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Sanami Matoh's character list for Fake, the first seven volumes

Well, I have succumbed to the cold that about a third of my co-workers have, not to mention my husband. Damn, I hate being sick. If only I could be like Dee, who has an awesome constitution and almost never gets sick! Today was a day of raw, sore throat and big wet sneezes. Tomorrow the nose-running part starts. Saturday, my head will be stuffy and fit to burst, and Sunday, I expect the coughing to commence. Anyway, that's my bit of whining for the day.  And I have been productive. I said I was going to put together a character list of all the major and minor characters in my particular Fake-verse, but I felt that first I ought to assemble a total list of all Sanami Matoh's FAKE characters. I went through Volumes One to Seven of the original Fake series, and found 84 (updated from 78) of them!  There are  a lot of people with similar or identical names. For example, no fewer than three characters have the name 'Goldman'. But see for yourselves. I've listed the characters more or less by order of appearance. And please correct me if I've made any mistakes or left anyone out.  SPOILER Alert to Book Seven and beyond to Like, Like Love!

Sanami Matoh's  FAKE characters from Volumes One through Seven:

1.  Detective Dee Laytner, a handsome, cocky cop in NYC who loves his work-partner.
2.  Detective Randy (Ryo) MacLean, also handsome, Dee's work-partner and the object of his affections.
3.  Bikky Goldman (later MacLean), the boy Ryo adopted.
4.  Carol Baker, Bikky's friend/girlfriend. She's three years older than Bikky.
5.  Detective Jemmy (JJ) Adams, a hyperactive guy who loves DeeDee does not return his affections.
6.  Detective Drake Parker, JJ's work-partner. These two end up together in Like, Like, Love.
7.  Detective Ted O'Neill *  Ms. Matoh hasn't so far given him a last name, but I chose to follow the Fake 2nd Chances RPG and give him the name O'Neill.
8.  Detective Marty Danes * Again, he didn't get a last name in the Fake manga books, and he only ever spoke one line in Book Three. I gave him the name 'Danes'. *Edit: No, he never spoke a line! He appeared in Book One near the beginning and Ryo referred to him in Book Three.
9.  Chief Warren Smith.  AKA, the badger or the walrus.  Married with children.
10.  Commissioner Berkeley Rose. Diana loves him, but he plays the field. He's interested in Ryo. Ends up with Diana Spacey in Like, Like, Love.
11. FBI Agent Diana Spacey.  She's tough and bossy and can make even Dee do her bidding. Ends up with Berkeley in Like, Like, Love. Berkely calls her 'Dee-Dee'.
12.  Liotta (Leo) Grant (deceased), son in law of a notorious mafia leader called Bruno. Leo killed Ryo's parents.
13.  Alicia Grant, Leo's wife and Bruno's daughter.
14. Ed Neilsen, leader of a cartel that traffics in minors.
15.  Donna, a teenage kidnap victim who rebelled against being sold to Ed's clients, so Ed had her killed in a horrible way.
16.  Millie, a female lackey of Ed Nielsen's. She gave Donna her final fatal 'makeover'.
17.  Rod Field, a deranged axe-murderer who seemed to need to chop to bits any woman who was wearing a touch of lip gloss.  Ed Nielsen used him as a killing machine.
18.  Anise Field, Rod's younger sister.  She was murdered by her brother for trying on a lipstick.
19.  Eva Landon, Anise's friend. She was murdered by Rod, too.
20.  Kirk Harvey, a bad guy arrested by Dee in Book Three for prostitution, the trading of minors and murder.
21.  Jeff, Ryo's friend when he was 18. I presume Jeff is the captain of Ryo's soccer team. Book Three.
22.  Elena, Ryo's aunt.  I don't know her last name. It might be MacLean if she didn't take her husband's name.
23. Elina, Carol's aunt. I don't know her last name either.
24.  Frank MacLean, Ryo's father (deceased).
25.  Rick, Elena's husband, and therefore Ryo's uncle by marriage. We don't know his last name.
26. Lai Spencer, Bikky's rich Chinese friend who has magical powers. His name is Rai in Ms Matoh's other book, RA-I)
27. Lass Goldman (In Ms Matoh's other book, RA-I, her name is 'Rathe'). Geez, Goldman is a popular last name. Lass also has special ESP-type powers.
28. Kenny, Bikky's friend. He got a name in Fake Second Season, but that's him in Book Three at the end, when Bikky and Lai tangled with Bruce from Lloyd High over the use of the basketball court.
29. Renard Henry, a murderous British hotel owner. Book Two.
30. Maria Henry, (deceased) Renard Henry's daughter.
31. Maria Lane, Mother Superior of, one presumes, a little convent that runs the orphanage Dee grew up in. She might not be the Mother Superior and there might not be any other nuns. She might be called 'Mother' just because the orphan kids see her as their mother-substitute.
32. Hank Leisure, a minor thug who appeared in Book Two.
33. Ben Lloyd, another minor thug who blew up the orphanage in Book Two.
34. Bobby, a high school boy that Carol was briefly interested in when she was sixteen. Bikky left him cowering in a dumpster.
35. Cecile, a girl from Bikky's school that Carol got jealous over.
36. Liz, Carol's friend. She once labeled Bikky 'a heartthrob'.  I featured her in my ficlet, 'Experience'.
37. Janet, a female uniformed police officer who works at the front desk of the 27th precinct.
38. Dick Goldman, Bikky's deceased father.
39. Richard Feldman, the head of a small drug-smuggling ring. Now presumably in jail. He had Bikky's father killed.
40.  Howard Goldman (no relation to Bikky), A doctor who was running a drug business in Book One. He's dead.
41.  Billy, a nasty boy who tried to blackmail Carol into being his girlfriend.  Book One, Act Four.
42. Jim, one of Bikky's friends. Book One, Act Four.
43.  Jim Campbell, the Bronx lab guy.
44.  Sam, a lackey of Ed Neilsen.
45   Vick, a lackey of Ed Neilsen.
46. Tom, a teacher/counselor at Bikky's camp. Book One, Act Four.
47.  Marie, a teacher/counselor at Bikky's camp. Book One, Act Four.
48.  Roy (alias), a gay child/teen at Bikky's camp. Book One, Act Four.
49.  Mark (alias), a gay child/teen at Bikky's camp. Book One, Act Four. Bikky threw a rock at his head
50.  Ms. Mary, a teacher/counselor at Bikky's camp. Book One, Act Four.  She might be the same person as Marie.
51. Ms. Elena, Bikky's teacher who went away on maternity leave.
52.  John Hale, the teacher who replaced Ms. Elena and blew up the school and the 27th Precinct in Book Four.
53. Ms. Miranda, another teacher at Bikky's school.
54. Robert Hale, John Hale's father, who was shot dead by Warren Smith, ten years prior to the events in Book Four.
55. Reggie Luther, a woman who was found shot full of bullets in  Book Five.
56.  Mike Luther, Reggie's husband.They died together.
57.  Pamela, a traffic officer that Commissioner Rose was interested in in Book Five.
58. Marianne, one of the front desk girls at the Bronx Precinct in Book Five.
59. Sam Horson, Reggie Luther's brother. He was one of the three held under suspicion of Ryo's parents' murder. Book Five.
60. Ernie Fry (deceased), the second of the three (Leo Grant was the third) held under suspicion of Ryo's parents' murder.  Book Five.
61. Max Fork, JJ's friend from the Police Academy. Book Five.
62. Ned, Max Fork's ex-partner. Book Five.
63.  Bill, a murderer who took Liza hostage. Book Five.
64.  Liza (deceased) Max Fork's girlfriend. Book Five. She was accidentally shot by Ned, even though he was aiming at Bill.
65.   Law Spencer, Lai's older brother, Book Five.
66. Mrs. Smith, the housekeeper at Law's mansion. Book Five.
67.  Mr. Jackson, an artist whose daughter was murdered in Book Six.
68.  Nurse Emiry, a violent nurse at NY East Hospital.
69.  Jess Latener, the cop who found baby Dee abandoned in an alley and took him to Mother Maria's orphanage. Book Six.
70. Arnon, Dee's boyhood friend who got hooked on drugs and died in his mid-teens. Book Six.
71. Tommy, a guy who grew up in the orphanage with Dee. Book Six.
72.  Barry, a friend of Dee's who lived in Dee's neighborhood when they were teenagers. Book Six.
73. Diane, a girl who was temporarily Dee's girlfriend when he was fifteen. Barry liked her. Book Six.
74.  Bruno, a gang boss who once tried to recruit Dee. Alicia Grant's father. I gave him the first name Gianni, but in the books he was just Bruno.
75.  Buck (deceased), a lackey member of Bruno's gang. He tried to recruit Dee to take Arnon's place, in more ways than one.
76.  Bennet, a Chicago drug dealer who came to NYC and committed a murder to which Alicia Grant was a witness. Alicia later murdered Bennet Jr.
77.  Bennet Jr., the son of Mr. Bennet, the drug dealer.  Alicia was having an affair with him before she murdered him.
78.  Phil, an FBI agent on Diana's staff. He got clobbered by Leo in Book Seven.
79.  Kenneth Bow, a gangster in Bruno's group. He was third in command, whereas Leo was second.
80.  "The Sheep", a buyer for the Fei family somewhere in Asia.
81.  Jeff (no last name) a subordinate in Bruno's organization who answered to Leo. He seemed slightly smarter and less slimy then the others. Book Seven.
82.  Robert, one of Diana's FBI security staff. Book Seven.
83.  Mike, one of Diana's FBI security staff. Book Seven.
84.  Garry, one of Diana's FBI security staff. Book Seven.
85.  John Hale's mother, Robert's widow.  She had a speaking part, but her name may or may not have been Mrs. Hale. She may have kept her own name when she married.  Book Four
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