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I got back from Turkey just over a week ago, and naturally my first week back at work was an exceptionally busy one!  So I dragged my jet-lagged butt into the office each day and somehow got everything done, but I sure didn't have any energy left over for writing.  However, that has now changed and I'm sitting at my computer with a fan blowing on me, a plate of mushroom/bacon/spinach pizza in front of me, a glass of red wine at my right hand, Dee and Ryo on my mind, and most importantly for concentration purposes, a husband who is at work and is therefore NOT wandering around singing!  I have been plugging away at Chapter 38 of A New Day.  As soon as that's done and off to the betas, I'm going to work on my little summertime Dee/Ryo PWP

It's a beautiful, although rather warm, day, and my father and I already did a nice big bike ride together.  It was 20 or 21 kilometres, maybe more, since we rode 10 out and 10 back on the trail, plus the distance we had to ride to get to and from the trail.  (I only got ONE bug in my mouth, which I spat out instantly while trying not to think about what had just happened.)  Therefore I totally deserve this pizza.  I'm going to Try Really Hard not to eat lots of chocolate after I finish the pizza. 

I was telling my father today that there are three things I really ought not to have in the house.  Those things are 1. chocolate  2. white bread   and 3. cheese.  If those three key foods were not to be found in my house, there would be a whole lot less pigging out around here!  But what the hell.  As my husband (the athlete) says, "Life is short and then you die.  Let's die with cheese." Or cake, or pizza, or whatever you happen to be indulging in.

One more thing, and I'll let you go.  I finally watched Season One of Doctor Who! It was a marathon session over last weekend.  Now I want more!  And specifically more Captain Jack!  Can anyone tell me if he appears in Season Two at all?  What should I be downloading next?  Season Two of DW, or Season One of Torchwood?


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