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Slave to a Gladiator, chapter 6
Dee Blue waves
Holy cow,  people are actually nagging me to post this chapter, so I'm not even going to make you listen to how much overtime I've worked this week.  Here it is. (And thank you all for caring)

Slave to a Gladiator

By Brit Columbia

Chapter Six

Fandom:  Fake
Pairing:  Dee and Ryo
Rating:  NC-17, I guess.  Stuff you really don't want your parents (no matter how old you are) or your boss to know you're reading!
Spoilers:  to Volume 7
Disclaimer:  Sanami Matoh created these characters, not me. I was not paid in any way for the creation of this story.
Summary: A rebellious slave boy is taught to submit to the dark desires of whip-wielding gladiator in NYC.
Timing: This story is set in October of Dee and Ryo's first year together.  It happens after Keep It Down.
Author's notes:  Please read and review!  
Thank you to mtemplar and moontatoo for beta-ing this.

Slave to a Gladiator

Chapter Six

Dee smiled and shortened the whip again, ready to resume Ryo's punishment. His slave was learning. He wondered if Ryo's dick was still hard. It was difficult to tell in the position he was in. Oh well, he'd find out shortly.

For his part, Ryo was thinking that it was almost time to say the safe word. He felt he had done his duty and now wanted to get on to the sex part of this fantasy of Dee's. It was difficult for him to be taken into arousal and then abandoned the way Dee had done right before he commenced the whipping. Not that it was an unpleasant experience, though... He was aware that Dee was being careful with him, and it wasn't as bad as he had feared. It was hurting less than he had imagined and was actually very sensual, not least for the level of trust that was required. However, he couldn't imagine that he would ever have consented to do this with anyone other than Dee. Dee had a way of making the most absurd, the most outrageous things, sexy.

At that moment, the whip fell across the crowns of his buttocks, harder than Dee had yet struck him, and he reared up, gasping with surprise. Ow! He didn't think he could manage another one of those. He turned his head towards Dee, exclaiming, "Master!"

Dee looked back at him with raised brows, very much in character as the autocratic master, although a betraying hint of concern showed in his manner. Ryo felt that Dee was asking him with his eyes whether he was still able to take it, or whether it was time to stop. Ryo held Dee's gaze for a few moments, slowly sucking his breath in through his teeth, while endorphins rushed to the site of the pain. It wasn't long before it died down to the vaguely pleasant burn he could already feel elsewhere on his heated buttocks. Not yet, he thought to himself. I won't say it just yet. "Please stop, Master," was what he said instead.

Dee couldn't help grinning. That hadn't been the safe word. Ryo was giving him permission to go on. His partner's reaction to the concept of being chained up and whipped had surprised him; he had expected a flat-out refusal when they got to that part of the fantasy, but instead, Ryo had seemed guardedly curious and open to trying it.

"I'll think about it, Slave," Dee answered, and struck him again, the same strength as before, a little higher on Ryo's cheeks. Ryo hissed and Dee watched as he clenched his buttocks reflexively and pulled on his chains. But there was no protection for that pretty pink ass, not even a layer of fabric between it and the whip. Dee knew Ryo would have been trying to shield himself with his hands if they hadn't been bound. He was also aware that they were coming to the end. Ryo had given him a good run, but it wouldn't be long now before he said 'ice cream'.

"Slave, you're fidgeting again," Dee said warningly.

"That's because it hurts, 'Master'."

Dee frowned. Was that a faint note of sarcasm in his slave's voice? Insolence!

"I don't think it hurts enough, Slave. You don't appear to be learning your lesson." Dee hauled off and hit him again, angling the blow so that it fell diagonally over Ryo's beautiful struggling behind.

"Ow," gasped Ryo. "I...I..."  He closed his eyes tightly as the pain peaked once more and then began to slowly recede, leaving traces of fire behind.

Although his lover had stopped short of saying the safe word, Dee understood he had had enough. He realized that Ryo would hold off from saying it for longer than was good for him, just so he could make the fantasy good for Dee. The younger man immediately put down the whip and leaned one knee on the bed, while pressing the palm of his hand firmly onto Ryo's ass, gripping first one cheek, then the other. They felt hot. Ryo pressed back eagerly against his hand. He was trembling slightly, looking anxiously over his shoulder at Dee.

Dee ran appreciative eyes over the picture Ryo made, from his softly tousled sun-streaked hair to the chiseled curves of his shoulders and biceps, straining in their bonds, the tapering lines of his taut back, still covered by his cream and gold tunic, and finally down to his rosy pink, well-spanked behind. "Beautiful," he murmured, and Ryo felt oddly comforted.

Dee reached over to the nightstand and removed a bottle of lubricant from its only drawer. He was aware that Ryo was watching him and would certainly know what that meant. It was time to find out if his baby's dick needed to be teased upright again after getting his backside thoroughly flogged by a man he had been made to address as 'Master'. Although Dee had loved Ryo for years, he had only been banging him for about six months, and he still felt as though he had barely scratched the surface of his partner's sexual nature. He had learned that it was deep and complex, with an unexpected dark spot here and there.

Just thinking about what was on the menu next was causing his balls to tighten heavily between his legs. His erection was swelling inside the Calvin Klein briefs he had on under the tunic of his costume, and the way the stiff leather of his breastplate was chafing him reminded him that he really wanted to be naked. Tossing the lubricant onto the bed, he drew back from Ryo and started tugging at the buckles on one side of his breastplate. When he got them undone, he set the piece of armor on the chair in the corner, and quickly unbuckled his sword belt. His 'skirt' had a hidden zipper in the back; he undid it and let it drop to the floor, before stepping out of his briefs. Then, naked but for his sandals, he turned his attention back to Ryo.

Dee positioned himself so that both of his knees were on the bed between Ryo's legs. This meant he had to nudge apart Ryo's thighs. After a brief attempt to resist, the other man gave way, and allowed himself to be spread open so that once more his private rear entrance was on display. Dee grinned at the sight of his bright pink butt, still pale on the inner cheeks where the whip hadn't reached. He stroked both hands over the backs of Ryo's thighs and let them slowly travel up to his much warmer buttocks. The difference in temperature excited him. He was amazed and grateful that Ryo had consented to let him do this to him. In trust and in love, he had put himself into Dee's power and endured what had probably been the very first sexual spanking of his life. Now it remained to be seen whether he had been even a fraction turned on by it. Dee caressed his crack with firm fingertips, and was pleased to discover that his opening had retained some of the readiness he had left it with before the whipping. It was still slightly loosened from his earlier ministrations. He brought his fingers to his mouth and wetted them with his saliva before rubbing them firmly over Ryo's hole and pushing his index finger in about halfway.

"Aaaah!" cried Ryo and clamped down on him in surprise.

"Do you remember, Slave, what I said I was going to do to you after your punishment?" Dee started moving the finger carefully in and out, and reached under Ryo with his other hand to fondle his cock. It was half erect, and rapidly getting harder. So it hadn't gone completely down during the whipping. That was good to know.

"Ah...Um...Ngh! ...Not exactly."

"I said I was going to fuck your pretty, virgin little ass, and that's exactly what I mean to do."

"Please don't, Master!"

Dee almost laughed out loud; Ryo's words were so at odds with the way his tight channel was sucking and squeezing at his finger. It was still too narrow. He would have to work at it a little more. He wanted to lick it some more, too.

"Get on your knees, Slave," he murmured softly. "I wanna see your ass in the air." For once, his slave obeyed him without demur, obviously hoping for more attention to his sexy parts.
Dee began tonguing his opening again, but this time Ryo's protests were only token, and ceased almost immediately. Dee reached underneath Ryo and caressed his penis, pulling on it rhythmically with a slight twisting motion each time he reached the tapered crown. He kept this up for quite some time, enjoying the way his lover tossed his head around helplessly on the pillow and emitted little noises of pleasure.  Finally, he poured lubricant on his hand, and began to fuck Ryo with first one, then two fingers, stretching his sweet, puckered hole to prepare it for the activity he had in mind. Dee had big hands; his fingers were long and thick. He remembered back to the first time he had ever put a finger up inside Ryo. How startled his partner had been! It certainly hadn't been comfortable for him. But how quickly this beautiful, desirable man beneath him had adapted. None of Dee's previous male lovers had been quite so squeamish, so intimidated by the prospect of having their asses penetrated. Dee was sure that this fear of Ryo's had been one of the main obstacles to their getting together. But once Ryo had surrendered, Dee had been able to show him how good it could be. Dee could still remember the expression of astonished delight on Ryo's face when he realized that although he was living his favorite nightmare - that of a man's large cock buried deeply inside his ass -  it felt fantastic. Neither of them had ever looked back.

"Oh...Goddammit...Ahhhhhmmm..." Ryo was panting and moaning again as sensation flooded his senses and danced along his nerve endings like a flame burning along a fuse. Dee was working his hole, alternating fingers and mobile tongue, and oh, it was so good. If Dee kept this up, Ryo expected he really would lose control.

He was like a plane on the runway to orgasm, with Dee as the pilot. But once again, just before he achieved lift-off, the pilot sheered off course.

Dee let go of Ryo's heavy, throbbing penis, and raised his head from the sweet, musky valley between his buttocks, ignoring his lover's groan of despair. He had been teasing Ryo's tight but willing aperture for some time, and his experienced eye told him that it was now hungry for something bigger. God, he wanted to just throw the last of his plans aside and fuck the sexy ass in front of him hard and fast. He knew that Ryo would not only welcome that, but would also yell and writhe and fuck back in that way he did when he had been seriously keyed up by extended foreplay or anticipation.

But first Dee had an ambition to hear his slave acknowledge that he really did want him, that he desired his touch, even though they were both men. Although Dee wouldn't have come out and admitted it to Ryo, the confession was an important component of the fantasy for him. The thought of this remaining item on his agenda helped him to summon the strength to not only resist Ryo's beautiful desirable body, but also the waves of need that were emanating off his lover like a siren call. Dee closed his eyes for a moment and opened them again when he felt Ryo shift on the bed. When he looked down, he saw that the little bastard had settled forward on the comforter and arrayed himself in as tempting a pose as Dee had ever seen in a porn magazine. He lay with one leg drawn up and bent, the other open and extended, and his back arched so that his buttocks jutted out in invitation. The position spread the cheeks of his ass and said 'Please fuck me' very clearly, although without words. Ryo didn't say that kind of thing in words.
"Slave," said Dee, licking lips that had gone suddenly dry. "Despite what you said earlier, you're not acting as though you hate having sexual contact with me."

Ryo remained silent, watching Dee out of eyes that were half-closed in passion, but very bright against the flushed skin of his face. His lips were parted and he was panting softly. There was an ever so faint rhythmic movement of his hips as he rubbed his erection against the bed. It was all he could do, as his wrists were manacled, and there was no way he could touch himself.

"Answer me, Slave. If you have the courage to speak the truth, then say it. If not, then let me remind you that your body doesn't lie." Dee's voice hardened slightly, and he picked up the whip once more from where it lay on the bed between them and made sure Ryo could see it.  "And whatever you have to say for yourself, make sure you don't forget to address me as 'Master'."

Ryo's bedroom eyes widened slightly at the sight of the whip and then went to Dee's face. Damn the man. He was going to try to make him talk dirty before anyone got any satisfaction. Ryo was so frustrated, he felt like he could scream. He pulled experimentally at the chains, wondering if he could break them.

"Dee, um, I mean 'Master', w-what do you expect me to say?"

"The truth. I'm a man. So are you. Do you want me or not?"

"Master," whispered Ryo, lowering his eyes, relieved. Dee just wanted an admission of desire; he hadn't said anything about making his slave beg for specific acts of pleasure. Ryo opened his mouth to speak, even took a breath, but to his surprise, nothing came out. Why did it have to be so hard to admit what was only, as Dee said, the truth? Surely he could do this. He cursed the shyness that always came over him during moments of intimacy, and called upon the strength that he knew he had within him

"Master," he said again, "I...I've been lying to you."

"Oh?" Dee folded his arms and waited.

"I told you I wasn't attracted to you...that I only liked women."

"That's right, you did."

"Well...even though you're a...a man, when you look at me, I...I feel strangely excited. I almost can't breathe."  Ryo raised his eyes to Dee's. "When I look at you, I see beauty. You are..." Ryo's face felt almost painfully hot. "You are...really... the most beautiful human being I have ever seen."

Dee stared at him, amazed. This was so much more than he had expected from his normally non-romantic partner. The most he had hoped for had been something along the lines of, 'Against my will, I find you somewhat attractive, Master.'

"Baby!" he said, feeling his own face getting as pink as Ryo's. He was temporarily bereft of speech.

"So, ehrm...Master...What now?" Ryo shifted a little on the bed, tilting his buttocks up even higher in invitation.

Grinning wickedly at him, Dee picked up the discarded bottle of lubricant. He poured some along the length of his penis and began stroking it up and down until it glistened wetly. Ryo stared at it with unmistakable hunger.

"This is the next part of your training, Slave," said Dee in a husky voice that revealed the extent of his desire. "I'm going to teach you how to please your master with that shy, virgin little back door of yours. Do you want to learn? Are you ready to be a good slave, now?"

"Yes, Master. Please... Please teach me."

~end of chapter 6~

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Poor Ryo can't handle much more sexual frustration. He's the practical sort. "If I say 'Master', I will get an orgasm, which I really really want after all that teasing. Plus, I agreed to play this game because it's Dee's # 1 fantasy, so I'm going to do a really good job, dammit."

Thanks for the review on AFF! Here's a line from the next chapter for you:

"God help me," Dee whispered, gripping Ryo's hips in either hand and beginning to pump.

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OH MY GOD! You have no idea how much this made me laugh! You are incredibly wicked and funny! I can't believe you even made his butt pink! You're such an evil genius.

You know, I worked tonight until 11 pm (10 pm last night; it's been a rough week) and came home after handing in a huge proposal I've been working on for weeks. As I was riding home, I thought to myself that as long I don't have to spend the whole weekend revising the damn thing, I'll be able to work on one of my chapters. "Which one?" I thought to myself, "S to a G or A New Day?" I wondered which one the readers would rather I worked on. Then I come home and I find THIS! That made my decision for me - Slave to a Gladiator is the story that will get my attention this weekend! And the next chapter will be dedicated to you and your cleverness.

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