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(no subject)
Dee Blue waves
My husband has been walking around singing for three hours and forty-five minutes.  I made him pizza in the hopes that he would stop, but he wolfed it and started right up again.  Somebody help me, please!  I'm trying to write about dueling breakfasts here, and it's SO hard to concentrate.

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SHould I even ask what is he thinking?

According to my family, if you start to sing, "I'd like to give the world a song, of perfect harmony" - then that wipes all songs out of their head.

Otherwise, try some peanut butter.

No, don't ask what he's thinking, because I have no idea and I live with him. And I'm scared to start singing that song, because then HE will, and his specialty is singing the same song over and over and over until normally peaceable people who even LOVE him start entertaining homicidal thoughts!

I'm sure the peanut butter solution won't last any longer than the pizza did, but hell, I'll try anything at this point.

Thanks for trying!

Start singing with him. Either he'll stop or at east you'll be singing too.

What's he singing anyway? Hopefully it's good songs.

It's not good songs! It never is. Okay, I'm taking your advice and singing too because it's 20 friggin' minutes to midnight and he's still doing it and I am ready to jump off a cliff.

how many pots of coffee did he drink anyway?

or maybe he just wants a little attention...


No coffee. He was just doing chores around the house and he always sings when he works. At least he installed a new toilet seat and polished my boots, which was nice of him. I finally got him to stop singing by a combination of things. Bale_ikura's suggestion that I sing too really slowed him down. I picked one verse of one song and sang in 9 or ten times in a row in various keys. All was quiet for about fifteen minutes after that. Then when he started up again, I think I hurt his feelings slightly by offering him cash to stop. He didn't take the cash, but at least he stopped. Oh, man.

And you might be right - he probably did want attention. Next time, I'll try pouncing on him and giving him some 'attention'!

I'm sorry to laugh, but it's funny the way you describe your hubby's singing a song you apparently hate for more than a few minutes! I agree that he probably wanted some attention - he sees you 'trying to concentrate on your writing' but he's still going on with his fine tune! Poor guy - men are so silly sometimes. LOL :D

More than a few minutes? Try almost 4 hours! I'm normally a very patient person, but sheesh! I tried to tell myself that singing people are usually happy people, and I should be happy that he was happy, but those warm, fuzzy feelings had melted away completely after the first two hours. I guess he was hoping that if he could distract me from my writing, I'd give up and come and spend time with him. I feel a little guilty now for ignoring him. He probably would have been happy if I'd gone and pounded him with sofa cushions or something.

*apologizes for the sniggering*

Darned hubby. Distracting you when you're trying to write! And you even made pizza! I suggest salt-water taffy in the future. *grins*

You have the same problem sometimes, don't you? My turn for sniggering will come!

I suggest a gag in the future. Or maybe I can make some kind of deal with him involving massage in exchange for silence.

Tell him if he doesn't stop singing, you get to drag his ass out clothes shopping. Not sure if it'd work with your hubby, but mine would shut up in a heartbeat.

Karuune, your husband must be a much more pleasant clothes-shopping companion than mine. Mine gets right into it, and starts fetching hideous outfits for me to try on, and that upsets me because naturally it reveals that he has NO understanding of who I really am and all, after all our time together. (Guaranteed fight) I'D be the one getting tortured, not him!

There was more singing earlier this evening, but thankfully some good TV seems to have distracted him.

Wow. That's bad. My husband is bad, but he's the kind that would rather sit out on the bench and hold the purse with the other poor "I was dragged to the mall" shleps. When I ask him how something looks, I'll get a shrug and a "you know I don't care" from him. So if I threaten to drag him clothes shopping, he'll usually listen, since he hates shopping of any kind.

Have you considered 2 separate entertainment rooms?

We actually do have two separate entertainment rooms, and if he would just stay in his, I wouldn't have a problem. But he comes out and wanders all over the place singing, frequently popping his head into the computer room to see what I'm doing.

Your husband sounds very well-trained. What's your secret?

*Snickers* I married stoic. He feels that me telling him I miss him (after he's been away for 2 weeks) is clinginess. I've actually had to train him to tell me he loves me more than twice a year.

Your husband sounds like me! I'm very stoic, and so is my husband. Stoic married stoic in our case. I just wish that my husband could be the strong SILENT type (like stoic people often are) and keep his songs in his heart, along with most of his rants about politics!

Old entry, I know

Just waiting for some more justice to come out and browsing your lj in the meantime. Are my unsigned comments creepy? I don't think they're creepy.

Anyway, I totally have the same problem with the singing. I sing constantly, to the annoyance/amusement of everyone around me, depending on the person and their mood. I find that the best cure for a singing person is to encourage them to sing. I sing all day and my sister hates it, but as soon as she tries to distract me from something by actually /telling/ me to sing, I can't do it! Put him on the spot!

No, your comments are certainly not creepy. Posts marked 'anonymous' are just a tiny bit more anonymous than comments by by people with 'Deesdaman' or 'berksux' or what have you. I mean, I don't know who those people are, either! But I would probably get confused as to who was who if I had multiple anonymous visitors.

I'm really excited about getting back to Justice. I'm enjoying writing that story a lot! But I have to finish Slave to A Gladiator. I made the readers wait almost eleven months between posts on Slave, and now I'm determined to ride it out to the end. After I post Chapter 19 this coming weekend, I think I might be able to wrap everything up by Chapter 20, but it will all depend on how long the sex scene takes.

I think your suggestion of encouraging people to sing is certainly worth a try. It may not work, though. My husband has no problem singing to an appreciative audience. (He's a Leo)

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