of a jump. Oddly enough, I missed bread the most.

And rest? I wish! Not this week, I'm afraid. Thanks for the birthday wishes and the picture of Ryo and Dee in full foreplay mode. It was great! I assume Bikky is at a movie and is not about to burst in on them...

how did I not know it was your b-day?!

Strawberries are in season here. Strawberry shortcake is an easy dessert too. But I sense when it comes to cooking, you don't do easy! Me, I would rather clean than cook ( sick, I know). Yesterday I did both though; managed to shampoo half the carpets in the house plus make a full dinner for the boys (salmon, fresh vegetables, and yes, strawberry shortcake). They are so spoiled. When I go back to work they'll be back to pizza and burger king again-gag.(I work afternoons).

So with Accension Sunday lent is over? I'm not a very good catholic if I don't know that. Also I didn't give anything up...

On a side note, I have recently discovered Queer as Folk, and am obsessed with it . Anyone else?

Take care of yourself!


Oh no, my dear, you're mistaken. When it comes to cooking, I really try hard to do easy. For example, I swear by those packages of Hollandaise sauce where you add butter and water and it's ready in five minutes. I made Hollandaise from scratch once and it was a royal pain in the neck and tasted exactly the same as the package. Learning experience! Chocolate mousse, same thing. I only make it from scratch if I've got a girlfriend or two over and we're drinking half the booze that is meant to go in the mousse. Then it's more of an activity. But if it's just for me and my husband, I go instant. It's not quite as good as properly made mousse, but it's close enough for me! There are some things I do from scratch, like cake for example, but I usually cook so many courses that I have to save time somewhere.

Lent ended some time ago, but I continued with the deprivation, masochist that I am.

I haven't watched Queer as Folk yet, and I'm going to try not to because I really don't have much time for TV in this life of mine. I'm still waiting to get to my accumulated episodes of Dr. Who (featuring Cap'n Jack!) but I've decided to wait until this stressful month is over.

Enjoy your new obsession!

(Deleted comment)
Thank you! I think I'm almost recovered from my birthday. I just now ate the very last piece of chocolate cake.

slave gladiadar update

Hi i just got a hold of the slave and gladiator story of yours and i am in love with it. I was wondering when you will post chapter six or if you given up on it .

Sunset Miko(AFF)

Re: slave gladiadar update

Hello, Sunset Miko.

1.Thank you for coming to my LJ to tell me you love my story. I do appreciate it.

2. I will post chapter 6, as promised, in about an hour, maybe less.

3. I will finish every story I post, unless I am physically prevented by matters beyond my control. I have the greatest respect for my readers, and I want them to know that they can trust me not to leave them hanging. Except for FAKE First Year Together: A New Day (May) and Slave to a Gladiator, all my stories are complete. It's my policy to try to post every two to three weeks, but during excessively busy times in my career, I have to slow it down to every 4 to 6 weeks per story.

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