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Heat Wave, Chapter 3: Reciprocation

Heat Wave

Chapter Three

By Brit Columbia

Fandom: Fake
Pairing:   Ryo/Dee
Rating:   This chapter contains explicit man-on man sex between two partners who love each other. If you don't like that sort of thing, or if you are a child, then this story is really not for you. NC-17
Timing:   It's set in July of Dee and Ryo's first year together, a few days after my story Negotiations, but it is not a continuation. There is no Commissioner Rose in this story. I would just like to reiterate that ALL my Fake stories are part of the same universe and the same long time-line, so there are minor events referred to in this story that took place in A New Day and Stand Up Guy.
Spoilers: To Volume 7
Disclaimer:  These are not my characters. They were created by Sanami Matoh.

Author's notes: The sex position used in this chapter isn't one of the standard ones.  Just to prevent confusion, here's a link that will show you what it looks like.  After you click on it, go to the third picture down.  Even so, this picture doesn't quite capture it, because the top should be a bit more upright and his knee should be down on the bed.
Here's another link, but the graphics aren't as good in this one.
     Some like their sex scenes clean and pretty.  Some like them dark and raunchy.  I like them somewhat idealized, but verging on real.  I know that not everyone likes every aspect of my sex scenes between Dee and Ryo, and that sometimes I go too close to reality for certain ick-sensitive comfort zones. However, my goal (with ALL my writing, not just the sex scenes) is to have as broad an appeal as possible.  I believe there is something in here for everyone. 
Beta-ed by  mtemplar, ladyfeather (Happy Birthday!  Hope it was 'doll-icious'!) and moontatoo.  Thank you!
Dedicated to  daxemon because of the disappointing mix-up of chapters on my LJ after I accidentally deleted Chapter One. (Mea culpa Dax!)

Chapter Three:  Reciprocation    

Dee had gotten about halfway through his beer by the time Ryo returned and handed him the bottle of Scope from the bathroom and an empty mug. Looking skeptically from Dee's beer to the bottle of mouthwash, Ryo said, "If you get nauseous from that combination, it's on your own head," before leaving the room again.

"I'm totally up for some head," Dee called after him irrepressibly.  His partner didn't deign to reply.

A few minutes later, Ryo reappeared bearing a small bowl of water in each hand. A fresh towel was draped over one shoulder and a pair of washcloths were tucked under his arm. He was still naked, which surprised Dee. He would have thought that Ryo would have jumped at the chance to put his robe on. Maybe it was too hot today, even for his legendary modesty.

"Is it time for my sponge bath, nurse?" Dee asked suggestively.

"Don't take that tone with me. You're still in the doghouse, remember?"

"Oh, right. But I'm gonna make it up to you, don't forget."

"You certainly are." Ryo dipped a washcloth into one of the two bowls and wrung it out lightly, before tossing it onto Dee's chest. "That's for your face."

"What's wrong with my face?"

"Absolutely nothing. It's a very handsome face. I just thought you might be hot, that's all." Ryo dipped the second washcloth into the other bowl, which looked like it contained soapy water, and said, "Give me your hand."

Dee extended the hand that he had used to lubricate Ryo, and took another swallow of his cold beer. "Handsome, huh?" His eyes half-closed with pleasure as Ryo busily scrubbed his fingers for him. Ryo didn't answer, so Dee tried again. "And what do you mean - 'I might be hot'? What's with the 'might'? Have you taken a good look at this body lately?" Dee struck a centerfold pose, which was somewhat marred by the presence of his bottle of beer.

Ryo rolled his eyes. "Quit fishing. Really, you're the most conceited guy in the whole state." He poured a few drops of cold water onto Dee's flaccid member, where it lay stuck to his thigh.

"Not without good reason!" protested Dee, still watching him expectantly.

Ryo tried to give him a quelling frown, but found it impossible to maintain. He couldn't stop a small grin from escaping, which pleased his partner.

Ryo worked diligently on cleaning Dee's whole groin area, cock, balls, pubic hair, everything, rinsing several times with the washcloth that he had initially given to Dee. When he was finished, he could see that his partner's penis had stirred back to life.

"Are we done yet?" asked Dee. "Have all the evil ass-germs been removed?"


"'Cause if they haven't, we can always pour mouthwash over it."

"Do you have to be talking every waking moment?"

"Well, I wouldn't be if my mouth was, say, full of cock. Here, why dont'cha let me suck you again..." Dee drained the last of his beer and dropped the bottle on the floor beside the bed.

"No, Dee, much as I love that, of course...I have other things in mind."  Ryo patted him dry with the towel.

"What?" asked Dee, looking alertly back at him.

"Oh...A lot if things." Ryo's face wore a vague expression as he moved the bowls of water onto the antique sideboard next to his bed.

"You want me to fuck you again."


"Perhaps? What's that supposed to mean? You either do or you don't."

Ryo picked up an ice cube from the tray. "Let's play a little, first."

"Play? I thought you were impatiently waiting for me to satisfy you."

"Well..." Ryo glanced down at his softened penis. "It went down."

"I can fix that in about two minutes." Dee scooted closer to Ryo and reached for his shaft. He caressed it with expert fingers, sliding his hand down to cup Ryo's balls at intervals. He gave a little tug to show his lover that he wanted him to join him on the bed, and it wasn't long before Ryo was kneeling in front of him, sporting a hard-on to match Dee's. They ran their hands almost feverishly over each other's hard bodies, each appreciating the beauty of the other, feeding each other's desire. For a minute or two, there was no sound in the room save the continuous whirr and click of the fan, and their heavy breathing.

Presently, Ryo gave Dee's chest a small push. "Lie down, Dee."

Dee obeyed, curiosity in his eyes. He thought it wouldn't be long now before he found out what Ryo was up to.

Ryo straddled Dee's hips for the second time that afternoon, although a little lower down this time so that he could see his partner's erection. The ice cube he had picked up had long since melted in his hand, so he leaned back over to the casserole dish, and fished out one of the larger ones. Gazing intently into Dee's viridescent eyes, he brushed the ice cube gently over his partner's parted lips. He felt a small stab of excitement when the tip of Dee's pink tongue came out and flicked against the ice. He had meant to move it, but he was transfixed by the sensual way that Dee's lips and tongue began working on the rapidly shrinking ice cube.

When Dee turned his head slightly to the side and sucked on the ice cube as though he were French kissing it, Ryo felt the other man's suddenly cool lips sucking against his fingers. A moment later, the ice cube was completely gone, and his thumb had been drawn into the furnace that was his lover's mouth.  Dee was using his teeth and tongue to good effect, looking knowingly up at him. Ryo knew what his unspoken message was. It went something along the lines of: if I can make your thumb feel this good, think what I can do with my mouth elsewhere, and naturally Ryo's thoughts drifted where Dee had obviously intended them to go. He watched under his lashes as Dee sucked hard on his thumb, before moving his attention to the index and middle fingers, sliding his tongue between them, alternately sucking, licking and nibbling. Ryo's other hand was on his own penis, slowly caressing himself, as Dee sucked each of his fingers like it was a small cock.

With difficulty, Ryo tugged his well-sucked digits from Dee's mouth, and dipped them back into the source of the ice cubes to get another one. This time he slid the ice cube slowly from just under Dee's ear, across his throat to his shoulder before gliding it lightly over his collarbone. Then he paused to rub it lightly in circles over the pulse point at the base of the other man's throat. Dee winced and wriggled under him as Ryo then drew his piece of ice in a maddeningly slow path down the center of Dee's well-defined chest.

Dee lay on his back, pinned in place by Ryo's weight on his hips, as he surrendered to the scorching kiss of the ice. It skated in icy-hot circles around his pectorals, before Ryo pressed it hard on one of Dee's nipples. The little nub hardened and rose under the ice, but quickly began to ache under the relentless fiery cold. Praying for it to melt quickly, Dee emitted a little noise of complaint through staunchly gritted teeth.

Ryo smiled. "Tough guy," he teased softly.

Just when Dee felt he couldn't stand it one second longer, Ryo lost his grip on the sliver of ice and it slid down the side of Dee's chest to melt away the last of its essence into the sheets. Dee watched with mild apprehension as Ryo reached for yet another ice cube. The cold was obviously bothering Ryo's fingers, because on this go-round, he switched hands. This time he teased the other nipple, and kept it up until Dee was truly uncomfortable, tossing his head around on the pillow, and grimacing. He tried to push Ryo's hand away only once; Ryo pushed back and then applied the ice with twice as much pressure, causing his partner to gasp.

"Come on, Ryo," he begged. "My first nipple's still on fire, and the second one hurts like hell. Move the ice somewhere else, please!" He rested a protective hand over the first of his nipples that had received the ice treatment.

Ryo continued moving his ice cube in slow, tiny circles over Dee's reddened nipple. He had no intention of complying right away. His lover's erection lay on his belly as hard as ever, and even though he was making faces and jerking his his shoulders about, he was obviously getting something out of having his chest tortured with ice. After a moment, Ryo lifted his eyes to Dee's and said, "Say 'please' again."


"Say it like you mean it."


"All right then. I'll move the ice somewhere else." Ryo ran it over Dee's cock and grinned as his lover jumped.

"Ryo, baby...Have you by chance ever had an ice blow job before?" Dee panted, looking at him anxiously.


Well, I happen to do a real good one, and  - ooch! - I think you really ought to experience it. Ay! Not down there, c'mon now..."

Ryo had risen off Dee's hips and had slid his piece of ice down to Dee's perineum. "Don't worry, it's melting."

"So, whaddaya say? Ice blow job? Yes? No?"

Ryo was tempted. Dee's hand was back on his penis, which was responding with unseemly eagerness to the blow job suggestion, but Ryo was able to admit to himself that letting Dee give him pleasure that way wasn't really what he wanted to do, at least not right now. It would mean having to relinquish control, and he wasn't ready to do that just yet. He was enjoying being dominant for a change.

"Well, actually, Dee, appealing though that sounds, there's really something else that I want to do." Ryo retrieved the bottle of lubricant, which he had rescued earlier from the disheveled bedding, and held it up where Dee could see it.
Dee, who had never been slow on the uptake in sexual situations, got it immediately. He watched as Ryo stroked some of the lube onto his dick, while looking back at him in that way he did when he was in the mood to be the top. His cock was beautiful. It curved upwards proudly from its furred base, glistening with lube, the veins standing out on it in stark relief. Dee gazed at it partially in hunger, and partially in a delicious kind of fear. It was almost as long as his own, and was in fact, slightly thicker around the base. He remembered how much it had stretched him when Ryo had ground it in all the way those last few times they had done this.

"You - you want my ass?"

Ryo nodded and reached for him. "May I?"

"You planned this, didn't you?" Dee asked accusingly. "Making me shoot early, accusing me of not getting you off..."

Ryo shrugged and grinned in such a good-humored way that his partner couldn't help grinning back.

"You think you can satisfy me?" Dee's voice held a teasing note, and he opened his legs partway, raising his hips seductively.

Ryo responded by moving his knee between Dee's thighs and nudging them further apart. He leaned over Dee's body and kissed him, long and deep, his lips moving against Dee's, his tongue caressing and flicking everywhere.

"Does that answer your question?" he asked, somewhat breathlessly, as he withdrew.

 "I think so." Dee was equally breathless. "But I still wanna hear you say that you want me."

Ryo hesitated. He didn't really like talking during sex. It made him feel shy and nervous about the kinds of things Dee might expect him to say. Plus, this was Dee's sneaky way of hanging on to the power, even though he was supposed to be the one on the bottom.

"Okay, I want you," he said. "Now stop asking me questions and get ready to...take it like a man." He smiled down at his lover.

Dee laughed delightedly. "Oh, my Ryo, my adorable Ryo. Give it to me, okay? I want you, too. I want your cock -" he lifted his head off the pillow and kissed Ryo's jaw - "up - " another kiss - "my -" a little nibble - "ass..." On the last word, Ryo quickly turned his mouth toward Dee's and claimed him again. Dee groaned into Ryo's mouth as his cock increased in hardness between their bodies. He could feel the head of Ryo's phallus rub along his abdomen, leaving a sticky trail of precum in its wake. He succeeded in getting a gasp out of Ryo when he reached between his taut belly and Ryo's, taking both of their dicks in one of his hands and caressing them both together.

Ryo let that go on for a little while, despite his impatience to start prepping Dee. Even though Dee claimed that he wanted to be penetrated, Ryo hadn't missed that little look of quickly-hidden anxiety he had seen on Dee's face when he had first realized what Ryo wanted from him. He found that endearing. And very arousing.

Finally, he reluctantly pulled his penis free from Dee's hand, and moved backwards on the bed. Dee instinctively started to close his legs, but Ryo put a hand on his thigh and stopped him. "Turn on your side," he said firmly. "Spread your legs for me."

Dee opened his mouth to say something, so Ryo quickly added, "And don't talk."

"Don't talk? But I thought you liked it when I talk dirty." Dee assumed the position Ryo had asked of him, lying down on his right side and opening his legs wide, leaving his left hip uppermost and his left knee resting on the bed in front of him. He suddenly felt very exposed.

"I...I do," Ryo said. "But right now, I want to be the one in charge. When you talk, it's like you're still trying to be in charge from the bottom."

Dee was quiet for a moment as he digested this. "Yeah, I guess you're right," he said. "It's my instinct to take charge in bed. But I can shut up for a while if that's what you want."

Good," said Ryo, pouring lubricant liberally onto his fingers and spreading it around. It was only when he began touching the puckered pink entrance to Dee's anus that he looked up and made eye contact. "But you can tell me if it hurts, or if you need me to slow down, or anything like that."

Dee nodded, but didn't speak. A moment later, he shuddered as he felt Ryo's finger slowly start to push inside him. It always felt strange and wrong at first, but it only took a few slow and gentle in-out movements until he relaxed enough to be able to remember how very sensual this activity could feel.

"Touch yourself while I do this to you," Ryo whispered.

Dee knew what he meant. Ryo wanted to watch him pulling on his dick, not that his lover would be able to see much in this position. Obediently, he reached for his weeping cock and encircled it with the fingers of his left hand. As he jacked himself, Ryo began to thrust his finger in and out, faster and deeper. The friction was very exciting, and so was the way that Ryo's finger lightly brushed back and forth against his prostate. It was just the right amount of pressure, and he could feel his balls tightening in response.

Ryo added a second finger, going slowly at first, until he felt Dee's rear passage start to practically suck at his fingers. Then he knew it was okay to move a little faster and deeper. After several thrusts, Dee made a soft hissing noise and asked him to stop.

"Finger-skin is rough," he said wincing. "The skin on your dick is smoother. It's showtime, sweetheart. You want me like this?"

"Yeah." Ryo felt the bottle of lube bump fortuitously against his knee. He picked it up and snapped the lid open. Once more, he applied lubricant to his own member as well as Dee's entrance. When he had finished, he tossed it onto the other side of the bed.

Kneeling astride Dee's right leg, Ryo guided the head of his penis to his lover's rosebud opening. "Are you sure you're ready?"

Dee nodded, hoping that he was. In truth, he just wanted to get the initial penetration part over with. It would feel good soon, but the first few minutes could often be difficult.

Ryo braced his penis against the strong muscle of Dee's sphincter. It felt like a tightly-coiled spring, pressing back on him, challenging him, half-submitting, while still offering resistance. Excitement hummed through him at the thought of overcoming it. He knew that soon he would be inside Dee's incredibly tight hole, thrusting in and out, that tight ring of muscle moving like a mouth up and down his shaft.

"Open up for me, baby."

Dee felt his arousal spike at the sound of that word. Ryo hardly ever addressed him by an endearment or a pet name. If Ryo was calling him 'baby', it meant he was feeling particularly forceful. This was going to be a heavy-duty fucking, he realized that now. Ryo was going to ram it into him over and over until his ass was sore and sensitive. Tomorrow would be one of those walking-funny days. But Ryo in this kind of mood was one hot fuck, an experience not to be missed, even if it hurt a little.

At that moment, the mild pain in his ass rose to a sharp peak as he felt himself breached a little earlier than he was ready for. He endured it, however, with closed eyes, remaining still and passive against the subsequent slow slide that ended with about a third of Ryo's dick buried inside him. Ryo had paused for him without being asked to, and Dee thought it was probably because of the pained expression on his face.

"Are you okay?" Ryo was caressing Dee's thigh gently, affection and concern in his touch.

"Yeah," replied Dee, his eyes opening like brilliant green windows in the angular beauty of his face.

"Does it hurt?"

"Nah," said Dee, with a little grin. "Well, not much, anyway." It was true. There had been a lot of hurt in his life, most of it bad, all of it so much worse than the tiny bit of temporary pain that submitting to his lover brought him. This couldn't even be called pain, when compared to the other things. He would have endured more, much more for Ryo. 

"Dee, are you sure you're okay?"

"Sweetheart, I'm more than okay." Dee rocked a little on Ryo's dick, and then let out a little moan as a small vibration of pleasure passed over his prostate. "In fact, I'm ready for a good reaming."

"Then I'm your man," whispered Ryo and proceeded to shove his throbbing erection as far up Dee as it would go. Dee uttered a strangled cry and took it. Before he had even had time to get used to Ryo's entire, solid length being inside him, Ryo was pulling back and then thrusting into him again. And again. And again. On the fourth bowel-shaking and powerful thrust, Dee almost asked him to take it easy, but bit his lip instead.

He felt like a slave, a captive, a piece of booty taken on a conquered battlefield. Ryo had chosen to have him in a position where he couldn't move much, not even to thrust back, if he had been so minded. His body had no choice about being plumbed so hard and deeply, but his heart sang with the knowledge that it was Ryo's power that he was in, Ryo's dick that was ravaging him so completely, and Ryo's love that was wrapped so warmly around his mind and heart.

A tension began mounting inside him; he recognized it for what it was: his second orgasm of the afternoon. It built quickly, gathering force and energy from the passion that Ryo was fucking him with. It was going to be a big load; he wouldn't be surprised if this one ended up hitting the window. Physically and emotionally, he was highly keyed up from the physical sensations of being fucked hard and fast, along with the way all his feelings for Ryo tended to intensify just before an orgasm. However for some reason, he hovered on the brink of orgasm for several long minutes, unable, and perhaps unwilling to tip himself over the edge just yet. He didn't want it to end.

Ryo looked down at Dee's flushed face. His hair had fallen back from his forehead, and for once he couldn't use it to hide his eyes. His emotions lay exposed on his face: love, desire, surrender. And fear. Dee had a variety of ways to hide his fear, but in bed, especially when he was on the bottom, it was much more difficult for him. Ryo understood Dee's fear because it was his own. He spoke the words that Dee's still-scarred heart needed to hear, in fact, never got tired of hearing.

"I love you, Dee. You're mine. I'll never let anyone take you away from me." He thrust into him powerfully and proprietorially. "I love you more than anything."

Ryo saw Dee's eyes widen; the fear faded from them and joy swept in to replace it. He also saw his partner's surprise as, before he could even wonder at it, his orgasm rose within him like a wave.

Dee was suddenly erupting, exploding, disintegrating in the ecstasy of the orgasm. The heat didn't matter; the pain was long gone. All that mattered was that Ryo loved and wanted him, every part of him, and no one else but him. He was borne along on a tide of pleasure, yelling incoherently, as his cock spurted creamy white wetness all over himself and the sheets.

He opened his eyes in time to catch Ryo's climax. He loved to watch his partner come. Ryo's orgasms as a top were totally different from those he had as a bottom. When he was approaching orgasm as the one in charge, usually a vein began to throb in his right temple, his breath quickened, his eyes got more intent and possessive, and his features twisted into something that looked like suffering right before the big moment. All of these things were happening now. Ryo was groaning, and thrusting more rapidly and with shallower strokes. Dee reached up and caressed his neck and chest, and waited for Ryo to fill him with steaming hot, male seed.

It didn't take long. Ryo clutched him, grinding in hard, moaning his name. It was a very powerful culmination to a hot and sexy afternoon. Dee could have sworn that he felt each spurt of Ryo's liquid effluence. He felt proud and happy, as he always did, to be the recipient of it. He stroked Ryo's hair gently until his lover stopped shuddering.

"Feel good, baby?"

"Yes, Dee. Thanks for letting me do that."  He picked up Dee's hand and laid his cheek against it for a moment, before kissing it.  "I hope you're not sore."

Dee chuckled. "You may have to get me an ice pack for a certain part of my anatomy."

"Really?" Ryo looked over at the casserole dish. "Is it that bad? I'm sorry...I guess I got carried away."

"Don't be sorry. I loved it. And I'll be fine, ice or no ice."

"That's good, 'cause there's no more ice. It all melted."

"I think we melted it."

Dee shifted a little underneath him, and Ryo realized that his lover probably wanted to get out of the somewhat twisted position he was in and straighten out. He started to pull out, but Dee stopped him.

"Better pass me a towel or something, first," he warned. "You really filled me up this time. It's all gonna come leaking out..."

"Oh." Ryo's eyes went to where the towel and the two washcloths lay roughly folded on the edge of the sideboard. They were definitely out of his reach. But there was a box of tissues on the nightstand. "How about Kleenex?"

"Good enough. Hand 'em over."

Ryo passed him three or four tissues, took a couple for himself, and then slowly withdrew from Dee. They both used their tissues to prevent spillage.

"Mess avoided," remarked Dee.

"I still have to wash the sheets," Ryo said. "I feel like I spend my whole life washing sheets, since I fell in love with you!"

"But what a small price to pay for such a great sex life, huh?" Dee gave him a nuzzle.

"Hrmph. Maybe. Come on, let's go hit the shower again before Bikky comes home. And don't go starting anything new in there."

"Impossible, dude." Dee got out of bed, and hobbled, naked, to the door with his tissues stuck between his butt cheeks. "I am a broken man. In fact, I'm gonna need some TLC."

"Oh, Dee..." Ryo tried very hard not to laugh. "What the hell are you doing? You look like Peter Cottontail."

Dee's voice floated back down the hallway. "Well, someone had to go and turn me into his own personal little fuck-bunny, didn't he?"

Ryo gave up and fell back on the bed, roaring with laughter.

"Oh sure, laugh at my pain," Dee called from the bathroom.

Ryo heard the sound of the shower turning on. Still chuckling, he got up and yanked all the sheets off the bed before stuffing them into the laundry hamper next to his closet. Maybe he had gone a little too hard on Dee. He decided to make it up to him by taking him out for sushi. In an air-conditioned restaurant, of course.  Having to appear in public would probably be an instant cure for his limp, he thought wryly.

"Are you gonna join me, or what?" Dee bellowed.

"TLC coming right up," said Ryo with a smile.

~end of Heat Wave~


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