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daxemon, you trouble-maker!!
Dee Blue waves
Here I am trying to write my lemony part two of Heat Wave, and what do I find happening to me? Uncharacteristic doubt and mind-changing.

I am a  Taurus.  We do NOT engage in self-doubt and frivolous mind-changing.  In fact, we have been accused, since the beginning of time, of being a little TOO staid, dull, boring, and predictable, not to mention overly involved in our bank statements.

Well, that's not 100 percent me!  It's true that I don't usually feel doubt, and I practically never change my mind... but yes, I admit that I do tend to be rather predictable.  If a serial killer ever wanted to track me down and try ( I emphasize the 'try' part) to do whatever bad thing he was minded to do on that particular day , it  sure wouldn't be hard to find me.  I have an extremely predictable routine.  And whereas it has been known that SOME people (like my overly serious husband, for example) have perhaps found me dull and boring as they attempted to explain to me the sins of this, that , or the other government... on the other hand, I always get laughs at work! 

And for the record, I really don't understand my bank statements.  They always seem vaguely depressing.  I'm not actually sure whether I'm making money, losing it, or making it at a pathetically slow pace which will ensure my ability to retire when I'm, oh, 134.

Bu, I digress.   daxemon is anxiously waiting to find out what I'm accusing her of.  Well, it's this:  I had originally planned to do part two as a straightforward "Dee rims Ryo, then Dee screws Ryo, a good time is had by both, they bicker a bit, then fall asleep in each other's arms.'  Simple and satisfying, right?  Like bread and butter at teatime, only perhaps with a little jam.

But then Dax comes along with her eyebrow-waggling suggestion, wanting to know where Dee 'ends' up.  Don't think I don't know what you're after, my dear!

So now I'm dithering.  Should Dee screw Ryo, or should Ryo screw Dee?  Both options would be equally fun to write, but I have to get into a totally different headspace for each one.  Hrmm.  Suggestions?  I've got to get this written by about 5 PM tomorrow, then I run out of time.

PS:  For the pervs...I've already written the rimming scene.  Here's a teensy excerpt.  If you're not a perv, run away NOW, very fast.


Ryo blushed, but did as he was told. "I have no idea what people get out of this particular activity," he said, a little bit stiffly.

"Aw, Ryo, are you saying you've forgotten how much you loved it the first time I did it?"

Ryo felt Dee's cool fingers part the cheeks of his buttocks. He felt his lover's hot breath in a place where no one ought to feel hot breath. A droplet of water seemed to roll unnaturally slowly down the center of his spine right towards the place that Dee was so focused on. He shuddered involuntarily at that moment, but he couldn't have said whether dread or excitement was foremost in his mind.


Arg. Decisions, decisions.  This is all your fault, dax.  And I can't get italics to work tonight, either. 

I need chocolate!  But , stupid me, I got rid of it all.

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(Deleted comment)
Okay, that's one vote for Ryo as seme and Dee as uke. And thanks for liking the excerpt! If I can fix those distracting italics symbols later, I will. I don't know what I'm doing wrong, though.

Can't they both have their fun? (Why yes, I'm a perv, reporting for duty)

A little-known fact about pervs: they're dutiful.

Yes, I had considered giving each a turn on top. I'm still considering it. But it would mean possibly adding a third chapter to what was billed as a two-parter, since I'm already at 75 percent of my self-allotted chapter length. And then I'd have to tax my poor brain to come up with another chapter name! * Brain gets worried and skedaddles*

(no subject) (Anonymous) Expand
*comes down from laughing fit and wipes tear from eye*

I had no idea *starts laughing uncontrollably*

Sorry, Sorry....but you make me feel so gooooood. I didn't mean to throw you. I was just having some fun, too bad it was your expense Brit.

Well here goes my suggestion. Why don't you start it out as Dee doing as usual and then Ryo suddenly turning the tables at the last minute and taking charge. Like you know pinning Dee to the wall and then......you take it from there.

I hope I was able to help and fix what...what....*starts laughing hysterically*

Um....*clears throat*....excuse me.

Help fix what I started.

Later Brit

Quit laughing, you...you... eyebrow-waggler! But, I like your suggestion. So now we have another vote for Seme-Ryo. *wheels start turning inside brain*

We have a holiday where I live today, so I'm not at work and I can do a bit of writing today. But I only slept for about four hours last night, so I plan to go back to bed for an hour or two and then come back to my computer prepared to produce a little romantic smut.

Try not to make anymore trouble while I'm gone!

Dee's your all-around seme, but why wouldn't give Ryo a chance... Damn, I'll vote for them both :p (I'm asking much, but a third chapter would be so wickedly sweet. As long as it has brit-smut, no one will care what it's name is... But by all means, do what you want and whatever you decide's going to be good.)
And I'm sorry you haven't got any chocolate, although I admire how you defied death by getting rid of it.

I'll see how it wants to come out. I'll definitely start with Ryo on top, and see whether I run out of time or not.

I'm sorry (but also glad) that I don't have chocolate! I can't have it in the house anymore. I've told everyone to stop giving it to me.

I've got HOT chocolate, but it's somehow not the same.

If you want to avoid being predictable, you could always give us a Rose/Ryo/Dee threeway. Rose and Dee could take Ryo from both ends. *evil grin*

What a GREAT mental picture! (And maybe Ryo could be blindfolded and handcuffed while they, ah... 'plunder' him) But if I wrote that, we'd definitely be in AU territory, and I'm just not ready to do a Fake AU.

So I'm sorry I can't satisfy your Berkely-craving, but the three fun-filled choices are:

1. Dee does Ryo

2. Ryo does Dee

3. They do each other and REALLY go through the lube.

So far we have two votes for Ryo-Seme, no votes for Dee-Seme and two votes for Ryo-Seme/Uke and Dee-Uke/Seme.

I guess I'd better start writing something with Ryo in the driver's seat, huh? Seems like people want to see him givin' it to Dee.

From Meng.Horde (Anonymous) Expand
Well, I really don't see Dee as a bottom, so I'd say that Dee does Ryo. Again and again.

LOVE the teaser - go write it, girl!

AAAAAnd we have our first vote for Dee-Seme doing Ryo-Uke!

Thanks for loving the teaser. Here's another one, just for you.

"Dee, I - ohh!" Ryo gasped as he felt Dee's soap-covered index finger nudge a short distance into his anus. It stung slightly because of the soap. When Dee rotated his finger slightly and pushed it in further, Ryo gasped again.

Oooh! I want Ryo to screw Dee! I see that....never! I think it would be nice for a change, and kinda sweet, since Dee's always struck me as the dominant. *snicker* Or maybe, they could take turns? LOL. Looking forward to part two once it's written. I love your FAKE fics! Happy writing!

Another two votes registered: one for Ryo-Seme, and one for reciprocal action between our boys. *Dee starts looking worried*

And thanks for loving my fics!

Oh I really want Ryo to be the top in this story! There are really not enough of Ryo seme fics out there. But if you could(If not I'll understand)...I would REALLY like both to have a turn with each other...just as long as Ryo gets to be really rough with Dee in this story! Gawd that'd be HOTTTT! Dee NEEDS to be dominated GOOD! lol Good luck writing the sweet smut Brit!

- The Stalker

*snicker* Now THERE'S an idea worth contemplating. Gentle Ryo being a little rough on Dee. LOL. If it goes that way, I'm all for it. It would most certainly be different. Looking forward to whatever you choose to write, though. *giggle* I still think they should each get a turn with each other. And if that means three chapters...well, you'll not hear this one complaining!!!

Hey. I understand ur dilema there in wanting to make a tasty (there's that damn word again!) lemon so I say use one of my 3 policies:

1. When in doubt, stick with what u know. At the risk of being predictable, do the usual thing u always do. Nothing can go wrong that way.

2. When in doubt, change up and suprise the reader. As long as you know ur readers won't jump off the empire state building or something, change up something and see how the readers like it.

3. When in doubt, do a threesome. Ok, as we can now tell, I'm a freaky little authoress (heh heh). But hey, lots of ppl love a threesome, but I don't think that would exactly go with story unless u wanna add another chapter or 2 so this one may not apply.

Ok those are my thoughts about it. The rest is up to u. Just know that, no matter what u go for, ur fans will have ur back 100%. At least, I know this fan will.

I'm bound by my concepts of the characters' personalities and by their timeline, but within those confines there's still a lot of scope for fun. At this point in my timeline, Ryo has already had the experience of being on top and taking Dee, because this story happens after Sweet Frustration and Stand-Up Guy.

And much as the readers love threesomes, I can't see the quietly jealous Ryo or the overtly jealous Dee being able to stand even the thought of their lover being with someone else! But let's not let that stop us in our tracks, or anything! There's a 'tasty' little dream sequence coming up in the near future.

Thanks for commenting!

*is laughing* Well thank you for agreeing with me celtic77irish! Glad I'm not the only one that thinks Ryo should get rough with Dee. lol I mean he could kinda get really kinky like...oh I dunno shoving an icecube up Dee's asshole? Now THAT'S a way to cool down! lmao God I am perverted but you know...just throwing some ideas out there for Brit lol Now write that awesome hot FAKE Dee/Ryo smut the Brit_Columbia way!!! *giggles and runs away*

Oh, there will be a little ice play, never fear.

Oh sorry didn't leave my name before from my last comment (about the icecube *winks*). But also just a note...I really don't believe that Ryo and Dee would EVER have a threesome. They belong to each other and are committed to each other forever. Plus I don't think either of them would be willing to share. I dunno...for some reason I can't stand reading Dee or Ryo sleeping with someone else other than each other. But hey you don't have to listen to me! I'm just giving out my opinion! lol Good luck writing whatever you end up choosing!

- The Stalker

I agree with you about the threesome. I don't think they would ever do it. But they might fantasize...

(Deleted comment)
Come on, you gotta place a vote here! The polls are closing soon. And sorry, but 'threesome' is not one of the three options. (Although a brief threesome fic will be coming soon to a livejournal near you, notably this one)

These are your choices:

1. Ryo gets a sore ass
2. Dee gets a sore ass
3. They both get sore asses, courtesy of each other

I think I'm too late (what else is new) but my vote is for DEE SCREWING RYO UNTIL RYO SCREAMS IN A FRENZY OF ORGASMIC BLISS/OVERLOAD.

Okay, that's what I want thank you.


You know, that just might happen, what with the way the votes are leaning towards a 'switch' scenario. But then Ryo would do the same thing to Dee, in that case, though Dee probably considers himself too much of a tough guy to scream.

Even if I am too late I just want to state for all future chapters and stories that I'm always an avid fan of Ryo giving it to Dee. Mentally seeing a flushed Ryo getting it from Dee is always a great scene, but the interplay of a take charge Ryo over Dee is too good to pass up. It doesn't happen often and in the hands of a good author (i.e. YOU) the dialogue can surely be awesome.

I completely agree with everyone who said Ryo needs to get rough with die. *mental swoon* Though I'm super late posting my opinion too! It would have to be realistic though, with Ryo being shy and hesitant and then just suddenly snapping into Dom mode.... Hmhmmm.... That's my two cents. :)

Response about dex..

Cant you make it both of them topping and both bottoming as well as both penetrating the other just taking turns at it. I would start with Ryo on bottom and then Dee on bottom. But if it has to be one i would chose Dee bottoming and Ryo topping and add something kinky such as one of them being a meal or snack...

Re: Response about dex..

There will be bottoming and topping galore, but I'm not sure about the snacks!

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