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Never Tell

Yes, unfortunately, I'm still behind on my next chapter of Heat Wave, although progress is being made.  But here's a hot lemon drink to tide y'all over until my next post.

Never Tell

by Brit Columbia

Fandom: Fake
Pairing: Dee/Ryo/Berkely (gasp!)
Rating: Um, like 'X', naturally.
Timing:  Set a week or so after 'Look At Me' took place, circa Volume 6.
Spoilers: To Volume 6.
Type: One-shot
Summary:  Ryo has a wild wet dream
Helpfully beta-ed by ladyfeather, moontatoo, and  mtemplar
Disclaimer:  I do not own any of these characters.  They are the creation of Sanami Matoh.
Author's Notes:  Please read and review!  If you hate Commissioner Rose, however, it's best if you give this one a miss.
Dedicated to the faithful  jdr1184 because she totally understands about Berkley!  And also, she makes cool Fake macros with which to bribe me.

 Never Tell

With a hoarse cry, Ryo awoke in a welter of tangled sheets, not knowing for a moment or two where he was. He lay there, his eyes darting around at the familiar walls of his bedroom, his ears listening for any sounds to indicate that he might not be alone. But he was in his bedroom and he really was alone. It had been a dream, then. Or perhaps he should call it a nightmare.

The dream still clung to him, its gossamer shreds continuing to whisper through his consciousness with the tenaciousness often shown by particularly vivid or disturbing dreams. It was like an alternate reality that had cunningly managed to entwine itself with the real world in such a way as to cast doubt on everything that he believed to be truth, fact, and certainty. It was fading, yes, but slowly, sending up little flares of defiance as it went.

Ryo tried to chase the images out of his head, but they refused to go. The dream had been sexual in nature. He had actually been engaging in carnal acts with two men: his best friend and partner at work, Dee Laytner, and, of all people, Commissioner Berkley Rose. Ryo had found himself on his knees between them in an unfamiliar bed, surrounded by shadows. Dee was kneeling behind him, his vital, hard body pressed up close against Ryo's back and buttocks, whispering in his ear. He could feel his younger partner's hands roaming slowly, yet urgently over his torso.

"Open your eyes, Ryo," Dee's voice had murmured against his neck, before sensually nibbling on his ear.

But my eyes are open, Ryo recalled thinking. He was struggling against a rising tide of unnatural desire, while making an effort not to give into panic. He wondered why Dee wasn't upset about the presence of the Commissioner, and tried to ask his partner what the hell he was doing, but although his lips were moving, no sound came out. He made another attempt, but it did not seem to be in his power to speak.

All along, he had been uncomfortably aware of the Commissioner, although he had been trying not to look at him. The other man was lying on his back, his long, lightly furred golden body stretched out in full view directly in front of Ryo. His face was not visible because his head was between Ryo's spread thighs. The wet heat of his mouth was on Ryo's testicles, sucking and licking first one then the other, and while he did that, his hand was jerking Ryo's penis, which for reasons the younger man couldn't understand, was fully erect. He felt caught between the two men, unable to move either forward or back, unable to forget the pleasure he was being given long enough to even try to escape.

Behind him, Dee was kissing his neck and whispering, "I won't hurt you, Ryo. I'll never hurt you. Open up for me, baby. Let me show you what it's like..." And Ryo had felt something large and hot bumping up against his defenseless rear entrance, pressing insistently against him. He was terrified that it was going to hurt like hell, but as he still seemed to be irredeemably mute, he couldn't tell Dee to stop. Meanwhile the rhythmic movements of the Commissioner's hand and mouth were taking him closer and closer to climax.

How can this be happening to me? he thought wildly. What the hell am I doing? At what point did I consent to this?

He noticed that the Commissioner's free hand was pulling on his own erection. God, it was huge. He wondered if Rose would be wanting to put that enormous thing inside him after Dee was done with him. Would he be expected to suck it too? He didn't want to suck it! He didn't know how. He felt it was going to happen anyway, whether he wanted it to or not, and found himself wondering what it would taste like. Would it choke him? Would it fill his mouth with...male liquid?

With these images and feelings burning in his body and mind, he came gradually to the awareness that although he was now awake and the dream had been over for several long minutes, his penis was still hard. Moreover, his hand was wrapped around it and had not, in fact, stopped moving since he had woken up. He knew he should be asking himself what the hell was wrong with him for having had such a... a nightmare, but the distracting sensations of pleasure he was awash in prevented him from organizing any truly coherent thoughts of guilt, fear or worry right at that moment. Instead, he continued the movement of his right hand on his shaft, and began caressing himself with his left, while the sensations of the dream continued to play out in his mind. He ran his hand over the ridges of muscle on his stomach, and up across the pectoral muscles of his chest, tracing the path that Dee's hands had taken. Without slowing the rhythmic jacking of his penis, he slid his left hand down to cup and caress his balls, remembering the now-fading feel of the Commissioner's tongue on them. He began panting as he took himself irrevocably closer to the brink of orgasm, accompanied by the imagery of the dream. He could still feel Dee's strong body behind him, and the Commissioner's hand on his cock. His own hand now found and boldly caressed his perineum for the first time in years, and as he did so, he imagined Dee penetrating him, while at the same time, the Commissioner reached up with his muscular arms and pulled his head down onto his enormous manhood...Ryo's mind brought him the taste, the pain, the pleasure, the completion...

With a strangled cry, he erupted into his own hand and pulsed all over with the most electric orgasm he had had in years.

Afterwards, he lay in bed, his head pounding and his hands pressed to his eyes, thankful as hell that Bikky was staying over at a friend's house and that Dee hadn't actually been sleeping beside him at that particular time. As long as he kept his mouth shut about this, no one would ever know. Especially not those two, Dee and Rose. He would die if they ever found out. He would have to move to another state, perhaps even emigrate to Canada. But they would never find out because he would never tell. And he would try very hard never to have another dream like this again.

He looked around the gloomy darkness of his bedroom, suddenly unable to stand his own company. First, a shower. Then work. Yes, definitely work. What time was it anyway? Four AM? So he'd be a little early. He needed to do something to take his mind off his crazy and disturbing dream. He couldn't begin to guess what it all meant.

The sooner he was able to push it all out of his mind, the better.


Tags: fake, never tell, one-shots

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