brit_columbia (brit_columbia) wrote,

daxemon, you trouble-maker!!

Here I am trying to write my lemony part two of Heat Wave, and what do I find happening to me? Uncharacteristic doubt and mind-changing.

I am a  Taurus.  We do NOT engage in self-doubt and frivolous mind-changing.  In fact, we have been accused, since the beginning of time, of being a little TOO staid, dull, boring, and predictable, not to mention overly involved in our bank statements.

Well, that's not 100 percent me!  It's true that I don't usually feel doubt, and I practically never change my mind... but yes, I admit that I do tend to be rather predictable.  If a serial killer ever wanted to track me down and try ( I emphasize the 'try' part) to do whatever bad thing he was minded to do on that particular day , it  sure wouldn't be hard to find me.  I have an extremely predictable routine.  And whereas it has been known that SOME people (like my overly serious husband, for example) have perhaps found me dull and boring as they attempted to explain to me the sins of this, that , or the other government... on the other hand, I always get laughs at work! 

And for the record, I really don't understand my bank statements.  They always seem vaguely depressing.  I'm not actually sure whether I'm making money, losing it, or making it at a pathetically slow pace which will ensure my ability to retire when I'm, oh, 134.

Bu, I digress.   daxemon is anxiously waiting to find out what I'm accusing her of.  Well, it's this:  I had originally planned to do part two as a straightforward "Dee rims Ryo, then Dee screws Ryo, a good time is had by both, they bicker a bit, then fall asleep in each other's arms.'  Simple and satisfying, right?  Like bread and butter at teatime, only perhaps with a little jam.

But then Dax comes along with her eyebrow-waggling suggestion, wanting to know where Dee 'ends' up.  Don't think I don't know what you're after, my dear!

So now I'm dithering.  Should Dee screw Ryo, or should Ryo screw Dee?  Both options would be equally fun to write, but I have to get into a totally different headspace for each one.  Hrmm.  Suggestions?  I've got to get this written by about 5 PM tomorrow, then I run out of time.

PS:  For the pervs...I've already written the rimming scene.  Here's a teensy excerpt.  If you're not a perv, run away NOW, very fast.


Ryo blushed, but did as he was told. "I have no idea what people get out of this particular activity," he said, a little bit stiffly.

"Aw, Ryo, are you saying you've forgotten how much you loved it the first time I did it?"

Ryo felt Dee's cool fingers part the cheeks of his buttocks. He felt his lover's hot breath in a place where no one ought to feel hot breath. A droplet of water seemed to roll unnaturally slowly down the center of his spine right towards the place that Dee was so focused on. He shuddered involuntarily at that moment, but he couldn't have said whether dread or excitement was foremost in his mind.


Arg. Decisions, decisions.  This is all your fault, dax.  And I can't get italics to work tonight, either. 

I need chocolate!  But , stupid me, I got rid of it all.


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