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HEAT WAVE, chapter 2: Consummation

I'm back with Chapter two of Heat Wave, and because of all the requests for switch play, both Dee and Ryo will each get their turn on top.  That means there has to be a third chapter in what was originally only going to be a two-parter.

Before I post the second chapter, here's what's new with me: 

1.  I recently got a major tune up on my bike.  It was so major, that it actually cost more than the bike did.  But now I feel that I can trust it not to break down if I do a 40 km bike ride I've been wanting to do.  I don't know if I can do a 40 km bike ride, actually, but I'm certain I can do a 20 K.  The trip I want to do is 40K round trip, but I have the option of riding there and then coming home on the bus.  Our buses have bike racks on the front.  I'm not going to do this  alone of course, so I don't know whether I'll be doing it next weekend or the one after. Yes, I have medical insurance!

2. I'm about to help my father bake a fruitcake. Yep, you heard right, a fruitcake.  I absolutely cannot conceive of a more uncool way to spend my Saturday night.

I pay no attention to fruitcakes under normal circumstances.  I regard them as emergency fare.  I would only eat fruitcake if there were absolutely nothing else to eat.  Or....if it were very liberally soaked in rum and I got a buzz just from sniffing it.  But I'd still rather have something else. Why would anyone eat something so calorie laden if they didn't get any whipped cream or chocolate mousse or custard or soft sponge cake?  Fruitcake is heavy and it makes you feel full for hours.  My mom used to make it, and boy could I tell you some fruitcake stories, all of them traumatic.  But why tell you a fruitcake story when you'd much rather have an ABSOLUTELY NOT WORKSAFE Dee/Ryo in-the-shower story?  So here we go.  For your reading pleasure, here is

Heat Wave

Chapter two

By Brit Columbia

Fandom: Fake
Pairing: Dee/Ryo
Rating:  This chapter contains explicit man-on man sex between two partners who love each other. If you don't like that sort of thing, or if you are a child, then this story is really not for you.
Timing:  It's set in July of Dee and Ryo's first year together, a few days after my story Negotiations, but it is not a continuation. There is no Commissioner Rose in this story. I would just like to reiterate that ALL my Fake stories are part of the same universe and the same long timeline, so there are minor events referred to in this story that took place in A New Day and Stand Up Guy.
Spoilers:  To Volume 7
Disclaimer:  These are not my characters. They were created by Sanami Matoh.
Author's notes:  Go for it, fellow pervs. And please give me feedback. Concrit is always welcome. I think this one just might be too wordy, like a lot of my other writing efforts, but it's not always easy to judge one's own writing objectively.
Beta-ed by mtemplar, ladyfeather and moontatoo.  I'm very happy to have your help!   

Chapter two:  Consummation       

When Dee pulled back from Ryo's mouth, Ryo protested and went after him, wanting more. Dee gave him a couple of quick, sensual kisses on the lips and then pecked his cheek.

"Be patient, babe," he said with a cocky grin. "The Dee-machine has just one mouth and right now it's needed elsewhere." He punctuated this remark by running his palm over Ryo's semi-hard penis, and tugging gently on the head with his forefinger and thumb.

Ryo jumped when he felt Dee touch him there, and a rush of warm excitement immediately coursed through him. He could feel his member growing longer and harder under the caress, not to mention at the suggestion that Dee's mouth would soon be on him. He knew how intensely sensual it would feel when Dee sucked him. His partner was so amazingly good at it, too.

"Okay," he murmured, looking up with uncharacteristic boldness into the other man's eyes. "Just wash me first, all right? With soap."

Dee chuckled and sank down into a crouch in front of him. "Don't worry, my little clean freak. You will be washed EVERYWHERE with soap." He gave one of Ryo's buttocks a squeeze as he said this, and watched his lover's dick get even harder.

He picked up the bar of soap and rubbed it in Ryo's thatch of pubic hair to get a good lather going, and then teased his partner by giving his balls and straining cock only a brief, perfunctory wash before moving on to his legs. Ryo had great legs, lean but very strong and hard from years of Karate. Dee soaped and massaged both in turn, from thigh to ankle, and then he washed Ryo's ticklish feet with the washcloth, smiling to himself at the way his partner flinched and half-laughed when the cloth found its way between his toes.

"Dee, my feet are more than clean now." Ryo tugged his left foot out of Dee's hands. "I thought you said your mouth was needed elsewhere."

"Why, so it is, you impatient hornball of a man." Dee smirked up at Ryo. "Turn around and I'll show you where it needs to go."

"Where do YOU get off calling anyone a 'hornball'?" Ryo muttered, but he turned around anyway, and then moaned softly as he felt Dee's left hand slide up the front of his thigh and then start rhythmically stroking his soapy penis.

Dee reached around Ryo's hips with his other arm and hugged him close for a moment before taking the other man's balls in his right hand and caressing them gently. They were drawn up tighter against his body than they had been earlier, hot and heavy, ripe with need. He wished he could suck them into his mouth and use his tongue on them until Ryo squirmed and made those sweet little noises he always made, but unfortunately, they were still covered in soap. Also, he reminded himself, it was Ryo's ass that was next on his list. He knew Ryo would freak if he tried to stick his tongue up there without washing it first, so he removed his hand from his partner's balls and picked up the bar of soap.

The first notion Ryo got of Dee's shift in focus was when he felt his lover's teeth sink into his left buttock and suck hard on the flesh there.

"No, Dee, don't leave a mark on my ..." He interrupted himself with a groan of pure pleasure as Dee sucked harder and the pleasure/pain rose to a peak.. Damn it, it felt so good.

"Too late." Dee's voice was slightly muffled because he was rubbing his face against Ryo's ass. "No one's gonna see it except me, anyway."

"I've got Karate on Monday," Ryo reminded him. "The men's change room is communal, remember?"

"You just keep your damn underwear on in there," Dee growled. "I've seen the way that dickhead Roger stares at you."

"But Roger has a partner! They've been together for at least a year. He's not going to try anything with me."

"You're way hotter than Roger's boyfriend," said Dee and began sliding his fingers up and down the crevice between Ryo's small, muscular buttocks. "If Roger even suspected what a total hornball you are, I'd have to break his fucking arm."

"Dee, I - ohh!" Ryo gasped as he felt Dee's soap-covered index finger nudge a short distance into his anus. It stung slightly because of the soap. When Dee rotated his finger a quarter turn and pushed it in further, Ryo gasped again.

"You were saying?" Dee found Ryo's prostate gland and gave it a gentle nudge.

Ryo groaned and trembled in response, as his body reacted to the way the soap burning his tender membranes contrasted with the throbbing pleasure he felt every time Dee touched that sensitive little bundle of nerves inside him. He reached out for the wall of the shower stall, needing the support of the cold black and white tiles. When he looked down at his taut body, he saw that his member was hard and so swollen, an angry purplish red color under all the soap. It was still being stroked by Dee's other hand, but in a maddeningly slow way. From the moment that Dee's soap-slick finger had entered him, his erect shaft had begun to weep liberal amounts of precum. There was an explosion gathering force deep inside him and he felt like he couldn't wait much longer.

That bastard had done it to him again. Seduced him, that is, at the end of a particularly sultry day in the middle of a heat wave, when sex had been absolutely the last activity that he could have imagined himself willingly engaging in. Now, he found himself weak in the knees, covered in soap and slippery with it, alternately pushing his penis forward into the tight circle of Dee's hand, and pressing his buttocks back against Dee's invading finger, wishing Dee would suck or fuck him, instead of teasing him unmercifully like this.

"Dee, for God's sake! Get this soap off me, and get me off!"

Amused by Ryo's unexpected demand, Dee rose quickly and grabbed the shower head, his own erection bobbing as he did so. 'Get me off' was as close to talking dirty as Ryo seemed capable of at this early stage in their relationship, and it was still unusual to hear him say even that. However, Dee was confident that sooner or later, he would succeed in corrupting him far enough that he would be able to throw the 'F'-word around with the best of them. It wasn't that Ryo never swore. He sometimes got pissed off and let fly with all kinds of really first-class cuss words. Even JJ had remarked not too long ago that Ryo could 'swear like a sailor'. But he had some kind of hangup about using those words in a sexual context, although, inexplicably, he seemed to love hearing Dee say them.

"Fuck Ryo, you're a wet dream come true. Literally," he added, as he hosed the soap off Ryo's body, front and back. "Tilt your head down."

Ryo obligingly bowed his head to allow Dee to rinse the conditioner out of his hair. He felt his lover's body start with surprise when he moved his head all the way down and spontaneously took Dee's shaft in his mouth. He sucked its hard musky heat eagerly while the cool water cascaded down over his hair and face. Dee's free hand was threaded through the strands of his hair, strong fingers tightening at intervals on his scalp, and he dimly heard Dee's voice offering indecent encouragement through the thrumming of the water against his ears.

The noise stopped and Ryo realized that his partner had turned off the faucet. He stood up straight, pushing his sopping wet bangs out of his eyes. Dee pulled him close and kissed him hard.

"Aren't you just full of surprises today? You didn't have to do that. I was gonna do that to you!"

"Yeah, well, your mouth was too busy talking about Roger," Ryo said dryly.

"No more Roger," Dee vowed. "I'm gonna get you off very shortly, I swear. But I wanna rim you first, sweetheart."

Ryo shook his head. "Dee, you know how I feel about that. It's not the healthiest thing that two people -"

"I disagree. There's probably worse bacteria on that doorknob over yonder than there is in your ass right now. Besides, you're practically blowing soap bubbles down there. Come on, you're always bitching about how I shouldn't say 'fuck' around Bikky. This is your big opportunity to finally wash my foul mouth out with soap!"

In spite of himself, Ryo laughed. Dee and Bikky both excelled at the imaginative twisting of logic to serve their purposes. "All right, then. But no kissing afterwards."

"Well, in that case I'd better kiss you now, huh?" Dee pushed Ryo up against the wall of the shower surround, and leaned down to take his lover's eagerly offered mouth. Even before their lips met, Ryo's tongue was already on its way out to play with his. Dee thrust his tongue aggressively into the other man's mouth, his attention caught by the contrast between the heat he found there and Ryo's now quite chilled limbs. He rubbed his erection against Ryo's while kissing him deeply and thoroughly, remembering how that hot, sexy mouth had so recently been wrapped around his still-hard dick, tonguing it up and down...

With a groan, he pulled back, and turned Ryo around. "Spread 'em, babe."

"I can't, Dee. The tub's not wide enough."

"Dork. Sometimes I wonder about you. Put this leg - " he patted it - "up on the edge of the tub. Yeah, like that. See? Now stick your ass out so I can get at you."

Ryo blushed, but did as he was told. "I have no idea what people get out of this particular activity," he said, a little bit stiffly.

"Aw, Ryo, are you saying you've forgotten how much you loved it the first time I did it?"

Ryo felt Dee's cool fingers part the cheeks of his buttocks. He felt his lover's hot breath in a place where no one ought to feel hot breath. A droplet of water seemed to roll unnaturally slowly down the center of his spine right towards the place that Dee was so focused on. He shuddered involuntarily at that moment, but he couldn't have said whether dread or excitement was foremost in his mind.

"Um...There was alcohol involved, if I remember, right. Otherwise I never would have..."  His voice trailed off as he felt the first wet, velvet touch of Dee's tongue. There was nothing tentative about it. Dee licked him boldly from his perineum right up to his anus, using the pointed tip of his strong tongue to push inside it, in and out, in and out. Then he went back down on the same path, this time jabbing a couple of times at Ryo's perineum. No sound came from Ryo, apart from a little gasp, but he arched his hips back even further to allow Dee better access.

Dee became aware the moment Ryo began stroking himself, because his light-haired lover started making those soft little whimpering noises that he had been hoping to hear. Ryo also began pushing back harder at Dee's sucking lips and tongue, and Dee was only too ready to give it to him at the level of intensity that he appeared to be demanding.

However, when he judged Ryo to be close to the edge, he spun him around, pulled the man's hand off his own cock, and took over with his mouth.

When Ryo felt those hot, mobile lips finally sliding down his entire length, he clung urgently to Dee's shoulders and let out a long groan, before erupting several electrified moments later with pent-up intensity into his partner's mouth. He had never been one for keeping his balance during a standing orgasm, and as it took him, he could feel his knees beginning to go.

Dee felt it too, and supported his partner's weight with trembling arms, even as he was swallowing Ryo's offering. When the cock in his mouth had stopped twitching and had thoroughly emptied itself of its contents, he lifted his head off it and lowered his lover's suddenly-languorous form to his knees, facing him on the floor of the bath. Ryo sagged forward and embraced him, laying his head on Dee's shoulder.

"Thank you," he whispered. "That was really necessary."

Dee, who had been taken somewhat unawares by the force and suddenness of Ryo's orgasm, found himself left with a still throbbing and decidedly unfulfilled erection of his own. "You know, if I didn't know better, I'd say that rimming really does it for you..." He lifted Ryo's face toward his, and couldn't deny a little stab of hurt when his lover took his jaw in one firm hand and turned him aside.

"I said, 'No kissing after,'" Ryo reminded him firmly.

Unbeknownst to Ryo, the intention of defeating that ridiculous and unfair decree suddenly became Dee's newest Holy Grail. But obviously it wasn't going to happen anytime soon, so he let it go for the time being.
The enamel floor of the tub was hard under their knees, and the air in the bathroom was becoming humid again. Although the two men had been almost shivering just a little earlier from the cold stream of the shower, the water had been off for a while, and sexual activity had caused their body temperature to rise somewhat. "Let's go somewhere more comfortable," Dee suggested.
"Like where? An air conditioned hotel room?"
"You know, I thought of that, but then I remembered my Visa bill. No, I was talking about the bedroom, with the ice, the beer and your floor fan on max. Besides, I've got a load in my nuts with your name on it. It's goin' up your ass, sweetheart."
Dee would have been the first to admit that that had been a particularly crude remark, but it sure got Ryo's attention, since he blushed and tried to hide his sudden interest. Dee flashed his crooked grin and stepped out of the tub, pulling Ryo with him. He grabbed one of the fluffy white bath towels off the towel rack, and wrapped it around his damp partner. He quickly dried himself with the other towel, all the while staring hungrily at Ryo. Ryo stared back, his eyes positively smoldering. Dee thought he would never get tired of seeing that look on his lover's face. He had waited years for it, years of suffering through unrequited love and desire. But he knew that unless Ryo stopped looking at him that way soon, he was about five seconds away from throwing him down on the bathroom floor and ravishing him right then and there.

With an effort, Dee stuffed his damp towel back on the rack and turned to pick up the big casserole dish that was full of ice and Coors bottles. "Meet you in the bedroom," he said huskily, but was still able to summon up a cocky wink for Ryo.

Ryo actually shot him a slightly smug look before turning away, and Dee couldn't help grinning. He knew what that look meant. It meant, You don't fool me. You're THIS close to begging and I know it. He followed Ryo's towel-clad form the short distance to the bedroom, thinking wicked thoughts about who would make whom beg first.

The stifling heat of the bedroom hit them as they entered it, and Ryo immediately went to plug in the standing fan. Dee set the casserole dish down and left the room, only to return a few moments later with one of the kitchen chairs. He placed the chair right next to the bed, put his dripping makeshift ice bucket on it, and then adjusted the height of the fan so that it blew directly over the ice, creating a nice flow of cool air that gusted across the bed.

His preparations made, he turned to Ryo and asked, "What the hell are you doing still wearing that towel?"

A second later the towel had been tossed onto the floor, and Ryo was squirming in his arms on the bed, kissing his ear and throat and whispering his name.

"Arrghh, you sexy thing... I want you so much," Dee moaned as he felt Ryo's fist curl around his dick and start slowly jacking it with his thumb passing confidently across the sensitive spot on the front of the head. No one could have accused Ryo of being a novice at gay sex anymore, not even Ryo himself. They had been together for just over two months and his partner had a fair bit of experience under his belt by now. Of course the turning point had been the night when Dee had offered his ass to a first unconvinced and then wildly excited Ryo. Now THAT was a night he would never forget, thought Dee with a certain amount of amusement. Ryo had fucked him to within an inch of his life, not only that night, but day and night for about a week after. He had finally reached the point where he couldn't sit down at work, and their sex life had had to grind to a halt while he recovered.

But, as much as Ryo undoubtedly enjoyed being on top, he loved bottoming just as much. In Dee's estimation, perhaps a shade more. That was good because, for his own part, he had always found it easier to serve up the sausage than take it in that particular location, although he really had a weakness for getting it in his mouth. What he loved most about fucking Ryo was the intimacy, the closeness, the sense of being joined. He preferred to be able to see Ryo's face while he made love to him that way. Ryo's face was indescribably beautiful at all times, but never more so than when it was flushed and heavy-lidded with sexual tension.

"Ryo," he murmured, "Get the lube."

Ryo nipped at his collarbone before rising to do as he asked.  Dee watched him root around in the nightstand drawer, enjoying the fact that he was watching a man who was willingly fetching the means to facilitate his own penetration. Just a few short months ago, this would have been impossible. Ryo had been so afraid, so squeamish, so determined not to take that fateful step that would set him on the road into a gay lifestyle. Now look at him, Dee thought, as Ryo fished out the lube and handed it to him with the lid off, no evidence of fear or disgust on his face. It was clear by the way he quickly averted his eyes when their fingers touched that he still felt a little bit self conscious. However his desire, affection, and trust for Dee was apparent in the urgent glances he kept sending him, as well as in his barely concealed impatience for what was to come.

Dee took the proffered lubricant and began spreading it over his dick. "You want this, Ryo?" His bold eyes indicated his large, erect member.

Ryo nodded. Dee could see that his lover's recently-spent cock was starting to get hard again.

"You want to feel this way up inside you? Huh?"

Ryo nodded again and started stroking his own cock. A droplet of precum appeared at the slit.

Dee squeezed extra lube onto his index and middle fingers and beckoned Ryo with them, a wicked grin on his face. "Come closer then. Show me your ass. Offer it to me so I can do whatever the hell I want with it."

Dee was surprised that the heat in Ryo's gaze didn't melt all the ice in the casserole dish and set the bedclothes afire. His lover hesitated just a moment before silently turning around and leaning forward on his elbows, his buttocks thrust out invitingly. There was a very pretty and certainly deliberate arch to his back. Dee got into position behind him and admired the way Ryo was displaying himself. He knew it still wasn't easy for Ryo to behave this way, and that he never would have assumed this submissive position if he hadn't been so hot for a decent pumping. Dee planned to finger him for a good while so as to loosen his lover's opening in preparation for his cock, but he also wanted to take Ryo a little closer to the final countdown than he currently was. After all, Ryo had come once already, and it would consequently take him a little longer to come a second time.  Dee, on the other hand, was ready to blow at the slightest touch.

Ryo's left buttock bore the mark of Dee's earlier claiming; he traced the fingers of his dry hand over it with satisfaction. "Your ass is mine," he murmured, and tugged Ryo's right buttock to one side so that he could see the little puckered rosebud he would soon be violating.

"My whole body is yours," Ryo reminded him, and then emitted a low, intense sound as he felt Dee's fingers start to caress his crack.

"And your heart?" Dee's wet fingers were sliding up and down, and all around Ryo's entrance, stroking, pressing, circling.

" heart...umf..."

"How about your soul?" He slid his index finger in well past the second knuckle, causing a jolt to run through Ryo's body.

"If you...If you want it."

"If I want it? Of course I want it! I want any part of you that you can give me. I want all of you, always." As he spoke these words, he began moving his finger rapidly in and out of Ryo, rubbing over his sensitive spot, grinning at the way his lover's tight, velvet grip seemed to tug at his invading digit. Presently, it became less tight, and Dee worked a second finger in beside the first. The loosening process was definitely more efficient with two fingers. He spread and twisted them, pulled out for a moment to add more lube, and then reinserted them, listening to Ryo moan and pant.

When he reached under his partner with his free hand to caress first his lean belly, and then his cock and balls, Ryo rose from his elbows and arched back against Dee's chest. His strong body was so hot and tense, the muscles of his abdomen and thighs quivering tautly in marked contrast to the soft yielding wetness of his nether entrance. Dee nuzzled and bit at his neck and continued with both hands to play the finely tuned instrument that was Ryo's sexy body.

"Gonna do you now, sweetheart," he murmured close to Ryo's ear, withdrawing his fingers from the other man's tight heat. "Turn around."

Ryo obeyed with alacrity and started to lie down, but Dee stopped him. "No," he said, "not like that. You on top, this time." He lay back on the bed, holding his glistening erection up proudly. "Sit yourself down on this."

Ryo hesitated. Penetrate himself? He didn't know if he could.

"You can do it, Ryo. Come ride me."

Carefully, Ryo straddled Dee and started to lower himself. He felt the sticky tip of Dee's penis rub along his inner thigh before it settled against his perineum. He rocked on it lightly for a moment, feeling the corresponding echoes of his movement up inside his anus. Damn, that felt good. He really couldn't wait to have Dee inside him.

But first, he would have to see if he was capable of doing what Dee wanted him to do. He realized that it was one thing to passively receive another man's penis, and quite another to actively insert it into one's own body. This was the first time he had considered doing this. He wasn't sure he was going to like it as much as when Dee took charge.

He reached back behind himself and felt Dee's lubricated and very hard erection. It was definitely hard enough to be able to get inside without much bending or slipping. His fingers brushed against Dee's.

"I'll help you," Dee murmured, and together they guided the head of his penis to Ryo's loosened opening.

Ryo pressed back experimentally, but suddenly found the ring of muscle at his entrance tightening fiercely to repel the invader. He frowned. He had thought he was ready.

"Relax. Try again in a minute," suggested Dee, and stroked Ryo's arm and chest soothingly with his non-sticky hand.

"No, I want to try again now," Ryo insisted. "Help me, Dee."

Once more, Dee lifted his erection and rubbed it suggestively against Ryo's crack. Ryo settled into position, and rubbed back, closing his eyes briefly as he did so.

"Feels good, doesn't it?"

"Yes," whispered Ryo.

"Then don't feel like you have to put it in yet. Just do this for a while. When you're ready, it'll go in easy..." Dee pressed his palm against Ryo's hard cock and pushed it up against his belly, caressing it with his spread fingers.

"Yes," Ryo whispered again, rubbing and pressing back against the head of Dee's penis, letting it slide up the crack between his buttocks, and back down until it bumped against his testicles. He did that for several minutes, his head thrown back, his eyes once more closed, his lips parted to allow low breathy moans to escape him.

Dee watched him, shaking his head at the innate sexiness of the man he had chosen to give his heart to. Ryo was a deeply sexual being, and that side of him had certainly suffered during those years of self-denial when his sensuality had had no focus, no outlet. Dee had always sensed this hidden eroticism about his partner, and had done his best to awaken the sleeping sex-beast within him.

He noticed that Ryo's movements were getting shorter and more deliberate. He was now pressing back harder whenever Dee's penis slid over his entrance. It wouldn't be long now...

And it wasn't. Dee suddenly felt the sensitive tip of his cock engulfed by a clinging wet warmth. It sucked at him like a mouth and then withdrew. A moment later, it was back, accompanied by louder moans from Ryo. This time a little bit more of Dee's erection was permitted inside before encountering resistance. The third time, Ryo gave a big push right at the crucial moment, and suddenly Dee found that the whole head of his dick was now buried within the tight throbbing confines of the narrowest part of his partner's channel.

Ryo sucked in his breath through his teeth, wincing and holding still. Dee reminded him to breathe, and he nodded tightly in response, before slowly drawing breath in through his nose. A tense thirty seconds passed without it appearing to get any easier for Ryo, while Dee struggled to get himself back under better control. Ryo's tight, internal grip right on the most sensitive part of his dick was making him crazy, especially the way it squeezed and throbbed. He felt like he had had a hard-on for a solid half hour, and that wasn't including all the times during the day that his dick had stood up inside his pants every time he thought about his late-afternoon plans for Ryo's ass. Now that he was actually inside that much coveted ass, he was, unfortunately, only a very short length of time from sending out the troops.

He groaned as it began sliding down on him. Obviously, Ryo was feeling better. He slid slowly up and down the first few times, but then, to Dee's alarm, he began to pick up speed. Dee was shocked. That was the last thing he would have expected. He had been thinking that Ryo would go slowly and carefully as he got used to the new sensation of being on top.

"Babe, slow down," he panted. "I'm too close already..."

"Dee, you'd better not come yet."

Ryo deliberately clamped Dee's cock with his internal muscles, and Dee groaned again. Ryo had been doing that ever since he'd learned that move from that incredible (and slightly scary) week that he had been on top, and Dee had done it to him. Ryo was a fast learner when his interest was taken by something.

"Stop, Ryo! I can't - "

Ryo didn't slow down. "Don't do it, Dee."

"Give me a break, here, dammit! Aaghh! You're squeezing me, so hot..."

Ryo looked down at Dee's frantic face, his long bangs hanging in his eyes. He couldn't help smiling a little.  It wasn't often that he had Dee at his mercy like this. "You want me to stop?"

"Yes! Fuck! Now, before it's too late!"

"Beg me."

"What?" Sheer indignation actually bought Dee a few extra seconds of control.

"Beg me to stop." Ryo tried to hold his voice steady, but it was quite difficult, as he was extremely turned on.

"You! You bastard! You're doing this on purpose - I knew it!"

"Dee, I'm warning you...I expect to be satisfied. You'd better hold it in."

Uh-oh, Dee thought. Ryo expected to be satisfied. "Okay," he panted. "I get it, okay. I'm begging you, you hear me? Stop fucking me like this. Please slow down. Come on, sweetheart, please!" He jerked hopefully on Ryo's dick, trying to get him closer to orgasm, too.

Ryo didn't stop. He continued thrusting his hips, and his tight, slick rear passage continued to ride Dee's thick and now-throbbing erection.

"Ryo? Aren't you gonna - Oh shit, aw fuck, I can't -" In that moment, Dee lost the last of his tenuous control. He seized Ryo's hips with both hands and thrust up hard into him, howling out his name as he ended his torment by exploding deep inside his lover's narrow rear passage. It was a lengthy, intense climax, made all the sweeter by how long he'd had to wait for it. It was the end product of a day of yearning, a whole day of not beating off, even though he really, really needed to, a day of plotting and scheming to get Ryo into bed, despite the insane heat and humidity. All his fantasies turned to liquid in that moment and poured violently out of his dick and into the body of his much beloved partner. It left him feeling drained, exhausted, and emotional. He lay there limply, his eyes closed and his heart rate gradually returning to normal.

He felt Ryo's hands slide from his sweating abdomen up over his pectoral muscles and off his shoulders onto the bed. Then his lover's chest was lowered down onto his, and he gasped at the sensation of sensual lips nuzzling his neck and ear. Even though Dee now felt uncomfortably hot, and Ryo probably did too, he couldn't stop his arms from going around the other man's back and slender waist. He held him close, practically oblivious to the sheen of sweat that was increasing between their bodies.

After a few moments, he calmed down enough to realize that he should let go, which he did rather reluctantly. Ryo immediately raised his body off Dee's and gazed down at him sternly. Dee watched several droplets of sweat run down his partner's beautiful torso. One of them rolled onto his hip and rode the curved angle of his hipbone down into his groin. Ryo's dick was still hard, and Dee felt somewhat guilty for having shot his load ahead of schedule. Still, it had been an absolutely incredible orgasm, and he couldn't find it in himself to regret it. Plus, it was all Ryo's fault, anyway. He should really lodge a protest at his partner's underhanded treatment. Yes, he ought to. But all he wanted to do right then was gaze at him reverently and touch his sexy body. He lifted an appreciative hand to fondle one of Ryo's buttocks. His thoroughly softened cock was still partially buried inside Ryo's gorgeous, naughty ass. Ryo was looking at him with a grim expression on his face, but Dee noticed that the corner of his partner's mouth was twitching slightly.

"You didn't come." Dee sounded disappointed.

"No," said Ryo. Another twitch. "And whose fault is that?"

"It's YOUR fault, of course! YOU were the one who had to go into cowboy mode and break this poor bronco in record time."

"How can it be my fault when you specifically told me you wanted me in this position?"

"Well, how was I to know that your very first time in the driver's seat you'd be so damn feisty?"

"Dee." The stern note was back again. "I told you I wanted you to satisfy me.  You failed to do that, and now you have the nerve to bitch about it?  Don't you feel the slightest bit guilty?"

"Of course I do," said Dee in a more subdued voice. He caressed Ryo's semi-hard dick with his left hand. "You know I do. But I can't help feeling you're up to something..." He gave Ryo's face a searching look.

Ryo shifted on top of him, and eased his ass off Dee's cock. It felt out with a soft plop.

"I'm going to the bathroom to get cleaned up," he said. "I'll come back with a washcloth for you. After we're both a little cooler, I expect you to satisfy me. Are you willing?"

Dee gave Ryo an incredulous look, and snorted in disbelief. "Me? Willing? Dude, you should know me better than that. The answer is 'Yes, HELL, yes,' every fucking time, unless I'm in traction. Even if you're up to no good, which I suspect you are. Hey, pass me a beer before you go, would ya? And come back with the mouthwash and a cup for me to spit in."

"What do you want mouthwash for?" Ryo plucked a beer out of the melting ice in the casserole dish and handed it to him. "Beer and mouthwash sounds like a disgusting combination."

"I just want to do whatever it takes for you to feel like it's safe to kiss me again, dork."

"Well, you can forget kissing if you taste like beer and mouthwash," said Ryo firmly and left the room.

Dee sighed and twisted the top off his beer. His life was full of damn stupid rules. But on the other hand, his life was great because Ryo was in it. And the little bastard was up to something. He grinned and took a pull on his beer, wondering if he should be worried.

~end of chapter two~

Stay tuned for Chapter three:  Reciprocation! This story would have ended at the second chapter if my wonderfully perverted readers hadn't set up a clamor for switch play. Seems as though an awful lot of people want Dee to get it in the rear.  There will be ice play next time, too.

Tags: fake, heat wave

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