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Dee Blue waves
This is for all the fellow pervs who've been voting for 'Ryo-Seme does Dee-Uke', as well as the ones who want Ryo to be 'rough' with Dee.  Are you guys aware that I posted a story back in November where Ryo tops Dee?  It's not easy for Dee to take, as he's pretty sore at the outset of the story from having been on the bottom for a week solid.  Ryo is gentle, though.  I posted that story in only two places: my livejournal and AFF, so if you're a reader who followed me here from FF dot net, you may not know about its existence.  You can either read it at AFF
 or my LJ

If you have any comments to make after reading it, please let me know.

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I think a lot of cats and dogs in this world, specifically the beloved ones with doting owners, have a much better quality life than millions of humans. And I don't just mean the sick and starving people. There are human beings who live in comfortable, warm, dry homes in first world countries with social safety nets. They have plenty to eat, but don't have love or affection. About ten years ago, I had a conversation with a socially awkward and not very attractive man who told me that he went to spas and massage therapists at least once a week to experience human touch. I was surprised, because my family and friends are 'huggy' types, and there's always been a lot of physical affection in my life. It was the first time I ever considered that some people don't have it, and therefore crave it.

My cat CRAVES affection in a big way. He needs to be cuddled and touched a lot. I go through the summer months with white cat hair all over my clothes.

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