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Heat Wave: Chapter One RE-POST
Dee Blue waves

ARGGHH!   I accidentally deleted my post of Heat Wave: Chapter one, and lost all those lovely comments.  And there's no way to undo that ill-fated action, either.

Fortunately, I can still repost.  I'm really pissed off at myself, though.  I'm stupid with tiredness and I should have gone to bed by now.  It's always when I'm overtired that I accidentally delete things or screw up in other computer-oriented ways.

So here it is again.  Chapter ONE.

                         Heat Wave

Fandom: Fake
Pairing: Dee/Ryo
Rating:  Chapter One is more suggestive than anything, but it's still pretty damn hot in that it refers to things to come in Chapter Two…
Timing:  It's set in July of Dee and Ryo's first year together, a few days after my story Negotiations, but it is not a continuation.  No Commissioner Rose in this story.  I would just like to reiterate that ALL my Fake stories are part of the same universe and the same long timeline.
Spoilers:  To Volume 7
Author's notes:  This story is going to make you want beer.  (Well, it's going to make you want other things too, but beer is more accessible than a naked Dee Laytner!)  Go buy some now.  If you already have some in the fridge, crack a bottle before you start this chapter.  If you don't like beer, at least fetch yourself a cold, carbonated drink of some sort!
     I wrote this first chapter a helluva long time ago.  In fact, I sent it to my beta in the second week of July 2007, just after a heat wave!  But, then our nice West Coast Canadian summer settled down to its usual coolness and I forgot my intense desire to take ice baths, so I kind of lost my inspiration.  Therefore, I never got back to it until now.  This story was originally supposed to be only two parts, but there will now be a third chapter, thanks to a gang of pervs who came to my LJ and got all excited about the possibility of both boys being co-pilots, instead of just one getting it in the 'cockpit', which had been my original plan.
     If you want to get a sense of what the bathroom looks like, please refer to Volume 6 of the original 7-volume Fake series.
Disclaimer:  I did not create these characters.  They belong to Sanami Matoh.
     Moontatoo, the only person who has ever noticed Dee's olfactory fetish… here it is again!
     If you guys like my story, please let me know.  As in, Read and Review? Thanks! 
Beta-ed by bluesimplicity.  Thank you, thank you. You have always done such a great job.

To my readers: Thank you so much for giving my writing your time and attention.
                           Cheers, Brit

Heat Wave

Chapter One: Seduction

Ryo entered his sweltering apartment, feeling hot and irritable and wanting badly to get out of his sticky clothes and into a cool shower. The first thing he noticed was Dee's overnight bag sitting on the floor underneath the row of coat hooks by the door. So he was here then. Ryo was glad of course, but he knew his partner well. Dee had better not make any mention of sex because in these temperatures, it was the last thing he wanted to do. The heat wave was in its second week and the air conditioner had been broken for the last three days. The poor old thing had been asked to perform double duty for too long and had finally collapsed under the strain. According to the superintendent, there were broken air conditioners all over the building and it was going to be at least another two days before the contracting company would be able to repair them.

"Dee, I'm home," he called out, pulling off his tie and setting down his briefcase next to Dee's sports bag. There was no answer. Perhaps his partner was having a nap. Ryo kicked off his shoes and peeled the sweaty socks from his overheated feet, reveling in the smooth feel of the linoleum as he padded barefoot across the kitchen to the bedroom. No Dee. Where was he? Perhaps he was out having a smoke on the fire escape at the end of the hall. Oh well, he would come back soon enough. Ryo glanced at his watch. Bikky was at his basketball practice, but he would return at six wanting dinner. Ryo briefly considered breaking his own rule and taking the boy out to a fast food place, just to partake of some air-conditioned comfort, but reluctantly discarded the idea. There were cold cuts in the fridge, and an assortment of salad vegetables. He could make cold sandwiches and he was going to make sure Bikky ate some cucumber and lettuce with his dinner, in exchange for being allowed to eat ice cream after.

He unbuttoned his dress shirt just far enough to drag it unceremoniously over his head-- What a relief!  Now for the pants, which he hung up, and the boxers, which he tossed in the hamper on top of his shirt. A minute later, he was walking naked through the open door of the bathroom, only to be brought up short by the sight of his partner lounging in the tub with one long leg resting on the rim.

Dee was drinking beer from a long-necked brown bottle and looking at him from under damp, glossy black hair in a way that Ryo knew all too well.

"Hey baby. Want a beer?" He crooked his head towards Ryo's biggest casserole pan, which was sitting on the closed lid of the toilet, heavy with ice and bottles of Coors.

"Come on Dee, get out of there for a few minutes. I really need a shower." Ryo struggled with the urge to grab a towel off the rack and wrap it around his waist. Dee would tease him if he did. He didn't quite understand how Dee not only felt absolutely no self-consciousness about being naked in front of him, but conversely, seemed to always be looking for opportunities to display himself. To Ryo, a person got naked for sex and for bathing, and at all other times should be wearing something. More to the point, he also knew that if at any time he wasn't in the mood for sex, it was dangerous to be naked in the company of Dee Laytner.

"Not a chance. You want to get cool, you gotta get in here with me and share the tub."

Ryo looked doubtfully at his partner. He had a pretty good idea of what would happen if he went anywhere near that tub, and he was definitely too hot and crabby to be able to respond in the way that Dee was evidently hoping.

"It's cold," Dee said cajolingly, splashing some water at him.

It was. It felt good. Ryo stepped an inch closer. "Hey, don't get water all over the bathroom," he half-heartedly protested.

Dee just grinned insolently and splashed him again. Then he plucked out an ice cube from the casserole pan. "C'mere, sweetheart," he said. "I'm gonna rub this on your pulse points. Guaranteed to bring your body temperature down several notches in no time."

Ice. What a good idea. Ryo looked longingly at the ice cubes that the beer bottles were resting in and took another step forward, just wanting to get near something so wonderfully cold.

Dee held up an arm. "Look at this," he said. "Goosebumps. My whole body is chilled, just like the beer."

Ryo looked suspiciously at his arm. "I don't see any goosebumps," he said.

"What? And you with the sharpshooter eyesight? Look again. Right here." Dee set down his beer in the makeshift ice bucket and pointed to his forearm with his free hand.

Ryo peered at it and moved fractionally closer. Suddenly Dee was surging out of the bath and lunging at him with water streaming down his lean, suntanned form and splashing onto the floor. Before he could step back Ryo felt himself caught in a powerful grip and yanked forward off balance. A split second later, he found himself being held firmly against a hard, masculine and undeniably cold body.

"Gotcha!" said Dee triumphantly.

Ryo surrendered almost immediately. "Dee, you feel good," he breathed in surprise, as the heated skin of his face and chest made contact with Dee's coolness, and he felt Dee chuckle soundlessly in response.

"Yeah, I feel great...now. Let me make you feel good too. Come on, crack open a beer and get into this nice cool bath with me. Tell me about your day while I rub you with ice cubes."

"O-okay. But I want to get clean, too, you know."

"Have some beer first." As soon as Dee finished saying those words, Ryo felt a sharp, icy pain on his hip that made him jump a little. It turned out to be a cold beer that Dee had just pulled out of the ice. "I bet you're thirsty," the younger man added.

Ryo suddenly realized that he was in fact tremendously thirsty. He cast his mind back to the last time he had drunk something cold and found he couldn't even recall. The revolting lukewarm coffee he had gulped down at the station after returning from a riverside murder scene to set his paperwork straight certainly didn't count. If anything, that had made him feel worse. He took the beer gratefully from Dee's hand and twisted the top off.

"Cheers," said Dee, picking up his own unfinished beer and clinking the bottle against Ryo's.

"Cheers," Ryo replied, tilting back his head and drinking deeply. The cold beer was like an icy stream of pleasure flowing down his parched throat, cooling him from the inside, and sending sharp little bubbles up to his head, where they sparkled like distant fireflies.

"Ahhh," he sighed, and smiled at Dee.

"Hits the spot, huh? Come on now..." Dee took him by the shoulders and began guiding him toward the bath and Ryo felt the mild but pleasant shock of cool water enveloping his leg almost to the knee. The rest of his body couldn't wait to follow suit, and he quickly got his other leg into the bath. Dee settled in behind him and drew him down so that Ryo's back rested against Dee's chest and the water lapped gently around them both. It was a tight fit because neither man had a small build and they both had good shoulders on them. Of course they couldn't keep their long legs under the water either, but somehow it worked.

For a moment, Ryo allowed himself to relax completely. He nestled back against his lover, enjoying being held possessively by him while the liquid coolness that his body was immersed in soothed his sweaty skin and calmed his overheated blood.

Then he suddenly felt self-conscious about not being clean. He wanted soap, dammit. He shouldn’t just be sitting here, doing nothing when his whole body needed washing. And what about his hair? Dee's cheek was resting against his hair, and he knew it didn't smell fresh. He tried to sit up, but Dee's arm tightened around him.

"Hey there, where do you think you're going? We just got comfortable," he protested.

"I want--" Ryo struggled, but Dee didn't relent. "It's not enough to be cooled down. I want to be clean too.  Dee, let me up."

With his right hand, Dee set his beer down on the floor beside the tub. Then that same hand appeared in front of Ryo holding a bar of soap. "Looking for this?"

"Yeah," Ryo made a grab for it, but Dee held it away from him.

"No," he told Ryo. "I'll wash you. You just relax. Now give me your right arm."

Ryo didn't think that this was a very efficient way of getting clean. After all, they could hardly move in this position. But it seemed as though Dee was dead set on washing him and didn't appear inclined to allow him to get up for the time being, so he might as well let him do what he wanted.

"All right, you win," he sighed, holding up his arm. He was not the slightest bit surprised when he felt Dee's penis twitch against his lower back. After all that was what this whole thing was about, wasn't it? His partner, it seemed, had an inexhaustible store of ideas that all centered around seduction.

Dee soaped his right arm for a long time, massaging and caressing it as he did so. Then he produced a washcloth that he had evidently kept stashed somewhere behind him and scrubbed the arm, dunking it in the water several times. Presently,  he did the same to the left arm, as well as Ryo's chest and shoulders. Ryo closed his eyes and tried not to feel self-conscious when Dee's lips periodically pressed against his hair.

"Baby, you're going all tense again. Don't you like it when I kiss you here..." Ryo felt Dee nuzzle against his hair, "...and here?" Now Dee's lips were skimming over the damp skin of his neck.

"Dee, I'm all sweaty!" Ryo protested. "Those parts aren't clean yet."

"Oh, but you smell so good," Dee murmured in response, nibbling at Ryo's ear and breathing in deeply through his nose. "You smell like you, only more so. You smell sexy. You smell like mine." His voice dropped to a growl on that last sentence, and he sank his teeth harder into the lobe of Ryo's ear.

Ryo wasn't sure if he believed him. He was sure he stank and that Dee's hard-on was just temporarily distracting him from being able to notice that.

"Before we go any further, I want to wash my hair," he informed Dee, who sighed and loosened his hold.

"Okay, stand up then. But I'm the one who gets to wash your hair, not you."

Ryo stood, the water surging around him, and Dee got to his feet at almost the same time, rubbing his body up against Ryo's buttocks and legs as he did so. One arm still had a hold of Ryo, however. He didn't seem to be willing to reduce physical contact any more than he absolutely had to.

Ryo's shower had a detachable head on a short metal hose, and Dee reached past Ryo and unhooked it.

"You're closer to the taps than I am," he said. "Choose your temperature."

Ryo sank into a crouch to pull the plug out of the bath, and then he fiddled with the taps until he got a cool stream of water going. Standing up again, he nodded to Dee and the other man turned on the showerhead.

Dee loved how Ryo stood willingly under the stream to be sluiced down. There was a kind of innocent sensuality to it that he found irresistible. Dee ran the cool water over his partner, turning him this way and that, his free hand and his eyes moving intimately over the lighter-skinned man's naked flesh. God, Ryo was beautiful.  From every angle. Like a model, except that Ryo was more beautiful than any model, or in fact, any other human being that Dee could think of. He wetted down Ryo's sun-streaked hair and hung the still running shower back up behind his partner again, where it pulsed steadily against the wall.

"Which shampoo do you want?"

"Anything." Dee could see that Ryo honestly didn't care at this point, so he grabbed the nearest bottle and carefully shampooed his partner's hair, heedful not to get any soap in his eyes. He repeated the process once more, massaging Ryo's scalp with his strong fingers, enjoying the sight of the blissful expression on Ryo's beautiful fine-boned face.  When he rinsed the soap out of the other man's hair, it ran down his body in rapidly dissipating white rivulets, eddying around his ankles. Dee grinned to himself, thinking of sending his hands on a similar journey down Ryo. Next, conditioner, and then he was going to wash his partner's sexy legs, his cock and balls, and of course his gorgeous, firm, athletic little ass. Inside AND out, heh. Part of that job could be done by his tongue, naturally. He felt his dick growing painfully hard at the thought.

Ryo opened one eye. "What are you smirking about?" he asked suspiciously.

"You'll find out soon enough, my love."

Dee applied conditioner, after first checking the bottle to make sure it actually was conditioner and not another bottle of one of those unfamiliar salon brands of shampoo that Ryo favored. Once again he massaged it in, but this time he held his lover close to him with his right arm, while his left hand worked on Ryo's scalp.  Ryo was in a state of pure and pleasurable contentment, Dee just knew it. He knew it by the way his partner hung bonelessly against him and occasionally emitted an adorable little muffled groan onto the cushion of Dee's shoulder.

Dee judged it time for a kiss. He hadn't had a kiss --a real kiss-- in days. Not since Monday when Rose had pulled that shit about getting them to kiss in front of him in exchange for clemency on one of Dee's screw-ups. Man, that had been hot. The kiss, the blowjob immediately after, and the way Ryo had wordlessly offered him his body that evening had confirmed for him that God not only loved him and wanted him to be happy, but was totally okay with the whole 'gay' thing, which had always been a non-negotiable part of his relationship with God, anyhow. 

But it was now Saturday, and Monday was a long time ago, heat wave or no heat wave. It was too bad Ryo had had to work today, but it was his own fault for not being able to resist the wiles of women. Eliza had needed to attend a birthday party for her little kindergarten-aged niece, and Ryo usually had a hard enough time saying "no" anyway, without the word 'kindergarten' being thrown in there for good measure. Dee hadn't heard the details yet, but he imagined that Ryo had probably spent the afternoon being dragged over the latest murder scene by James, with no access to air conditioning save a rolled-down car window.

But back to the kiss. He stopped massaging Ryo's head and set his lover away from him. Ryo opened his eyes and blinked at him in an unfocused and questioning way.

"Love you, Ryo," growled Dee by way of preamble and Ryo's gaze intensified imperceptibly in understanding just as Dee's mouth descended on his own. Dee's lips were soft and mobile and his tongue came in almost immediately. The kiss was simultaneously urgent, yet gentle, stirring, yet sweet, and Ryo, who had no fight left in him, allowed it to take its course. Dee had a way of demanding with his kisses, a way of asking for so much more than Ryo felt he could give. Yet he always seemed to be able to reach deep inside himself and find what Dee asked of him, find it and return it tenfold. He knew that if he could somehow stop doing that, he wouldn't spend so many of his days doing his job at the 27th while trying not to be distracted by an annoying soreness between his buttocks. But that was impossible. Dee called to a part of him that only a couple of short years ago, had begun to fear it would never be called. It answered Dee with joy now, joy mingled with gratitude, and probably always would.

It was Dee who broke the kiss, mainly because his head had started to spin, and since he knew that Ryo was leaning on him, it remained incumbent on him to make sure they did not both go crashing down in the tub. Besides, there was conditioner to rinse out, legs to wash, cock to suck, and a sweet little ass that hadn't had a tongue up it for some time. Just then Ryo gave a little shiver in his arms, and Dee could see that it was as much about being chilled as it was about being aroused. Yes, it was just about time to move this operation into the bedroom. With the beer, of course. Dee's ministrations had paid off and Ryo was finally to the point where he needed a little warming up.

~End of Chapter One~

Look for Chapter Two: Consummation!  

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SEEING........excuse me for yelling, but seeing as this is the first chapter and not the third I was fooled into thinking that I was about to enjoy a little Ryo naughtiness, but alas not.

I forgive you Brit, your lucky that I'm exhausted and half deaf from anime music being played at decibels that is considerably bad for human hearing, causing my lucid mind to shut down for self preservation or otherwise I would be sorely put out to yell or write in ALL CAPS...Whichever.


I'm going to bed now. *passes out with music still blasting*

Re: NOT A HAPPY CAMPER!!!!!!!!!!!

So sorry! After I accidentally deleted it, I had to re-post and this was the only place I could put it. I really feel terrible, in more ways than one. Maybe I'll do an edit and add an extra warning so that this doesn't happen to anyone else.

Re: NOT A HAPPY CAMPER!!!!!!!!!!!

*wakes up from comma like state to shut off music and notices update*

Now if only that was there BEFORE!!!!!

Don't worry Brit, you are forgiven. Everyone has their blonde momments and boy was this yours. We still love you. The disclaimer about chapter three was a good idea. I'm going to surf the net now. That nap did wonders.

Later Brit

Re: NOT A HAPPY CAMPER!!!!!!!!!!!

It was a serious blonde moment. And I'm not even blonde anymore! *Feels relieved to be forgiven*

I'm feeling so bad about this that I've switched my focus to work on chapter 3. Here's an excerpt for you:

Even though Dee claimed that he wanted to be penetrated, Ryo hadn't missed that little look of quickly-hidden anxiety he had seen on Dee's face when he had first realized what Ryo wanted from him. He found that endearing. And very arousing.

Re: NOT A HAPPY CAMPER!!!!!!!!!!!


(Deleted comment)

Thanks! Feeling somewhat better after your kind message

Thank you! I feel bad that you had to rewrite that scene, but of course your story makes me feel better about my own screw-up. Losing a perfect scene is definitely worse than accidentally deleting a journal entry. After all, I still had the original. But I totally relate about the loss of your scene because I once did the same thing with one of my chapters of A New Day, where I lost over half of it due to carelessness. Since then, I've been a bit more paranoid, and I do ongoing multiple saves. It's never as perfect the second time, is it?

Thanks for loving the excerpt. Heat Wave is the one I'm working on tonight. I had been going to devote this weekend to A New Day, but after my big screw-up and the disappointment I caused (at least to Dax, or maybe she was just the only one who admitted it) I feel I ought to try my best to finish it. I'm blessed with fast betas, so if I can get it finished tonight, I can probably post it in a few days. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

I'm sick at the moment and it's unbelievably cool for the end of May, so a hot summer-heat-showersex-story is exactly what I need right now! :D

So I decided to read Heat Wave again. I lost track of how often I've already read it, but I think it's time to finally leave you some comments, too!

" "Gotcha!" said Dee triumphantly. " - Aww, Dee is such a child sometimes! It's so cute.

You know, I consider drawing a fanart of the scene where Dee and Ryo sit in the bathtub together. I just love this scene. But I'm not really good at drawing and I've never done any FAKE fanart... But if / when I do, I'll let you know about it.

Thanks for reading this story again. Thanks to you, I'm reading it again, too, and I haven't looked at this one for a couple of years. Reading this first chapter made me go and get a cold fizzy drink from the fridge so I could properly get into the spirit of it.

Our end-of-May weather is cold and drizzly here, so reading this chapter made me feel a bit warmer, too. Actually it made me grateful to NOT be in a heat wave. I hate being hot. If I'm cold I can always put on another sweater, but when you're too hot, there's a limit to how many clothes you can take off (and remain gainfully employed).

I'm really sorry to hear you're sick. I hope you recover soon.

It's weird to read stories that one has written years ago, right? When I do that, I'm often surprised how good they are, and then I'm disappointed because it seems that I didn't get much better since back then :'D

We had one of those rare sunny days today that pop up now and then during cold, rainy weeks and yell "Surprise!" and then everyone is startled and doesn't know how to react. xD
But I love heat. Well, as long as it's not too extreme, of course.

I'm feeling much better already, thanks. Maybe reading Heat Wave has really helped. Unfortunately, I don't have any beer right now, but I'm drinking a nice, cooled strawberry wine - yay, fruit! :D

Yay for wine! I say I don't like fruit, but I forgot that wine is made from fruit! How could I forget??? THAT's how I like my fruit-- fermented.

I feel I got a little better since I wrote this story. For example, I now have an awareness of POV which I didn't have before. But despite wanting to make lots of edits (I'm not changing anything)I'm enjoying re-reading it. I forgot how sensual this story is. I guess it's because I haven't written in such a long time and it's been even longer since I wrote a lemon.

Too bad that there are not many vitamins left in wine, right? :D

Apropos lemons (that should be a fruit that you like, right? ;D), I wonder if anyone has ever made lemon wine... is that even possible? :D

Lemon wine-- my whole face puckers! No I don't like lemons (the fruit) that much. I don't even squeeze a lemon wedge on my Caesar salad. However, I do like to cut up tiny bits of lemon peel to put in my salad. I like the bitterness of the peel but I don't like the tartness of the juice. You would never catch me drinking lemonade, for example, even if it had alcohol in it.

However, I really like lemon-lime gummy worms that are covered in chocolate!

I wish someone would invent a vitamin-laden wine that actually tastes good.

Haha, sorry for that disturbing idea! :D
I always liked lemons, especially since I learned about the ambiguity of the word. Since then, I also like the fruit much more than before. I guess it's because I started to mentally connect the taste of lemons to yaoi lemons. Weird, isn't it, how one thing influences the other...

Now I know what I'll invent when I'm older. And I'll get famous and rich! Thanks! :D

I'll buy your vitamin wine by the case-load! Can you make it low-calorie too?

Sure! Anything for you, my dear :)
I'll start a wine revolution! :D

Yay! Healthy, low-cal wine. You'll be a billionaire before you're thirty. I hope you'll still want to come to my LJ when you're a billionaire. :D

Of course I will! :D Even all the money in the world could never take the place of FAKE fanfiction ;)

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