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An Ode (of sorts) to A Mini Cream Puff
Dee Blue waves
This is for you, karuune.  Consider it payback for making me want cake.

Would you like to hear about the mini cream puff I stole from my husband earlier? I plucked it from amongst the others with gentle fingers, careful of its tender fragility. Its outer covering, slightly rough to the touch, quivered fearfully between my finger and thumb.  The scent of innocent, uncomplicated sweetness rose from it, and it wordlessly begged me to be gentle. There was a curious lightness to it that  was strangely at odds with what it modestly tried to keep hidden from me - the presence of heavy cream, whipped, sweetened, secretly begging for release.

I held it between my lips for long moments, caressing it with my tongue, making it damp, making it ready for the breaching...

 Yes, it seemed to whisper.  Yes!

I closed my eyes and accepted it into my mouth. It took but the merest pressure before it burst into streams of creamy sweetness that took my breath away and left my tastebuds sighing.

After some moments, I opened my eyes to see my husband clutching the bowl of remaining cream puffs protectively to himself, and watching me warily.

Ah well, one was enough.  Later I will raid their stronghold (the freezer) and carry off more of them.

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*Dies laughing* That's awesome! Sounds like it tasted delectable ^_^

Sounds like you were in a gentle mood tonight. I wish I could say I was. I didn't even take the time to prepare the sorbetto in a bowl before I attacked it. Just kept jabbing my spoon in the pint over and over again, then cleaning the spoon hungrily, and not too softly. Juicy stuff, too...dribbled all over my chin!

*Eyes the freezer where the éclairs are...*

Eclairs! Oh, you evil woman. Now I want eclairs.

How about two eclairs and a churro?

So Wrong

This what I found when I did an image search. I couldn't remeber what an eclair was and it was bugging me. The wonders of the Internet. :)

Edited at 2008-08-09 06:05 pm (UTC)

*Sighs happily* That's a lovely looking churro! But those little round things actually look like profiteroles. Eclairs are the same thing, but longer. There might possibly be a mini eclair hiding under the churro, though.

And I LOVE your icon! Looks like Ryo's about to take a churro of his own...

Mmm, that's not a diet food! It'd be a treat.

And yes, I am evil, but I promise, the éclairs in the freezer are not the best, so you're not missing out on much. (Weight Watchers. Yummy.)

I can now safely say that there are 2 people in this world that I know who can make something so innocent seem so wrong. Thankfully I'm a diabetic so I don't eat many sweets, cause if I did, I think I'd avoid mini cream puffs from now on! It was entertaining though, I admit that much!

We're very bad girls. *hangs head and peeps at the churro*

Ever thought about a career in advertising? You've got me sold on that cream puff. LOL!

Hey chocolate and cream puff companies! Wanna hire me? I'll double your sales in under a year! Food Porn is my second calling.

But I'll need three-day weekends in order to write Yaoi Porn, my first calling.

I held it between my lips for long moments, caressing it with my tongue, making it damp, making it ready for the breaching...

Only YOU could make me blush thinking about chocolate covered CREME PUFFS! Which I actually prefer to eclairs. And the churro pic? OMG!!!!!

Sorry! I actually made myself blush with that line.

*shivers then bursts out laugh with unbridled laughter*

You are seriously disturbed and you rule. You are the only person I know who can make a cream puff beyond pornographic. Loved it, scared by it, but loved it.


If you'd like to be scared some more, then you should check out my "How to Eat a Crunchie Bar" tutorial from a couple of years ago.


What can I say? I've got the porn gene...

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