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update on upcoming posts
Dee Blue waves
Hello everyone,

I wonder how many of you there are? I'd love to know, but I guess I never will since the bulk of you are lurkers. It's just fine if you're a lurker, BTW! I support the rights of lurkers, having been known to lurk a time or two myself.

Anyway, this is just a short message to let you know about upcoming posts. I had originally been planning to post Chapter 7 of  Slave to a Gladiator next Friday on June 6th, but I'm a whole week ahead of schedule. This means I'll be posting it either late tonight or around midday tomorrow. It all depends on whether I can stay awake tonight after my husband goes to work. 

Now why am I ahead of schedule? You can thank  jdr1184 for that. She inspired me with her priceless picture of the master and slave, which she calls a 'Brit-bribe'. If you want to see what I'm talking about, go back to S to a G, Chapter 6 ,and scroll down to the comments.  There are two of her macro pictures there.  The first one is just plain hot, and the second one is hilarious and hot! I laughed for five minutes straight when I saw it, and after I recovered, I went off to work on the chapter. Chapter 7 is SO dedicated to her!

I intend to write Chapter 37 of Fake First Year Together: A New Day (May) this weekend. I hope I can finish it; I'm not as fast as some authors out there, who seem to be able to manage a huge output. However, I'm going to think positive and put my nose to the writing grindstone! Unlike last weekend, I don't have any barbeques or other parties to go to. Of course, I should try to find a little time to shop for clothes for my upcoming vacation, but I still have time. I'm not leaving until June 21st.

So I'll leave you for now with the promise that there'll be another chapter here in less than 24 hours. And this one is a major lemon!  Consider yourself warned, and take precautions. Put the kids to bed, if you have kids, and wait until your parents go to bed, if you have parents in your house. Take the phone off the hook and make sure the dog/cat/bird/reptile is fed so it won't come and bug you right at the moment when Ryo is begging Dee for more!

ciao for now,


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(Deleted comment)
What? You're moving now? As in right now? I hope not, because, I'm literally just about to post! However, if you're in the middle of moving, well, good luck, dammit, because moving is HELL.

No, my IT band didn't recover in time for my 10K, but yesterday I was talking with my running club about how much I missed them and vice versa. I'm determined to run the next race, as long as it doesn't happen right after my vacation!

And speaking of races, didn't you just do a half-marathon? It was at the end of May, I remember. I really hope you're not carrying boxes and furniture up and down stairs with your limbs stiffening from that run.

(Deleted comment)
You're doing it again in August? Well, it must not have been too bad, in that case. I completely understand, because I usually enjoy my runs, even though I feel nauseous if I push myself to sprint at the end. But shaving 25 minutes off your time is a lot. I hope you're able to get enough training in between now and August.

I'm glad you've got a few free hours now. The fic is up and i hope you're reading it as I write this.

You're right about the high heels, but what can we do? We're females and high heels make us look cute!

(Deleted comment)
You iron woman, you! All I know is that if I ever ran 19 km and then started sprinting, I think I'd be signing my last will and testament from my stretcher in the First Aid tent.

(Deleted comment)
Erin! I've missed you. When are you going to send me that essay? (Of course you don't have to if you've changed your mind for any reason, so please don't feel pressured)

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