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posting and vacation schedule, plus assorted unrelated ramblings
Dee Blue waves
Topics covered under the cut:

- posting dates for Chapter 37 of A New Day and Chapter 8 of Slave to A Gladiator
- dates of my vacation
- itemized list of all the new clothes I bought for my vacation
- a brief mention of Fluffy, the world's cutest cat
- some grumbling about a tedious romance novel I recently wasted time on

All right, here's my posting schedule for the next little while, and I'm afraid it's not necessarily good news for fans of Slave to a Gladiator.  I've put S to a G aside while I work on A New Day, which I've gotten really behind on.  Chapter 37 of that story has come back from the betas and now needs tweaking from me.  I'll do that this weekend and post it either on Saturday or Sunday night.

Regarding S to a G, chapter 8 has also come back from the betas and also needs tweaking. I'll post chapter 8 of S to a G on Monday or Tuesday night, and unfortunately, it's going to be my last chapter until the fall, probably mid-September.  It's set in October of Dee and Ryo's first year together, so the party is really a Halloween party.  Chapters 8, 9 and 10 don't have any sex in in them because they mainly deal with party hijinks where various people get embarrassed or into trouble.  Sex and spanking resume when Ryo and Dee return home after the party.

For those of you looking for hotness, there's more coming this summer.  There will be at least one more sex scene in A New Day, but not until the next couple of chapters have passed.  It's currently Thursday in the story, and Ryo and Dee still have a 'sex date' on Friday!  I'll also be posting a  two-chapter PWP story about Ryo and Dee dealing with the summer heat.  I wrote part one last year, and then the weather cooled down before I got around to finishing it, so I lost interest and decided to save it for this summer instead.  I'll be posting that in the second half of July.

Thank you to all my readers, first of all for reading my offerings, and also for your patience in waiting for them.  I want to once again assure you that I will always finish anything I post.  I have a lot of unfinished stories on my computer that you guys haven't seen yet, mainly because I haven't decided if I want to finish them. (Like for example, the story about Diana's lingerie and beachwear party)  However, once I post the first chapter of something on any public site, including my LJ, you can count on me 100% to finish it.  Furthermore, I'll post regularly until I do.  The only thing that would stop me would be some kind of accident or serious illness.  Or maybe a period of incarceration!  But that last one is really unlikely because I'm such a law-abiding goody-two-shoes who always wears her bicycle helmet and seat belt, and refrains from getting into bar brawls.   I'm too busy to have time to get into trouble, basically!

I'll be gone on vacation from July 21st to July 3rd, and I don't expect to be able to check my email more than a couple of times while I'm out of the country.  I don't think I'll be able to do any writing while I'm gone.  I've written lots of stuff in notebooks in the past that has never made it onto the computer because I'm too lazy to type something that I've already written.  I'll start writing Chapter 38 of A New Day when I return.  I hope to be able to post it by the third week of July, possibly sooner.

In other news, my upcoming vacation has forced me to engage in a hated activity: shopping!  I hate shopping for clothes and pretty well anything, except food.  I'm more of a catalogue person.  I wish I had a personal shopper who would go out and tramp round malls and buy stuff for me.  There are so many other things I would rather do with my limited free time than wander around stores.  Anyway, because of all the shopping, I now have a closet full of new clothes.  I've bought a long, black, sleeveless dress, two skirts (one black and green, the other turquoise), a pair of  beige cropped pants, a pair of long black pants, five blouses (peach, lavender, dark green, light green), two short sleeved crocheted sweaters (one black and one lime green), three tee-shirts, a light lime-green jacket, a dressy black and white evening top, two pairs of spa socks that actually smell like lavender and sage and are guaranteed to smell good through 25 washes (don't know if I believe that), assorted new underthings, and a pair of extremely comfortable black wedge heeled sandals.  I hope this means I don't have to go shopping again for a really long time.

I'm really looking forward to my vacation, but every time I look at Fluffy, I start missing him terribly, even though I haven't left yet!  My poor, poor kitty.  A dear friend is coming here to cat-sit, but I know that Fluffy will feel scared, abandoned and worried about his future when all three of his primary caregivers all vanish at the same time.  I wish there was some way I could explain to him that it's only temporary and we really will be back, but it's impossible.

I recently read an incredibly dull het romance by a bestselling author whose name I must endeavor to memorize so that I never waste money on any of her books again.  Why did I buy it?  Well it had an interesting premise, but it rapidly deteriorated into repetitive crud.  I don't know what happened there.  I'm normally pretty selective about the books I read, but I was shopping quickly for reading material for the vacation, and that one kinda sneaked into my pile.  Oh well.  The interesting thing about my experience with that book is that the person who wrote it is a best-selling author, which means that thousands and thousands of people out there must enjoy reading repetitive crud!  Hmmm...  However, let me state that despite the yawns this book aroused in me, I do believe this particular author IS capable of writing something interesting.  I think she's just following a formula that has possibly been laid on her by her publisher.  Maybe they sent the first draft back to her and ordered her to take out the interesting and challenging plot elements and put in more and yet more trifling lovers' quarrels and coyly-written vanilla sex scenes.  Vanilla sex scenes, might I add, that miraculously ended in screaming orgasms, even though neither the male nor female lead displayed any evidence whatsoever of sexual skill, unless you count smoldering gazes and chest caressing.

And no, I'm not going to say who she is, because I've already slagged her book.  I'll name names when I have something good to say, but not when I have only bad things to say.

In closing, I apologize for the boringness of this rather verbose post.

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Lololol romance novels 8D They make me lol. It amazes me how people on the internet can write better than published authors *_* I love it though, suck it corporate America I get my porn for free!

Yeah, there's some damn good porn-prose on the internet! But I still really like to have a paperback that I can take to Starbucks. But NOT a paperback with a cheesy porn-like cover that announces my reading preferences to the world. Case in point: "Winds of Change" by Lee Rowan. An enjoyable read, but a hideous low-budget cover that I covered with a folded piece of paper so I could read it on my lunch breaks at work.

I've had to do that with yaoi manga before D: Mostof the time I don't care but if I'm bored in the middle of class I don't want everyone to know what I'm reading. Especially in a recneck, politically conservative state.

I hate it when people say, "Whatcha readin'?", which they never would have said if the titillating cover hadn't caught their eye. Then I have to politely get rid of them so I can get back to my book. Books with sexy covers are weirdo-magnets. They assume that if you're actually sitting in a public place reading a book with cover like THAT, then you're an open-minded gal who wouldn't mind a little company!

It only happened to me once, but it sucked.

Yes, Winds of Change was a lovely book, but the cover did suck mightily! I also agree with bale_ikura. The stuff I've read on LJ is obviously written by folks with genuine ability to tell a story, create characters you care about, and know a little something about pulling a reader into a tale. The big time publishers in NY could learn something here, and stop hyping crap I would only use to set fire to my charcoal briquettes.

Yeah, I agree there's a lot of good free stuff on the internet, but since it's not making money, I guess the big-time publishers don't care. But if they're hyping and publishing crap, it means that people must be buying it. Now, what I want to know is...are they buying it because there's something they like about it or are they buying it because they haven't been able to find anything better in the genre they favor? Every so often I fall for some hype and buy an utterly crappy book. Then I feel pissed off with everyone. The writer, the editor, the publishing company, whichever other well-known writers in the same publishing stable helped hype the book, and finally myself for not picking up the crap-factor in my customary one-page reading test.

I totally share your views on shopping. I try to avoid it at all costs. *grins* I gave up reading romance novels almost ten years ago - I have no time and I usually end up laughing at the plots/characterizations. There's much better stuff to read on the internet - yours, for example.

Thank you! *Gives you a big hug and some blueberry biscuits* And re the shopping, it's because we're busy and practical. When I was younger and had more of that most precious commodity, TIME, I didn't mind shopping and was even capable of enjoying it as long as it didn't drag on for too long. But now it's just plain torture. I hate losing all that time sifting through tons of chaff just to find the oh-so-elusive grains of wheat.

Hey guess what? Tonight I watched the first of my episodes of Dr. Who, where Rose and Ten met for the first time! When I spotted your comment, I was actually in the middle of an email to you which I probably won't finish tonight because my husband has just returned from one of his many jobs and wants me to come to bed. Anyway, I'll expound more on DW in the email. Short verdict: loved it! I can TOTALLY see the cult appeal. You did it, you clever girl. You turned me into a fan.

Re: World's newest DW fan

I went shopping with Katy last night *gasp* for an upcoming trip (see my journal! *pokes*) and it actually wasn't bad. Katy is a good schlepper! She found lots of pretty dresses for mommy (I am so not a dress person and no, I didn't buy any!) and tried on all the sunglasses at Ann Taylor. *grins*

Ah - you must've watched 'Rose' then? That would have been Nine that she meets in the story. The little clip I sent you some time back was when she sees Ten for the first time. I'm glad you enjoyed it! 'Rose' may not have been the best of episodes, but it's a good introduction to the series if you're not familiar with it. I'll be anxious to hear what you think of other episodes. I just watched the newest yesterday - 'Midnight', and I easily think that could be the best episodes of the new series. It's fairly stand-alone, you wouldn't have to have seen other eps to enjoy it. *hints*

Re: World's newest DW fan

Wow! You must be in London now, then. I know you hate shopping, but listen to me, you must force yourself to do some while you're in London. There will be cool stuff there that is not available in your home city. Buy some sexy knickers to reward the hubby for being such a prize!

I haven't watched any other episodes yet, but I'm looking forward to watching more when I get back from my own vacation.

Happy anniversary, btw!

DOH! Shopping for a vacation is fun, but I can get the clothes shopping bit. I absolutely HATE clothes shopping, but that's due to personal reasons. Like not being able to find my size due to sell-outs >.<

Yeah...I've stopped bringing any form of yaoi manga (or porn plotted material) with me to read outside of the house. Like bale_ikura, I live in a somewhat repressed, mostly red, sorta rednecky state where people don't hesitate to either assume you're "good, churchgoing folk", or assume that it's ok to tell you that you need to go to church. I'd rather just wear my religious preferences (a Jewish star and a pentagram) around my neck, and scare 'em that way. Besides, I prefer to be at home, reading the good stuff on the 'net!

I live on Canada's west coast, which is quite a liberal kind of place, so it would be really surprising for me if someone told me I needed to go to church. How interesting! When they say that, do you just flash your Jewish star? And does it shut them up?

Home is nice, but sometimes I must venture out in search of espresso.

Pfft, the reason peeps would suggest me going to church is specifically BECAUSE I'm Jewish/Wiccan. It's pretty funny being told by another human that I won't be saved during the rapture. That said, my normal reaction to them is to thank them for their concern, and that I'm perfectly content with not being saved.

I've always thought that Canada sounded like a great place to live, save for the bitter cold. My hubby and I were talking about Vancouver should we get another government like the one we've had the past 8 years.

Hehe Brit, you are making me laugh!

Sex and spanking resume when Ryo and Dee return home after the party.

Or maybe a period of incarceration!

I hate shopping for clothes and pretty well anything, except food. I'm more of a catalogue person. I wish I had a personal shopper who would go out and tramp round malls and buy stuff for me.

Me too, Brit. I do okay on the Internet but the department stores and malls are just a waste of my time! It is very frustration because I always seem to be BETWEEN sizes. Or something will fit nicely across the bosom, and will be too small across my gut! Yes, I need to lose weight but that takes time and I need some summer clothing NOW!!!!! *grabs machete and removes gut*

Well it had an interesting premise, but it rapidly deteriorated into repetitive crud.

I remember spending tons of money on het romances, but I can't even stomach them anymore! And I always steer clear of anything that claims to be written by best-selling author, so-and-so. But that's just my own humble opinion.

But Brit, are you gonna share where you're going on your fabulous vacation? Is it someplace with sunny beaches, or someplace urban and bustling with activity? I know Fluffy will miss you, but you must trust your catsitter to give him lots of lovin until you get back.

Have a wonderful time!

I love it when I can make you laugh, Shelley! The world needs more laughter, in my opinion. That's why I try to put humor in everything I do.

I'm still not done with my shopping because I haven't yet found a swimsuit that fits top and bottom. Mind you, I gave up after trying on three and basically ran out of the store. I forgot how much swimsuit shopping sucks. I'll try again on Friday, but that's my last chance. There's a little voice in the back of my head that's telling me not to bother because it'll just be a waste of money. I'll wear my new swimsuit maybe three times and then I'll never wear it again, and the elastic will get old and cracked like what happened to my last one. I like being active, but I've never liked swimming and I'm no good at it either. Years ago I got a scuba license and I used to go snorkeling, but it was just to accompany a man, and I never enjoyed it for its own sake. I"m just not a water baby.

I'm going to Turkey again. I went two years ago, but to Ankara. I'm going to Antalya this time, and we're staying in an all-inclusive place. I think I'm going to have to exercise every day to counteract the detrimental effects of the buffet tables!

From now on, if any romance is billed as being having been written by a bestselling author, I'm going to take that as a big red warning flag.

My catsitter will do her best for Fluff, I'm sure. But he's still going to be really upset. If my dad goes away for even one night, Fluffy gets worried and wanders around the house meowing plaintively. He doesn't like any of his family members to leave. He was an abandoned cat, you see, and my dad was the one who 'saved' him. Fluff's owners moved from a place that allowed cats to another that didn't, and they just left him behind. Fluffy has never forgotten that period of hunger, cold, loneliness and anxiety when he didn't have a home, so he gets anxious if his people disappear. Oh, I love him so much! I'll miss him while I'm gone.

Anyway, thanks for your well-wishes. I'm sure I will have a wonderful time. Only three days to go!

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