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Dee Blue waves
This is for all the fellow pervs who've been voting for 'Ryo-Seme does Dee-Uke', as well as the ones who want Ryo to be 'rough' with Dee.  Are you guys aware that I posted a story back in November where Ryo tops Dee?  It's not easy for Dee to take, as he's pretty sore at the outset of the story from having been on the bottom for a week solid.  Ryo is gentle, though.  I posted that story in only two places: my livejournal and AFF, so if you're a reader who followed me here from FF dot net, you may not know about its existence.  You can either read it at AFF
 or my LJ

If you have any comments to make after reading it, please let me know.

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Hey Brit,

I was wandering around since I just updated two of my fics and saw that FAKE First Year Together: A New Day (May)is getting pretty close to 10,000 Hits.



P.S. I'm still behaving myself and my eyebrows.

Thank you! *Runs off to take a look* Holy Cow, it is, isn't it? That's exciting! I remember back when I was a new writer and A New Day was in its early chapters. I used to check my hits a lot in those days because I was eager and hopeful that people would want to come and read my stories. I didn't know if they would like my writing enough to keep checking back for new chapters. I probably lost a few along the way due to its excessive length, but I think there has been a core group that hasn't given up on me. (Thank you, core group, just in case any of you are lurking over here)

Anyway, your Finding One's Way story got a lot of interest and reviews, and I'm sure your sequel will get even more!

Isn't writing fun? *Must. Not. Look. At. Eyebrows...*

You asked for it, I was trying to behave myself.

*waggles eyebrows enticingly then dodges flying pillow cushion*


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