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Look At Me, chapter two

Look At Me

By Brit Columbia

Fandom: Fake
Pairing:  Dee/Ryo
Rating:    Mature
Notes:   Kissing between two men.
Spoilers:   To Volume 6
Timing: Set in November a couple of months or so after the aborted test drive.
Summary:  Dee guesses Ryo's secrets in exchange for kisses
Disclaimer:   I do not own these characters.  They are the property of Sanami Matoh.  I am not making any money from this.
Author's comments: This is the second chapter of four.   
Thank you to Blue Simplicity for the helpful feedback and encouragement.

Look at Me

Chapter two

The two detectives entered Ryo's dark and still apartment and turned on the light.  Ryo rested a hand on the TV set.

"It's still warm," he said to Dee with a little frown. "Go ahead and hop in the shower if you want. I'm going to have a word with B."

"Hey, you got any sweats I can borrow so I don't have to sleep in the same stinky clothes I've been wearing all day?"

"You know where I keep them -- help yourself," Ryo called over his shoulder.

As Dee showered, he wondered how long it would take for Bikky to   fall into real sleep instead of the fake sleep that Ryo was about to shake him out of.  If he felt Bikky was awake, Ryo would be less likely to go for the make-out session that Dee was planning to lure him into.

He emerged from the shower to find Ryo straightening up the mess Bikky had left in the kitchen.
"It's all yours," he said, indicating the bathroom, but Ryo barely looked at him. Dee decided to fix that immediately. After all, he'd come out of the shower shirtless for a reason. He padded over to Ryo and said, "Hey, you want a hand with that?"

"Sure, thanks." Ryo turned toward him with a grateful smile.

Dee picked up Ryo's right hand with his left and, with his other hand, removed the sponge that his partner had been holding.

"I'll clean up the kitchen while you have a shower," he offered but without letting go of Ryo's hand. Nor did Ryo move away. The silence lengthened between them until Dee gave Ryo's hand a little squeeze and let it go. Ryo opened his mouth to say something, but then closed it again. He just nodded and left the kitchen.

Dee wiped counters and washed dishes while listening like a hare for any sounds that might be coming out of the bathroom apart from the soft hiss of cascading water. He felt there was a good chance that Ryo was jerking off in there - after all, he had a lot of pent-up pressure to relieve due to all the energy he habitually put out convincing himself and others that he was really an asexual sort of person whose primary interest was his career.  However, Dee didn't hear anything even remotely like a sigh or a moan. He told himself to just be patient. I'll know by his face and body language the minute I see him, he reminded himself and filled the waiting with scrubbing and rinsing.

When Ryo came into the bedroom wrapped in his robe, Dee was already there and sitting on the bed. Ryo felt the other man's eyes on him as he opened the third drawer of his dresser and withdrew a set of pajamas. He looked at Dee and hesitated. He was leery about changing in front of his partner due to more than one past experience of getting jumped while half clothed.

"Oh you can change here," Dee said with a smirk. "I promise to try my very hardest not to look for at least the first eight seconds."

He was looking pleased or relieved about something, and Ryo briefly wondered what it was.

"I think I'll put them on in the living room, thanks," said Ryo wryly.

"Why don't you just turn out the light and do it under cover of darkness?"

"Well, I'm not going to come to bed right away. I was gonna go watch some TV for a bit."

"Aw come on, hold off on the TV for awhile. Stay here and talk to me at least until I fall asleep. It's so hard to fall asleep when you've just come home from work, y'know?" Dee was fiddling with Ryo's alarm clock.

Home? thought Ryo, but let it go. "Well...okay." He sat down on the bed still in his robe. "But don't try anything. I'm warning you."

"Who me? When did I -- Oh never mind." Dee grinned rakishly. "Hey, could you check this? I've set it for 6:00."

Ryo took the alarm clock from his hand and frowned at it. "Yeah, you set it properly, but I think you should get up earlier than this. You know what a slug you are in the morning and how long it takes you to get ready."

"Yeah, but I'll be fast tomorrow, scout's honor."

"Famous last words, and I don't believe you were ever a scout."

"Nah, I was a too much of a bad boy. But I bet you were."

"Yeah, I was for a while." Ryo smiled. "How'd you know?"
"Dude! Fellow detective here. Besides, you're just so the type."
"What's the type?"

"Oh you know, clean cut, dutiful, obedient, team player, punctual...hmmm... respectful, butter wouldn't melt...Am I missing anything?" Dee stretched out on the bed beside Ryo and punched him playfully.

Ryo was surprised. "Is that how you see me?"

"No. That's how you want people to see you."

"Oh." Ryo was both intrigued and annoyed. "Well how do you see me then?"
"Most of that other stuff I mentioned, plus a few other things."

"Like what?"

"I'll answer your question if you want, but you have to promise not to get mad and throw me out of here, okay?"

Ryo abruptly stood up. "Well, if you think I'm gonna get mad, then this is probably not a subject we should be discussing at twelve-thirty a.m. on a work night. Good night, Dee. Try not to get into any trouble in your dreams."

Just as he opened the door, Dee called out, "Ryo!" That made him quickly shut the door and hiss, "Shhhh!  Bikky's sleeping."

"Ryo," Dee continued more softly. "Don't you wanna know which of your secrets I already know?"

Ryo hesitated. He felt a very familiar sense of anxiety, the same one he often felt whenever he found himself alone with Dee. No, that wasn't strictly true. It wasn't just anxiety. He had to admit that he got a lot of pleasure from Dee's company, even though Dee regularly exasperated him.  And recently, ever since their aborted 'test drive', there was this little frisson of anticipation as well. He was worried about what his partner might do, but actually he was more worried about how he, himself, might react. He didn't understand the effect that the other man had on him, but he instinctively knew that if he allowed himself to pass through that particular door, he would never be able to return to the way things were now. And the way they were was not too bad, really, apart from the occasional bout of sexual frustration, like tonight. Oh, why had he allowed Dee to come home with him tonight of all nights? That was just asking for trouble. But somehow he had never been able to say no to Dee. Everyone else, yes, but Dee? Almost impossible. That was yet another thing that he didn't understand.
Apart from his anxiety, he was also quite curious. He felt that Dee and he knew each other very well, and as his partner had pointed out, they were both detectives. If anyone had had the opportunity, the motivation, and the ability to figure out the hidden parts of his past and his personality, it was Dee. But...did he really want to hear his carefully guarded secrets coming out of Dee's mouth? Well, maybe his partner would turn out to be way off base on most of them. He knew Dee was good at his job, but even the best detectives had to have something concrete to work with. Ryo had hidden his more serious secrets very carefully. Dee would have had nothing to go on.  What the hell. It might be worth a good laugh to hear what he had to say; perhaps it couldn't hurt to hear one or two...

Dee had rolled over onto his stomach when Ryo had started for the door, and was now propped up on his elbows watching Ryo struggle with his curiosity. When Ryo took his hand off the knob and turned around, Dee knew he had him. He grinned and patted the edge of the bed.

"Come sit down, partner. 'Sherlock' Laytner will entertain you with his dead-on impressions of you."

                                   end of chapter two

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