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Slave to a Gladiator, chapter 8
Dee Blue waves
Don't get excited, people: it's worksafe!  This is the last chapter of this story that I'll be posting for a while.  I'll resume it in the fall when we get a little closer to Halloween.  I want to spend the summer finishing A New Day and working on my hot-weather PWP, and then, maybe I'll have a little break from writing.  Or at least, from posting.

BTW, there's now a third macro illustration for this story over in the comments at chapter 7, and once more we have  jdr1184
to thank for that. It's hot Ryo and Dee action and it's not worksafe, but then the whole of chapter 7 is so not worksafe that it would curl your boss's hair! The first two macro illustrations are in the comments to chapter 6.
Slave to a Gladiator

By Brit Columbia

Chapter Eight

Fandom:  Fake
Pairing:  Dee and Ryo
Rating:  Teen.  The naughtiness is over for now.
Spoilers:  to Volume 7
Disclaimer:  Sanami Matoh created these characters, not me. I was not paid in any way for the creation of this story.
Summary: A gladiator enters into negotiations over costume details with his slave, while getting ready to attend a Halloween party in NYC.
Timing:  Set in October of Ryo and Dee's first year together. This story takes place after Keep It Down.  
Author's notes: I believe in a strong and equal Ryo and Dee. Please read and review
Thank you to mtemplar, moontatoo, and LadyFeather for beta-ing this.

Slave to a Gladiator

Chapter 8

"I dunno," said Dee doubtfully as he looked over the slave tunic that had just come out of the dryer. "I think it shrunk."

"Quit making excuses," said Ryo impatiently. He was trying to tighten the buckles on the leather breastplate of the gladiator costume.

"No, really, it's smaller. Look at this."

Ryo looked up from the breastplate fastenings and discovered that Dee was indeed correct. He had the costume on, but just barely. It was straining at the seams of the shoulder and chest.

"Ryo, I can hardly breathe. Look, I can only lift my arms to here!"

Ryo sighed in annoyance. "You! You did this on purpose!" he accused.

"How could I? YOU were the one who said to put it in the dryer. Even though this thing didn't really fit me before, I was willing to wear it. But now it's impossible."
Ryo rolled his eyes. "I might have known this would happen. All right, take it off."
"Disappointed?" Dee smiled suggestively at Ryo. "I would have been a reeeeeal obedient slave, you know."

"Hmph. I'm sure your ideas and my ideas of appropriate slave duties are totally different." Ryo consulted his watch. "What are we going to do about the costumes then? We're already running late. Diana's going to be cranky."

"Who cares if that witch is cranky? She spends the better part of every day being cranky about something or other. We're damn lucky she doesn't live in New York." Dee struggled out of the tight slave tunic and tossed it onto the bed. "Hey, have you got something else that I could use as a costume?"

Ryo gestured at the closet and said sarcastically, "Oh sure. I've got tons of costumes left over from my former careers in the theater and the circus. Help yourself."

"No need to get all snarky. I was just thinking that if we got creative, we could come up with something."

"Like what?"
"I don't really know, but maybe with a little glue and a little imagination..."
"There's no time, Dee." Ryo sighed.

"Well...Now don't freak on me for suggesting this, but I remember that the slave tunic was a tad big on you before we washed it. I bet you could still fit into it."

"Dee, I already told you I wasn't going to appear in public in that thing! Just forget it."

"Okay, sure, whatever. It's just that switching costumes would solve our problem quickly, that's all. Then we could hit Diana's party and make nice over drinks before getting the hell out of there and coming back home in time for the nine o'clock news." Dee tried to look and sound casual, hoping against hope that Ryo wouldn't suddenly remember that it was fairly easy to make a Roman toga out of a white sheet.
"Hmm..." Ryo frowned at the slave tunic, his lower lip between his teeth. "Maybe if I wore it with jeans..."
"Jeans! Come on now, nobody wore jeans in Roman times."
"Well, I'm certainly not showing that much skin to a bunch of strangers. I told you I wasn't going out like this in public, and I meant it. IF I wear this thing, it'll be with jeans, or not at all," Ryo retorted firmly.
"Aw, baby, you'll never see any of these people again. Just once, couldn't you…?"

"Dee, have you even considered that the Commissioner might be there? There's no way I'm going to let HIM see me like this."

"As a matter of fact, I HAVE considered it, and no he won't be there.  Diana was bitching yesterday about how he had blown off her party in favor of staying an extra day in DC. Hell, if it was up to me, I'd tell him to stay an extra month."

"Well, Rose or no Rose, I'm still wearing my jeans."
"Okay, if you say so. Try it on again with jeans and we'll see how dorky that looks." Dee folded his arms and waited, one eyebrow raised.
Ryo took off the gladiator breastplate and tried on the newly washed slave tunic. It was just a little tight on him, but it basically fit. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Dee unfold his arms and move a step closer. He seemed to be getting excited all over again, which made Ryo think that the sooner he got some jeans on the better. The briefs he had put on after his shower wouldn't offer much protection against a determined Dee.
"Sweetheart, I totally love you in that thing." Dee stretched out a hand toward Ryo, who gave him a stern look and stepped back out of his reach. The younger man understood what that look meant, and took it in stride. "It fits better than before," he added. "It used to be looser in the waist, but now it's perfect. Shows off your chest better, too."
Ryo took a look in the mirror. "At least it didn't shrink lengthwise," he said. "If this tunic was any shorter, it would qualify as a tee-shirt." He opened a drawer and sifted through his jeans until he found the pair he wanted, a slightly faded pair of button-fly Levis. He pulled them on under his tunic and did them up, while resolutely not looking at Dee.
"Good enough," he said, checking his reflection in the mirror.
"Good enough? You look like a hippie," Dee complained.
"Better than looking like a slave with my butt practically on display."
Dee sighed. "I LIKE it when your butt is practically on display. I don't understand why a gorgeous man like you always wants to cover up. If you've got it, flaunt it, I always say."

"Dee, have you forgotten what we've recently been doing?"

"Dude, how on earth could I forget something like that?"

"Think about it, then. I have to cover up. Not only is my butt still bright pink, but... there's the other thing, too."

"Huh? What other thing?"

"We just had sex, dimwit. With ME on the bottom! Perhaps you'll understand why I want to have a couple of layers on."
"All the more reason not to have layers!" Dee grinned wickedly. "Come on, don't you think that's just the slightest bit hot?"

"No, I certainly do not," snapped Ryo. "And neither would you if it had been YOU who got five gallons of – of -"

"Yes?" prompted Dee.

"Oh, never mind. You know what I mean. And I'm definitely wearing both underwear and jeans, so you might as well stop bugging me about it."

Dee sulked, then his eyes brightened with hope as another idea took form in his mind.

"What now?" said Ryo warily.

"Baby, how about wearing just the jeans and not the underwear?

"No! I know YOU do that all the time, but I personally think it's more hygienic for people to wear underwear under their jeans.'

"Won't you even think about it?"

"No, and stop bugging me. I'm wearing underwear and that's final."

"Okay, okay, I accept that you're determined to wear both jeans AND underwear. But...dude, could you please do me one itty bitty harmless little favor?"

"That depends."

"Could you please wear...this?" Dee held out a skimpy black thong.

"What the hell is that? It's tiny! I can't believe you wear underwear like that, Dee, for Pete's sake."

"It's not mine, Ryo. It's yours."

"No it's not. I've never seen it before in my life."

"Yes you have. Remember that Beachwear and Lingerie party that Diana suckered us into attending?"

"Uhh...yeah." Ryo winced at the memory. "But I don't recall buying anything, and even if I had, I certainly wouldn't have bought anything like that."

"This was a party favor, dude. Remember how we all had to pop a balloon? Well, this thong was in yours. You tried to stuff it down the side of the couch, but I fished it out and brought it home." Dee stretched it in front of Ryo. "Look! It's stretchy.  It covers more than you think. It feels pretty nice too. It's one of those silky microfibers."

Ryo took it in his hand and stretched it himself. "I don't know..."

"Come on, don't be a spoilsport. Just try it on! If it doesn't fit, we'll forget all about it. Just show me how you look in it, that's all. I've never seen you in anything quite so skimpy."

"You've seen me naked."

"Yes, and a beautiful sight that always is. But, you know what I mean. We're both guys. Sometimes a guy likes to see a sexy bod that's encased in some sexy undies. Is that so hard to understand?"

Ryo sighed in exasperation. "Dee, I don't know how you always do this to me."  To his partner's delight, he started to undo his jeans. "I'm beginning to think maybe Bikky was right when he said you should be a car salesman. You could sell ice to eskimos."

"Nah." Dee sighed. "If I could sell ice to Eskimos, you'd be attending the party with no jeans OR underwear."


-end of chapter eight-

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(Deleted comment)
Don't worry, Ryo is, of course, exaggerating. If Dee could produce 2.5 gallons of cum (remember, he got off twice) each time he came, he never would have become a police detective because the porn film industry would have made him an offer he couldn't refuse. Dee 'money shot' Laytner is what they would have called him. And think of the laundry! Oi.

(Deleted comment)
Well, I was sure YOU knew that it was a joke because you and I have talked about this stuff. I just did the little explanation for those who are tuning in late! And poor Ryo...He feels all 'open' down there.

(Deleted comment)
No, not yet. I'm still in the serious overtime at work phase, which falls into the 'final doom-days before the vacation' phase. Oh and let's not forget the 'pack/unpack/repack/unpack' phase, too. I leave on Saturday morning.

You have a great time at the lake, too! I can't believe I'm saying this, but I think it will probably do us both good not to have access to our computers for a while.

I LOLd at the 5 gallon part too XD Even with out the sex this chapter was still so ever amusing to read!*is trying to imagine how short the slave costume really is :3 *
Dee probably COULD sell ice to Eskimos- that's how much skill hes got.

Thank you! I know it's quite a change of pace after the passionate pounding of chapter 7, but this is the transition chapter. The next few chapters will be all about the party, and then Dee and Ryo will return home for more PP and a very sound spanking of Dee's very naughty behind!

That's a very cute icon you've got there, btw!

It was the thong that cracked me up. Dee makes heroin addicts look flighty and noncommittal by comparison.

Yeah, he's pretty single-minded isn't he? But he's headed for trouble in this story.

Nice, -love Poshu

Hah! Don't be so snarky!

Yay for Dane Cook words,I love the conversation once it gets past "You've seen me naked."


Diana is sounding more and more gnarly-bitch... I think I like it.

I think you'll like my version of Diana. She's had a teeny tiny bit part in my story FAKE First Year Together: A New Day (May) way back in chapters 12 and 13, but apart from that, I've barely had any opportunities to write her. This is my big chance with S to a G.

Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for continuing to read this story. I hope you'll read the next chapters when I finally publish them.

"Nah." Dee sighed. "If I could sell ice to Eskimos, you'd be attending the party with no jeans OR underwear."

Dee, you are so bad, pulling out the thong and actually getting Ryo to put it on! hehe hehe

Somehow I think it would be fitting if the pair of them never made it to Diana's ole party. Because once Dee sees his baby in that naughty item, all bets are gonna be off!

Thank you Brit!!!

The thong might be off too, unless Ryo manages to fight Dee off! But they're definitely going to that party because if they don't, Diana will make good on her threat.

You're welcome, Shelley! And thanks for reading.

I've been reading this story from the beginning and i have to say i love every moment of it. The 5 gallons of *beep* was hilarious too! (I only beeped cause my daughter is here right now watching the screen too even though she should be in bed). I'm looking forward to the next post. Until then Ciao!

Oh no, how old is your daughter? Old enough to read, obviously! Thank you so much for stopping by to tell me that you loved the story. It means a lot to me.

actually, she's not old enough to read yet, hell she can't even speak yet, but for some strange reason, she can point to almost every suggestive word on the page. I'm starting to wonder just what my 1 year old has been reading in her spare time besides a self magazine (and she acted like she was reading it too when we were in the hair salon one day)

Be careful with that one! Way back (in the distant, swirling mists of time) when I was about three years old, my mom noticed that I could read labels and bitch that I was being served inferior brands of HP sauce. So, she taught me to read and I entered school at four years old, already knowing how to read. But I managed to pretty well suck at math for most of the rest of my career as a student, though.

It sounds to me like your smart cookie of a daughter is starting to teach herself how to read! She's adorable, by the way, if that's her in your icon.

Dee must have forgotten how sexy Ryo is to other people and he wants him half-naked at a party full of drunk people!!! I hope Ryo wears jeans and underwear. However it would serve Dee right if Ryo gets all the attention. LOL

Yes, our Dee is sometımes, shall we say, lacking in judgment. That's why he gets himself into so much trouble!

Dee tried to look and sound casual, hoping against hope that Ryo wouldn't suddenly remember that it was fairly easy to make a Roman toga out of a white sheet. I just love a sneaky Dee.

You’re not fooling me Brit. I know who’s going to make a surprise appearance. There is no way Diana would let Rose stay away when she’s desperate for bodies. It will serve Dee right to have to deal with Rose ogling Ryo or maybe even molesting if he’s had enough punch. I also don’t believe Diana will let Ryo get away with wearing jeans. Those legs are going on display and that costume will be barely hiding a black thong. *grins*

Yea for no more Internet withdraw! Of course this will surely slow down my unpacking efforts. :)

I can never fool you! I swear you're psychic or something. From now on, all your predictions are going on spoiler alert.

This is me, responding from an internet cafe in Turkey! I'm able to venture out of the resort every couple of days without my usual entourage. (Don't want in-laws around when I'm checking out hot yaoi*manga stuff on the internet!)

Unpack a box for each chapter of whatever you're reading, why don'tcha?

Dee will be indefinitely in heat. Thank God men can't have babies or Ryo would be knocked up 10 times over and then some by now.

Later Brit

Oh God, imagine ten little Dees all running around making trouble! Dee's got one hell of a sex drive (Lucky Ryo)!

Maybe not so lucky for Ryo. If Dee has his way Ryo would probably end up walking funny everyday or just be bedridden (wouldn't that please Dee, with a Ryo who can't leave his bed.)

Later Brit

Dee’s Other Fantasy

Pirate Dee

FYI: I was rereading today (instead of cleaning) and I noticed that Chapters 1 and 2 are not tagged with the slave to a gladiator tag. I never realized how many people want to see the place when you buy a new house. I would much rather be happily reading and nagging bribing you to post, but such is life. :)

Re: Dee’s Other Fantasy

You have a little cleaning problem, don't you? I can totally relate! I'd pretty well rather do ANYTHING else.

And BTW, Dee's pirate fantasy doesn't quite go like that. Ryo is not a cabin boy, he's the captured captain of a conquered ship. In the enclosed and intimate environs of Captain Dee's cabin, Ryo's dark, twisted, and hitherto undreamed-of desires are slowly awakened. He fights his captivity and his attraction...to no avail. From the first kiss to the final plundering of his tight, slick, resistant, yet ultimately yielding...er, heart, it's a struggle every step of the way!

You! You do this to me with your pictures and your suggestions, you naughty girl. Now I have all these images in my head of Dee in pirate garb - that weren't there before!

Re: Dee’s Other Fantasy

Oh, and thanks for reminding me about the tags. I'll admit I have often forgotten about them. Chapters One and Two are now inside the fold drinking tea and having biscuits with the other chapters, instead of shivering together on the outside.

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