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Dee Blue waves
I got back from Turkey just over a week ago, and naturally my first week back at work was an exceptionally busy one!  So I dragged my jet-lagged butt into the office each day and somehow got everything done, but I sure didn't have any energy left over for writing.  However, that has now changed and I'm sitting at my computer with a fan blowing on me, a plate of mushroom/bacon/spinach pizza in front of me, a glass of red wine at my right hand, Dee and Ryo on my mind, and most importantly for concentration purposes, a husband who is at work and is therefore NOT wandering around singing!  I have been plugging away at Chapter 38 of A New Day.  As soon as that's done and off to the betas, I'm going to work on my little summertime Dee/Ryo PWP

It's a beautiful, although rather warm, day, and my father and I already did a nice big bike ride together.  It was 20 or 21 kilometres, maybe more, since we rode 10 out and 10 back on the trail, plus the distance we had to ride to get to and from the trail.  (I only got ONE bug in my mouth, which I spat out instantly while trying not to think about what had just happened.)  Therefore I totally deserve this pizza.  I'm going to Try Really Hard not to eat lots of chocolate after I finish the pizza. 

I was telling my father today that there are three things I really ought not to have in the house.  Those things are 1. chocolate  2. white bread   and 3. cheese.  If those three key foods were not to be found in my house, there would be a whole lot less pigging out around here!  But what the hell.  As my husband (the athlete) says, "Life is short and then you die.  Let's die with cheese." Or cake, or pizza, or whatever you happen to be indulging in.

One more thing, and I'll let you go.  I finally watched Season One of Doctor Who! It was a marathon session over last weekend.  Now I want more!  And specifically more Captain Jack!  Can anyone tell me if he appears in Season Two at all?  What should I be downloading next?  Season Two of DW, or Season One of Torchwood?


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Hope your vacation was great. Jack doesn't show up again on Doctor Who until Season 3 so your best bet is to watch all of first season of Torchwood, then 3 season of Doctor who (Last 3 episodes if you just want Jack) and then back to the second season of torchwood. I'm a Jack watch, too. ;-)

Thank you! That's very useful information. I just want to watch that man move around. And kiss people, of course. Preferably men. What unbearable hotness.

Sadly, I can't download this stuff by myself. I have a good pal who's teaching me, but she just got a new job and is always working nowadays, so I don't know when I'll next be able to lure her over to my place. Maybe next weekend! Good thing I'm the patient type.

Jack is also in the last episode of season 4 of Doctor Who. I watched it:

Torchwood Season 1
Doctor Who Season 1
Doctor Who Season 2
Doctor Who Season 3
Torchwood Season 2
Doctor Who Season 4

I got into Torchwood when there wasn't a second season out already so I watched all of Doctor Who while waiting.

That would be the last two episodes of Doctor Who Season 4 (4x12 - "The Stolen Earth" & 4x13 - "Journey's End"). Actually, Ianto and Gwen are also in those two episodes.

And yes, like previously mentioned, I highly suggest watching the first season of Torchwood before the Doctor Who season 3 episodes with Jack.

If you like, I can upload the needed eps on Mediafire or Rapidshare, or something like that, rather than wait for your friend. Email me, if you want to take up my offer.

Um yeah... I caught the Torchwood bug too. And anxiously awaiting Comic-Con in less than two weeks - and to meet John Barrowman! And Gareth David-Lloyd!

Edited at 2008-07-13 07:01 am (UTC)

Thank you for your very kind offer, but since I have nagged and bugged my friend unmercifully, we now have a date for her to come over and do the bit torrent thing. I would really like to learn how to do it myself, anyway. I so suck at all things computer-oriented, and I'm determined to gradually change that.

You're going to meet John Barrowman?? *feels vicariously thrilled!* I hope he'll be in one of his fan-kissing moods on that day. And even if he doesn't kiss the fans, maybe he'll kiss GDL FOR the fans!

You'd better get into line very early - as in now. They're not going to clear the room after the session with RTD, Moffat and crew. Good luck!

Believe me, I'm a Comic-Con veteran. It's a yearly thing for me (and how I ended up getting into FAKE years ago). I had my 4-day pass even before I knew there was going to be anything Torchwood happening. I know the drill for the more popular panels.

Actually I already warned gracie_musica that we'll be standing outside the Convention Center long before they open doors (good thing we'll have our passes the night before at Preview night). Then we're going to head directly to the ballroom the panel will be at, and sit through all the panels until the Torchwood one is done. She also loves Doctor Who, so she has one less panel to suffer through than I do, lucky girl. I'm still not a Doctor Who fan, even after watching all the eps with Jack, plus the ones with Eve Myles, Naoko Mori, and a couple of others. However, I do realize how Doctor Who ties into Torchwood, and as I already started to write Torchwood fics, I figured to watch some key eps just to have a better grasp of what I'm writing at times.

Suffer through a panel? o_0 Man, I would gladly trade with you if I could. *card-carrying DW fan since 1981*

DW isn't for everyone, I suppose. Here's hoping that you'll be able to get a restroom break at some point without losing your spot!

WHERE did you find that Icon!!!!!????????

Comic Con! I'm so excited about seeing them all at the panel. :)

You know, I feel kind of lucky that there are all these seasons already out and waiting for me. That's the benefit of coming late to the party!

Welcome back!

You can watch DW Series 2 and TW Series 1 at the same time, as they're independent of each other. Just don't watch the DW Series 3 eps with Jack until you've watched TW 1.

*waits patiently by her inbox*

I should say welcome back to YOU. Are you feeling better now?

I'm picturing you waiting patiently by your inbox like a cat waiting by a mousehole! (Though in this case, the cat is not actually going to kill the mouse, because the cat, though forthright, is very kind) Don't wait tonight because I kind of lost momentum after the rather large amount of pizza I consumed. Then I started researching funerals, which brought back memories and made it even harder to focus. I'm back on track now, but it's almost 3AM so I'm about to run out of time. My husband is due home any minute. But, hey, there's always tomorrow, right?

And I think I will adopt the watching of DW season 2 and TW season one at the same time as my Plan of Action. I wonder if my computer can hold two seasons of two different shows in its itty bitty little memory? I'm sad to think that Rose only has one more season! That's really too bad. Especially with all that unresolved romantic tension between her and the Doctor.

Heh. You were MIA for longer than I was! *grins*

Still miserable. Kill me now pls!

No worries - when it gets done, it gets done. I know all about avoiding annoying husbands (even when they do look like John Barrowman)! *hopes the pizza was good*

I am sitting on my hands doing my best not to spoil you about what happens with Rose. Hurry up and catch up with DW Series 4!

No, sorry, if you want someone to kill you, you're asking the wrong person. I'm on the list of the people who want to keep you around!

Annoying, snoopy husbands. Unfortunately, mine knows all my tricks for distracting/getting him the hell away from my computer. I need to develop a few new ones.

If that hubby of yours looks like John Barrowman, you'd better not take him near any Comic-con conventions in the next little while. It might be hard to explain to your daughters that those legs sticking out from under a writhing pile of fangirls (and boys!)actually belong to Daddy.

Half of me wants to be spoiled re Rose and the other half doesn't...I'll do my best to catch up!

If that hubby of yours looks like John Barrowman, you'd better not take him near any Comic-con conventions in the next little while.

We did get some strange looks while wandering around London and I imagine that's why. I look nothing like the actor who plays Ianto Jones. *grins*

Hi Brit!

Hope you had a great trip. I'm back to work too, and even back to the gym. All is well and my back is greatly improved. Glad things have quieted down for you so you can fill our heads with more fantastic writing from the land of Dee and Ryo.

As for downloads...I keep nagging you about Queer as Folk. Like me , when and if you finally see it, you'll wonder why you waited so long. There's lots of hot men and sex, but as they say, you'll come for the Queer and stay for the Folk. It really is a good show with great stories, too.I'm hooked, and I'm not a TV person either.

Check out some clips on YouTube, that's the easiest way to see if you'd like it. I may have to do the same for Torchwood, because everyone seems to be talking about that too.

Have a good one!


Hello Moontatoo! I'm so happy for you that your back has improved so much. That's really wonderful news. You must feel like you've gotten your life back.

I promise you that I WILL get to Queer as Folk - it sounds like my cup of tea, anyway. But I don't dare go near YouTube until I've finished my chapter. YouTube has been known to eat up 7 to 9 hours of my life in a single sitting! (with pee breaks, of course)

I predict I'll be hooked on QaF by mid-fall. And maybe by then, I'll be able to do bit torrent downloads by myself!

(Deleted comment)
It's true; he can be quite hilarious at times. He's one of those 'life of the party' kind of guys. But what's most hilarious is when he's playing with the cat. He's Fluff's absolute SLAVE.

Yes thanks, Turkey was beyond awesome. It was very beautiful on the Mediterranean.

Welcome back, Brit. I hope you enjoyed your trip, and took lots of photos and got a nice sourvenir for yourself. And I'll bet Fluffy was so happy to see everyone upon your return!

The next time I have pizza, I will try the bacon, mushroom and spinach because it sounds delicious and on the healthy side, too. I also agree with your hubby, because you never have that second chance to make every day important.

*hugs you*

Thanks! I did take lots of photos, and I bought myself several souvenirs. I'm especially pleased with my 'Mighty Mouse" tee-shirt. And then there was all that chocolate I bought in London Gatwick...It's all gone now.

My lovely pizza was actually a thin crust frozen mushroom pizza (a Safeway Select, black box, excellent product) to which I added spinach, bacon, and more cheese, naturally! And rosemary. I love rosemary. The bacon probably took the health quotient down a bit, but as I've often said, bacon is the thing that stands between me and vegetarianism. I would have become one years ago, were it not for bacon. Anyhow, it was a very delicious pizza! You should definitely try it. *Hugs you back*

Welcome back and I hope ur trip was exciting and fun!

Don't worry about us, take ur time in getting the chapter out, you need time to urself take it from me. I been on a fanfiction sabbatical for about 3 or 4 years and I'm still taking my time (ok yeah, its been writers block, a kid, and one jacked up relationship, but you get the idea).

Still looking forward to the chapter whenever u can!

Thank you, it was! But those daily buffets were killing me, so I came back not a moment too soon.

My chapter is actually written, but because I'm so close to the end of the story, I have to be really careful with pacing and tying up loose thread details. I have to decide what to wrap up in this story and what to leave for the sequel. I think I need to rough out the next chapter too, before I sign off on the current one.

At the same time, I really want to get the whole story done and off my plate! Then I can start working on the sequel at my leisure.

Thanks for your support. I really appreciate it.

An Update Soon...Maybe??

Hi! Um just out of curiosity, will you be posting the next chapter of A New Day or the summertime Dee/Ryo PWP soon?? I've pretty much become a stalker of your live journal checking it everyday to see if any new updates have appeared *looks down to see self covered in dust* LOOK WHAT YOU'VE DONE TO ME BRIT!? LOL Damn you for having such writing talent and making the best Dee/Ryo fics EVER! I am totally addicted to your writing and right now I REALLY need my Dee/Ryo fix!! I don't want to seem like I'm pushing you but...do you think you can maybe give an estimate as to when the next chapter or new story will be out? Sorry for being so impatient but I just want more Dee/Ryo: Brit_Columbia style! =P

Re: An Update Soon...Maybe??

Ooh, I always wanted my own stalker! I'm very flattered. With regards to updates, I'll be posting the next chapter of A New Day tonight, but I don't know exactly what time since my husband will be at home, and will no doubt be singing! (Argh) Usually, he works on Saturday nights. It might be late, around midnight or so, but it will happen for sure. Thanks for being interested. You made my day!

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