brit_columbia (brit_columbia) wrote,

Slave to a Gladiator, Chapter 7

Slave to a Gladiator

By Brit Columbia

Chapter Seven

Fandom:  Fake
Pairing:  Dee and Ryo
Rating:  NC-17. Explicit man-on-man, man under man, and man inside man sex!
Spoilers:  to Volume 7
Disclaimer:  Sanami Matoh created these characters, not me. I was not paid in any way for the creation of this story.
Summary: A rebellious slave boy is taught to submit to the dark desires of a gladiator with a whip in NYC.
Author's notes: Please read and review
Thank you to  mtemplar, Moontatoo and LadyFeather for beta-ing this.

This chapter is dedicated to the wit and naughtiness of jdr1184!  If you want to see why, scroll back to chapter 6 of this story right here on my LJ and see the fabulously funny macro she made to illustrate it! I guarantee you'll fall off your chair laughing.
Slave to a Gladiator

Chapter Seven

"This is the next part of your training, Slave," said Dee in a husky voice that revealed the extent of his desire. "I'm going to teach you how to please your master with that shy, virgin little back door of yours. Do you want to learn? Are you ready to be a good slave, now?"

"Yes, Master. Please... Please teach me."

Dee guided the head of his lubricated member to Ryo's opening, praying to God in heaven that he wouldn't come before he got it even halfway in. Ryo lay with his chest against the bedclothes, his buttocks quivering high in the air, waiting with ill-concealed longing for Dee to take him. Dee had seldom seen a more irresistible sight.  When he lined up with his lover's entrance and pressed against it, Ryo actually whimpered, calling out Dee's name. For the moment, Dee didn't give a damn that he wasn't being addressed as 'Master'; he was busy trying to get the substantial mushroom head of his dick past the tight ring of muscle that was guarding his slave's 'virginity'. But Ryo was helping. Braced on his elbows, he pushed back, panting, and they both cried out when he was breached.

"'re very tight," remarked Dee in a ragged voice.

"M-Master, wait, wait, wait..." his slave begged, his hand coming back to seize Dee's thigh.

Dee was content to do as he asked, certain that if he moved even an inch, he would blow his load before he had managed to satisfy his partner. It had been too sexy, too hot, the whole scene. Whipping a consenting Ryo who had trusted him absolutely, licking his lover's rear passage, an act that his partner rarely let him perform, being told that Ryo pretty well thought he was the hottest thing on the planet... All that had gotten him keyed up like there was no tomorrow - he hoped he could hold up long enough to give his 'slave' even a taste of the promised lesson.

He counted to ten forwards and backwards, then spoke. "Ready, yet? Because if..."

What he had been going to say would never be known, because Ryo chose that moment to press slowly back on Dee, impaling himself on his lover's fleshly weapon, all the while moaning low in his throat.

"Jesus Christ!" exclaimed Dee, as he felt the flaming heat of Ryo's well-whipped cheeks meet the hard tautness of his braced thighs. He was all the way inside, and it hadn't been he who had done it; it had been the slave. So much for 'shy, virgin holes'. He felt like he had somehow been catapulted to the final inning - it wouldn't be long now, and he had only just gotten in, dammit. His precocious slave was grinding back against him, twisting his hips this way and that, contracting the entire inner surface of his narrow, slippery channel against Dee's erection in the most maddening way. It wasn't an attempt to tease him; Dee understood that. His darling was driven by his own pent-up needs and couldn't really control himself. He knew what Ryo wanted, and found he couldn't deny him, whatever the price. The man beneath him needed to be taken with power, speed, and urgency, and without further delay.

"God help me," Dee whispered, gripping Ryo's hips in either hand and beginning to pump. Exactly as he had foreseen earlier, Ryo began moaning and then yelling, waiting to catch Dee on the in-strokes so that he could push back in an effort to feel every last centimeter of Dee's penis inside him.

Dee leaned forward, gliding his right hand up Ryo's hip to his waist, where he got a good grip on the folds of the hiked-up tunic. With his left hand, he reached under Ryo and took hold of his dick. Ryo whimpered and bucked under him, and it was with relief that Dee realized that his lover was as close to the finish line as he was himself.

Shaking with the effort of holding back his orgasm, Dee began jerking Ryo's rock-hard, throbbing penis while he fucked him with deep, powerful strokes. He didn't have enough self-control to be able to concentrate on angling the head of his dick so that it slid directly against Ryo's prostate, but he figured Ryo was making that happen himself with the way he was wriggling around.

Not long after that, an orgasm broke over Dee like a tidal wave, defeating in one huge surge of release his every effort to hold back. "Fuck - Baby - Oh fuck!" he gasped, throwing his head back as his balls emptied what felt like a gallon of come far up inside Ryo.

Ryo's excitement was increased by the sensation of Dee's penis swelling and throbbing in his rear passage, forcing it to stretch still further. When he felt the spread of liquid warmth that heralded his partner's climax, he felt his own starting to rise within him. But before it could take hold, he felt Dee's weight settle over his back, as the other man sagged down on top of him, trembling in post-orgasmic lassitude. Ryo shook his body and exclaimed, "Dee, don't stop! Keep moving, dammit."

Dee's hand, which still had Ryo's penis in a loose grip, immediately tightened around his length and began pulling it rhythmically again. His dick, which remained buried inside Ryo's body, had softened a bit, yet retained most of its hardness. He hunched in and out of Ryo's now very slippery hole, afraid to give him the long deep thrusts he had done earlier in case he popped out and couldn't get back in again. To take some of his weight off his lover, he supported himself on his right hand while he kept up the double rhythm of fucking and jacking.

Ryo began emitting low, breathy groans, and Dee encouraged him by murmuring, "That's right sweetheart, shoot a big load for me. Show me how much you love taking dick up your ass, c'mon, c'mon..." He knew Ryo loved hearing him talk dirty; he had noticed that way back before they had even had sex, and he had been exploiting that particular weakness ever since. When Ryo's moment came (and a noisy moment it was, too), Dee bit the back of his neck like a mating animal, and rode out the storm. Jesus, his Ryo was a hot fuck! The shy, quiet ones often were, once seduction had caused them to drop their defenses. By the time Ryo's channel had finished contracting all over the length of hot man-flesh inside it, and his dick had finished spurting all over not only the hand that was jerking it, but also the comforter and, regrettably, the costume, Dee was hard again.

He continued to move gently inside his lover's body, squeezing the last few drops out of the shaft his fingers were wrapped around, as Ryo shuddered slowly to a halt. The mixed aroma of sweat, spunk and pheromones pervaded the air around them, and Dee breathed it in deeply through his nostrils, feeling it send power to his stiffening erection.

"Did you like that, Slave? Did it feel good?" Dee spoke against Ryo's neck, nipping him lightly for punctuation.

"Yes," Ryo murmured thickly. "It was good. Very good." He wriggled his buttocks experimentally against Dee's groin. "You're still hard," he remarked in some surprise.


"Me too."

"I noticed." Dee kept moving inside Ryo, while continuing to stroke his slippery cock.

"Um...Are you going to pull out?"

"Only if you really, really want me to." Dee pulled half his length out, then thrust back in again all the way, grinning at the way Ryo shuddered.

"Oh! Dee...D-do that again..."

"Call me 'Master'."

"Master...More, plea - Master! Oohhhhh....Yes, yes..."

And so began the second round, altogether slower and more tender than the first. They paused only to allow Ryo to turn over onto his back, the chain loop clanking against the headboard as he did so. When Ryo had gotten himself arranged into a comfortable position on his back, Dee wiped his sticky hand off on the comforter to make sure that he would be able to touch Ryo with it later. Then he knelt between his lover's spread legs, lifting his slave's buttocks with masterful hands before easily sliding back into the welcoming confines of his rear passage. It was still tight, but the ring of muscle at the entrance no longer resisted. Having been held open for so long by Dee's thick shaft, it was now powerless to deny entry. Not that it wanted to, however. Ryo was loving it; Dee could see by the expression on his flushed and heavy-lidded face. He usually needed a rest between bouts of sex, but not this time. It had to be the novelty of the fantasy.

As was his preference, Dee rode Ryo with his right hand braced on the mattress, his left hand free to caress Ryo's right leg, which was hooked over his shoulder. Actually, he caressed whichever parts of Ryo he could reach, occasionally switching bracing hands to let his fingers roam up Ryo's sides under the thoroughly wrinkled and damp slave tunic, over his chest, onto his shoulders and all the way up his arms to where the manacles held his wrists. He reached for Ryo's hair, stroking his cheekbones and jaw before finally turning his lover's face to his own for a kiss. Ryo moved his mouth aside, deflecting the kiss at the last moment, which surprised Dee until he remembered what he had been doing earlier. His partner didn't approve of rimming and wouldn't usually let him do it, although he always ended up getting right into it on those rare occasions when Dee was able to finagle permission. Ryo also wouldn't allow kissing afterward, but today he was going to, God damn it.

"Slave," Dee said sternly, hearing his breath in his voice. "You will deny your master nothing. You have submitted your body to me; you have placed your trust in my hands. Now give me your mouth."

Ryo's eyes looked up at him, passionate pools of midnight in the perfection of his face. An adorable little frown appeared between his brows, and he opened his mouth to speak. Dee killed both the little frown and the unspoken words by hitching Ryo's hips toward him on a slow, deep in-thrust, which caused his cock to rub directly over the other man's prostate. Ryo's lips parted wider to cry out, but Dee moved down toward him, and somehow the cry turned into a kiss. Dee took his mouth hungrily, and after a momentary hesitation, Ryo returned the kiss with desire and pleasure, no doubt figuring that once he was in for a penny, he might as well be in for a pound.

It was in the middle of the seventh or eighth kiss that Ryo's body suddenly began to give off those unmistakable signs that heralded an imminent orgasm. The muscles of his hips and chest tightened, his breathing changed, his cock, where it was trapped between their bellies, began swelling and throbbing powerfully, and there were a couple of telltale contractions as the muscles of his anus spasmed lightly against the slick surface of the large, vigorous invader moving rhythmically inside it.

Dee sped up in response and began giving it to him deeper, loving the way Ryo's panting breaths started turning into urgent moans. His left hand gave up touching Ryo all over and fumbled between their bodies to take hold of his lover's hot, sticky penis.

This time, his orgasm took him just as he brought Ryo off. He could feel the liquid rush of Ryo's second climax pulsing in time with his own, and the two men groaned and writhed against each other. When it was over, Dee collapsed on Ryo, nuzzling his neck and holding him tightly as both of their heart rates slowed down and returned to normal.

Although Ryo often fell asleep for a short time after sex, today he felt it was impossible. For one thing, his arms were tired from being in one position for so long, and for another, he couldn't wait to get out of the soiled and sweaty slave costume that was bunched up uncomfortably under him. He gave Dee a couple more minutes to recover, before nudging him with one foot.

"Hey," he said. "Are you still alive?"

"That's 'Are you still alive, Master', you unromantic cad," Dee grumbled and shifted a bit.

"Come on, get off me. And get these manacles off me, too. The fantasy is over, and I seriously need a shower." Ryo pulled impatiently on his chains, rattling them noisily against the brass of his headboard.

"Oh all right." Dee raised himself up on his elbows and kissed Ryo's forehead, before getting off the bed. "But I'm gonna need some more 'togetherness' after we have showers, you know." He stepped over to the dresser to retrieve the keys to the manacles.

"Sure, whatever, as long as it's not messy. Dee, hurry up. What's taking so long?" Ryo jangled his chains again and looked over at his partner.


The rattling stopped abruptly. "What do you mean 'oops'?" There was a distinct edge to Ryo's voice.

"Uh, don't worry, love. It's just...I could have sworn I left the key on the dresser, and now it's not there. It probably fell on the floor."

Dee dropped down out of Ryo's sight onto his hands and knees and started scrabbling around.

"Dee Laytner, if you don't find that key in ten seconds flat, I swear I'll - "

"You'll what?" Dee couldn't resist popping back up and giving Ryo a mischievous look. "Is this the part where you remind me that even though you're wearing a miniskirt and are chained to a bed with not one but TWO loads of cum up your ass, you're still a dangerous man?"

Leaning his elbows on the bed, he smirked at Ryo's furiously blushing face and clenched teeth, so pleased with his own wit that it caught him by surprise when Ryo's right foot swung out in a lightning-fast and astonishingly well-executed roundhouse kick, all things considered. It connected rather painfully with his shoulder, sending him crashing sideways into the dresser.

"OW!" he yelled from the floor. "Ryo, you bastard, I think you just dislocated my shoulder!"

"No I didn't," Ryo informed him peevishly, "because then you would've been in too much pain to be able to focus on finding the damn key. Now quit whining and get me out of these chains!"

Just then the phone rang. Dee got up rubbing his shoulder, and reached for it. "MacLean residence," he said, glaring balefully at Ryo. "Oh, hi there, Sea Hag. Do you need to borrow a broomstick? Or maybe a mop to clean up the mess you've made of your life?"

Dee held the phone at arm's length while Diana gave him a loud and somewhat profane piece of her mind, which ended with a demand to speak to Ryo. Dee brought the phone back to his ear and shot Ryo a wink as he said, "Sorry, but Ryo's kinda tied up right now. But you're in luck because I'm available to help you with your no-doubt pathetic little problem, as long as you keep it short and sweet and don't bore the piss outta me."

He balanced the handset against his shoulder, saying, "Uh-huh," several times as he untied the blue silk bathrobe belt that held Ryo pinned to the headboard by the length of chain between his gold manacles. When he had done so, Ryo sat up, flexing his arms.

"Sorry," said Dee into the phone. "I'll ask him, but I'm pretty sure he's gonna say no. He doesn't wanna appear in public in his costume."

Ryo's ears pricked up at that, and he frowned at Dee.

Dee put his hand over the mouthpiece and said, "It's Diana. She's insisting that we put in an appearance at her party."

Ryo put his hands on his hips and gave Dee a hard look. "I thought you said there wasn't any party."

"Well, there wasn't any important party!" The expression on Ryo's face was making Dee feel defensive. "The party was just a Plan B if you didn't go for Plan A..." He trailed off sheepishly and placed the phone into Ryo's outstretched hand.

"Diana, am I to understand that you're having a party and that Dee knew about it?" He paused and then said, "Well, next time you should tell me and not him, because we seem to have gotten our wires crossed here. I mean, first he told me there was a party and he even went and got costumes, but then he told me there WASN'T a party, so I'm feeling a little confused."

Dee, who had gone back down on the floor, was pretending to be engrossed in searching for the key, but he was actually listening carefully to Ryo's side of the conversation so that he could get an accurate idea of how much trouble he was about to be in.

"No, I'm sorry," said Ryo to Diana. It's too short notice. We couldn't possibly get there in half an hour. Besides, my costume is totally inappropriate, as you can probably imagine, considering who chose it." He directed a resentful look at Dee, who affected not to notice, but was privately thinking that Ryo's costume had been a lot more appropriate BEFORE they had covered it with lube and sex juice.

"What?" cried Ryo. "Diana, you wouldn't!"

Dee listened attentively.

"I can't believe you would do something patently illegal just to get us to come to your party!"

Dee peered under the bed, shaking his head at his partner's naivety. It had been almost three years, and Ryo was just NOW noticing how ruthless the Sea Hag was? All the same, he was dying to know what Diana was threatening him with. He hoped that whatever it was would make Ryo end up being more pissed off at Diana than at him.

"Diana, if you tell the Commissioner that I have those fantasies about him, it'll make no end of trouble for me, do you realize that?"

Dee's body jerked and he struck his head on the metal bed frame. "OW!" he yelled, crawling out in a hurry, rubbing his head and looking angrily at Ryo.

"Are you okay?" Ryo asked him, but Dee didn't think he looked terribly sympathetic.

"Never mind that! What's that crazy bitch planning? Tell me right now! In fact, give me the goddamn phone!"

Ryo turned away from him, saying, "You hear that, Diana? Every kind of trouble."  There was a pause, and then he said, "All right then, I guess you have me over a barrel. Which hotel?" He slapped away Dee's hand from the phone and added, "We'll see you in an hour. I'll figure something out." Then he hung up and turned back to Dee. "Did you stop looking for the key?" he asked accusingly.

"No, I got it here. It was under the bed. What the hell's going on? What did that Evil Woman say about the Commish?"

"She said she hasn't had a good turnout for her party and she needs more bodies or she's going to lose face for some reason. If we don't show up there, she's going to tell the Commissioner that I once drunkenly confessed to her that I fantasize about being alone in a hot tub with him."

"You WHAT?" Dee was so shocked that the key fell out of his hand and once more landed somewhere on the carpet.

"Dee, it is absolutely not true!" Ryo rolled his eyes, exasperated. "She's prepared to lie to him if I don't do what she wants. Now pick up that key before it disappears again. For crying out loud, I don't know where you get off calling ME an airhead all the time."

Dee straightened up and handed him the key, which had been easier to find this time. "What was that part about something illegal, then?"

"Get this - she'll not only tell him I have fantasies about him, but she promised to use her best trainee FBI cyber-crime guy to hack into my computer and send the Commissioner a romantic email, allegedly from me! Can you believe that?"

"Yeah," said Dee grimly. "That hellcat plays hardball. She'll totally do it, too."

"So it looks like we're going to a party, whether we want to or not. But I'm sure YOU'RE happy about that."

"What? No way! I don't wanna go to her stupid party."

"Yeah, right." Ryo unlocked the manacles and thrust them at Dee. "Don't tell me you didn't plan this whole thing."

"Ryo! What are you talking about?"

"You told me there was no party - that you went to all that trouble with the costumes just for me." Ryo strode to the door and snatched his robe off the hook.

"It's not like that, sweetheart - "

"I should have known better than to believe you. You lie like a rug; always have, always will." Ryo disappeared in the direction of the bathroom, with Dee scurrying close behind him, protesting weakly.

"Ryo, I wasn't lying, well not technically -"

"Save it. You obviously made Diana think we were coming to her party. She said you promised! So now she's calling us on it and making damn sure we go."

"Baby, I - "

"And then you made up that crap about your 'special fantasy', when really it was all about getting a quickie in before the party, wasn't it? Dee Laytner, this is the LAST time I fall for one of your tricks!" Ryo slammed the bathroom door in Dee's face.

Dee didn't think it would be a good time to remind Ryo that he said that at least once a month, and then always fell for the next one. Instead, what he said was, "It wasn't crap, Ryo, about the fantasy; come on please believe me."

"Like hell," snapped Ryo through the closed door. "You pretended it meant something to you, and that's why I went through with it. But all you wanted was to get laid, even if it meant making a fool of me."

Here comes trouble, Dee thought. It sounded like his partner was feeling embarrassed about what he had consented to in the bedroom. He had to make this right, and fast. He absolutely couldn't stand the thought that his beloved Ryo might be eaten up with shame and regret.

Grasping the doorknob, he tried the door, and to his relief, Ryo hadn't locked it yet. Rushing into the bathroom, he fetched up behind his partner, who was standing at the sink. Ryo's outraged eyes met his in the mirror.

"What are you doing in here? Get out, this minute!"

"No. Not until you listen to me." Dee's voice was calm, and there was something in his eyes that halted the flow of Ryo's bitter thoughts. When he felt Dee's arms come around him from behind, he tensed for a minute, but didn't struggle much.

"Please listen, okay? I need you to know something. It's important that you understand, okay?" Dee kissed the side of Ryo's neck and stroked his chest gently. Ryo's face was averted, but Dee felt the fight go out of him.

"All right, just hurry up and say it, whatever it is. I don't think I've ever wanted a shower more in my life."

"I don't want you thinking that what we did in the bedroom today was meaningless to me. It wasn't just about getting laid, although I will admit that I love having sex with you whenever I can get it."

"Dee - "

"Shh, baby. Let me finish. You submitted to me today. You trusted me, you let me whip you and treat you like a slave..."

Ryo slumped slightly in his arms and wouldn't meet his eyes. Dee continued to stroke him with tenderness. "You liked it, didn't you? You rose to the occasion. You gave me your desire, along with your trust. You got hot for me, you responded. You know what that tells me?"

Ryo was silent.

"It tells me that you love me, as much as I love you. That you would do anything for me, the way I would for you." He kissed Ryo's neck again and let his lips linger there, breathing in his scent, and hoping Ryo could feel the affection in his touch. "There are a thousand ways to say 'I love you'. When you agreed to wear those chains and this costume and let me do whatever I wanted to you, you entered into it with your whole heart. You said 'I love you' loud and clear with your actions. Please don't ever feel bad about loving me, okay?" He shook him a little. "Okay, Ryo?"

Ryo lifted his eyes to Dee's in the mirror. He looked relieved, and even a little bit grateful. When he raised his hands and put them over Dee's where they rested on his body, Dee knew that everything was going to be all right. He gave Ryo a squeeze, and felt a flood of happiness run through him when Ryo squeezed back.

A minute later, Ryo wriggled his buttocks a little against Dee. "What the hell is that?"

Dee rubbed it against him. "It's a sign of love, dork."

"I don't believe this! Was two times not enough for you?" Ryo started to pull away from him.

"It's never enough," Dee murmured against his shoulder, pulling him back. "I don't think I'll ever, as long as I live, get enough of you."

"Come on, Dee, let go of me. We've got a party to go to, whether we like or not."

"Oh all right." Dee reluctantly released Ryo and allowed himself to be pushed out of the open bathroom door. "Hey," he said, a hopeful thought striking him. "Can we take a shower together?"

"No," said Ryo, "'cause I know where that'll lead." He shut the door in Dee's face for the second time, but then opened it again a moment later. "Was... Was that really your all-time number one fantasy?" he asked shyly.

Dee hesitated a moment too long, and saw Ryo's face change. The door closed firmly in front of him. "Sure it is, babe," he called through the door. "Well, top five, anyway..." He stood there, wondering if he was in trouble again, but unable to help grinning wickedly to himself, as he thought about the other four fantasies. Thirty seconds later, the door opened once more and a bundle of fabric hit him in the face. He caught it in his hands and looked down at it. It was the soiled slave costume. Dee being Dee, he immediately started thinking that this almost certainly meant that his partner would now be naked behind the door, so he nearly missed what Ryo said next.

"Since it's not your number one fantasy, then I'm sure you won't mind changing roles for the party. I'm gonna be the gladiator, and you can be the goddamn slave. If you hand-wash that thing quickly and stick it in the dryer, it should be just about dry by the time we have to leave."

Dee's mouth dropped open. "B-but Ryo - " he began, and then gave up as the door shut for the last time and he heard the click of the lock. Uh-oh. Now he was in for it.

-end of chapter seven-

Additional author's notes: The chapters are getting longer! Actually my motivation for this one was to have something to post on FF dot net. I realised that if I ended it in the place I had originally planned, there would barely be any chapter left once I had edited out most of the sex for that site. See? I'm always thinking about my readers and fellow Fake fans!

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